Ridiculous Theories

What if Saya was an agent sent by Templars in order to retrieve the Piece of Eden (Treasure) from the underground labyrinth which is protected by an ancient Assassin brotherhood called Darkness Executives (or the opposite)? (LB! x Assassin’s Creed fan-fiction theory)

This is a certain family restaurant in the Hikarizaka Town in Clannad After story. The same CG is used several times, for events that are over 5 years apart. That’s right. These four ladies did not change, let alone age for several years. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the Hikarizaka Witches!
Their existence explains the gradual weakening and death of Nagisa and Ushio, who had their life force sucked out by these wicked women, so that they could maintain their own youth!


So I’ve been thinking about Rewrite for a little bit, and I think I’ve hit a goldmine.

We all know Ryukishi07 was the writer for Lucia’s route; he also wrote Umineko and Higurashi. He’s also written under the alias “J.K. Rowling.”

In any case, everyone thinks the neat little ‘impossible’ mystery near the beginning of Lucia’s route is his Umineko homage.

It goes much deeper, friends.

Full Rewrite and Umineko spoilers ahead.

You see, I always thought Kagari mapping out all the different possibilities and stuff was a bit crazy. And then inter-route travel? Multiple timelines?

We’ve seen that before, haven’t we? In the Umineko meta world.

That’s right, gentlemen. The truth about Rewrite is rather simple: EVERYONE’S BEEN MURDERED OVER AND OVER AGAIN! cackle cackle

Irrefutable proof (from the game itself! You can tell it’s legit by the incredible art quality. And the writing. Great writing there.)

Whoever drew that art deserves a medal.

Anyway, everyone’s dead and poor Kagari doesn’t believe that magic caused it! So she’s trying to find a way to show how a human actually committed murder. But she fails, because poor little Kagari is a loli, which means she’s like nine years old. So she can’t really escape the fantasy world and just keeps adding more magic into it. So Beatrice wins and cackles away forever and ever. Amen.


kagari is flat
the earth is flat

checkmate atheists


Her eyes are round though, but fair enough. :0

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Neon Genesis Evangelion x Rewrite

what if i told you Yoshino is just a dank meme iteration of Rei? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


wtf does that even mean


Clannad x planetarian (minor spoilers)

what if Junker san’s actual name was Youhei Sonohara, in a world where he actually slept for 100 years, and he currently live with Tomoya’s hologram


Or Yumemi. That’d be funny, like, consider that sort of thing as some kind of prophecy.

Planetarian spoilers, natch…

[spoiler]We never did see that memory card go anywhere, did we?

Legend tells that a robot sleeps somewhere on a little planet. When the world needs her - when all hope is gone - when the Children of Man need their most powerful champion, she will reactivate.

But only when she’s needed the most, to save a world left to its dwindling descendants…[/spoiler]

Of course, the problem there is, like…okay, Planetarian takes place in a really far future, so what the hell would this kid wake up to?

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Rei (Harmonia) & Yumemi (Planetarian) are both made by the same people.
With Yumemi, they had resources to make her. With Rei, they didn’t (as inferred by the PV).
Kagari saw (Moon) a possibility of Rei x Yumemi in a timeline but didn’t want that timeline to happen because the ship would have killed us from how perfect it was.

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There’s a JRPG about fighting for the love you deserve somewhere in this theory…

I’d like to see fanfic about it.

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Tomoya gender-bend holograms :))

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Hahaha That’s true, it’d be awesome

Ooh, I came up with a few, not really that ridiculous, theories on Rewrite.

No. 1:
First three tracks (of the common route): Hinagiku, Philosophyz, DIS is a Pain
Last three tracks (of Terra): Hinagiku Orgel ver., CANOE, Nirinsou

…Yoshino x Kotori confirmed???

No. 2:
CG aside, what if Shizuru (spoilers in her route) is actually already really old by the tree ending??

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Angel Beats true ending:

Otonashi has been pranked by the whole SSS and the whole world after life is something like The Show of Truman.
He survived the accident but they made him think that he died.

Next Beat Visual Novel is about how Otonashi discovers it and tries to find the actual god: the show director.


A forever loli? :heart_eyes: that’d be awesome

Anyway (airxrewrite lame theory)

Remember the shirt Misuzu lent to Yukito? The “Stegosaurus Gao Gao” t-shirt. It was actually pretty popular in Japan. Remember in Terra? When Kotori was actually wearing that shirt? It was ten years before the common route, right? Rewrite common route happens during 2010 I think and Air during around 2000. Which makes everything fit perfectly! And that legendary t-shirt that was popular in the Key world might remake its appearance in another key story that happens around 2000!


I’m okay with this

I think you’re posting that in the wrong topic; that isn’t a ridiculous theory, by any means!


I actually thought of a number of these as well, but I’ll do ya one bigger (pertinent to the joint entry for Clannad and Angel Beats!): Heavenly Academy (the setting of Angel Beats!) IS the Illusionary World (Clannad). After Ushio and Tomoya re-established its link to the real world in 2004, people with powerful wishes could be reborn there with bodies, and thus, with the help of The Programmer, the baron wastelands shown in Chiisana Tenohira became the impressive schoolgrounds of Angel Beats! sometime shortly after.


So, I was on Google and just typed “Yumemi” for no real particular reason and then of the usual google suggestions appeared this one “Yumemi Okazaki”. And so, many MANY questions popped up in my head and I obviously tried to relate Yumemi of Planetarian with the Okazaki name of CLANNAD (I don’t even know how this character looks like or from which anime it came from or if it’s even from an anime but oh well whatever hehe).
And so here’s the story I kinda made up:
Let’s just say that Planetarian is set in the same world as CLANNAD but 30 years later. (mainly Planetarian spoilers and some CLANNAD spoilers)After Yumemi got destroyed by that killing machine (don’t remember its name), the Junker who took her memory card actually managed to survive until he gave it to someone who had lots of knowledge of robots. That person was Ushio’s son, who for personal reasons held into his mother’s name instead of his father’s. Where did he gather the knowledge about robots? Well, there were many books left in the cities. he might’ve just sneaked in like a Junker but have gathered knowledge instead of junks. Anyway, we all know that the knowledge on its own just doesn’t suffice to make a robot but… After many many years/decades, the wish to make a robot was passed on from an Okazaki generation to a new one (kinda reminds me of AIR haha) but eventually, the robot was made and got the memory card but then, the new Yumemi couldn’t remember her last name so the Okazaki who made her and treated her like his own daughter decided that she’d have his own name. – The END

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