Rewrite Anime - Episode 8 "My Name Is Kagari-chan"

Discussion topic for Episode 8 of the Rewrite anime, which premiered on the 20th of August, 2016. All references to outside works and to future episodes must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

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lol what


The first half was weird, but it was so goshdarn hilarious, I can’t not like it. :)) The second half was more of a prelude to a brewing conflict than anything, but I like the way it was pulled off. Looks like the storytelling is taking advantage of its medium now more than ever.

I like the opening animation, and its storyboarding strangely reminded me of FMA Brotherhood’s third OP. The ED is love though. It washed away all my salt from the OP/ED change. gdi Philosophyz!! But I’m glad they managed to keep Sasayaka na Hajimari in the episode somehow.

The only complaint I have is the derp shots being more apparent here. :frowning:


Everyone get on Tensho’s wild ride!



That was hella entertaining, but woooow, does this kill all the tension and heavy atmosphere. This is NOT our Rewrite, this is for the anime market. But OMG it’s funny and full of hype and, uhh, isn’t this just the kind of Rewrite @Kanon loves?

If they do plan to adapt Terra though, I’m worried. How can you have such a grim and serious story with this Kagari in it?

I dunno what to feel! I guess all I can do now is strap in to Tensho’s wild ride and see where this rollercoaster is going.

At the very least, this Kagari is 100x better than the old Earth Kagari.


The episode by its own was pretty nice to see in all honesty. One thing that I honestly didn’t liked about the original VN was that Kagari as a character, seemed rather… interesting in terms of her mystery, but not in the sense of liking her until Terra. Which while I do respect her as a character, she didn’t really grew on me enough. This however, fixed at least some of my issues I had with her, with her energetic, funny, and rather charming personality, which was the personality implemented from the Harvest Festa Kagari.

Now for the content in itself, the first half was pretty funny and rather adorable, seeing Kagari going around, having some chemistry with Kotarou at least over there, the comedy was entertaining and rather pleasing to watch, and at the same time the Yoshino beating was rather funny as well. But rather like “Hey don’t mess with my boi Yoshino!”

Aside from that, we got at least skims and pieces of perspectives from both organizations, which is kind of a good idea from the anime’s point of view, since it gives more of a expansion how the girls are in their respective groups. While keeping it entertaining for both sides, you get what I mean though.

Now the Opening and Ending, I will try to talk about that, spoiler around the Opening.

They basically spoiled the fuck out of many plot points in a way from different routes, I dunno what I can explain but for instance when Sakuya dies or foreshadowing his final form back in Chihaya’s Route, as well with Midou and the other two, its kind of weird for me

The animation though for the Opening was pretty fluid and very well animated, good lord it was pretty nice to see as well, too bad that the animation at least for the fight scenes this week aren’t really that good either. It felt rather choppy in some case, and at the same time not really.

As for the Ending so, I just really really love it, enjoy it, and I’m repeating it very constantly, not going to lie. I wanna get the full version of that!

Now my only complaint as usual would be the animation at times being choppy, another thing being that a few transitions does not feel very well in here. Just a few.

I was really impressed with this episode and Kagari-chan is so very cute :blush:. There were so many things I could comment on about this episode. I like how Kagari was interacting with Kotarou in his room acting like a normal human would despite her being a ghost and all. The school outfit she was wearing surprised me since I have never played HF before and how she was messing with Yoshino at the beginning was hilarious. I give credit to her VA (Kana Hanazawa) in doing a really great job with her voice. Her facial expressions were really remarkable and I loved every moment of that.

On to the episode, we know Kotarou had lost the Occult Club due to the forest incident and now he is all alone figuring out what went wrong and what he needs to do. He was able to see Inoue again after those horrific three days she was missing and how that scene brought back memories of mine in the VN. Kotarou was at least able to get the memory card from her and that she needed to give this to him not knowing what was inside of the card and I think it was to show how much important that piece of information was vital for Kotarou to know the truth about that incident.

Now, we’re starting to get into the heart of Rewrite itself as now the characters have been introduced to us with Kashima Sakura, Suzaki, and I think that was Takasago as his bodyguard and now with Gaia already trying to predict how they’ll search out for the Key. I also loved seeing little Shimako there as she is a mute just like Akane when she was little back then, and she is very adorable. The fight between Shizuru and I think that was Kilimanjaro that had destroyed her homefelt almost too easy with Lucia providing backup and Esaka had killed off the summoner controlling that familiar. Even with Kotori back in the forest, she was able to at least contact with Kotarou knowing she is OK and that line “No debauchery. Let’s keep this PG.” was funny too. The OP/ED change flowed smoothly, but I like the ED a lot more and I can’t wait when it comes out. With the few remaining episodes left, I do agree with @Aspirety on how Terra is going to be adapted with Kagari being who she is now when the situation is going to get much darker and grim. We’ll just have to wait and see how the direction will take it from there.

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With good writing and developed, multi-dimensional character personalities? Whether we have enough faith in them to write that into the anime is another story. Keep in mind she apparently lost her memories, so that’s an easy, albeit lazy, way to dramatically change how a character behaves.

Also, so that opening scene. They have to be setting up for Moon at the very least, and probably Terra too. I just can’t see what kind of trainwreck would happen if they close this out in 5 episodes. As for the episode itself, eh I never liked Kagari’s character and I liked her even less here, so the episode wasn’t very enjoyable, but I fully admit my bias.

Ok, so this is where all of us get to see something new. Something even VN readers haven’t seen before. Optimism doesn’t suit me, so I won’t call it promising just yet. But it seems interesting so far. And kinda fun.
Let’s see how the transition from the current comedy back to the serious conflict plays out.

Once again, the anime isn’t keeping any secrets. Some important info has been revealed this episode:

  • The holy woman/saint of Gaia will die soon. We should care because Akane is her successor.
  • Kotori can make monsters
  • Both organizations, and, for some reason, Kotori, are preparing for something big
  • Kagari has no idea what she’s doing
  • Lucia can kill rocks with poison (srsly?!)

But there is exactly one thing that’s bothering me to no end. I really hope I’m mistaken here. So, did Kagari get hit on the head by a meteorite and lose her memory, finally seeking help from Kotarou in order to recover it? Is that how they transformed the pre-moon Kagari into a funny airhead heroine? Is THAT how the Kagari route came to be? Are you friggin’ serious?! That’s even cheaper than any part of Grisaia!


Pretty sure the meteor bit was just a gag dude. She definitely seems more intelligent than previous episodes.

I personally liked it. The anime has been rushed non-stop for the past few episodes. Now that the center focus is Kotarou and Kagari, it doesn’t feel as rushed anymore. We can actually enjoy the jokes and the story now.

Only thing I found to be weird in this episode, was the use of the first ED.

Anyways. I could have swore I heard the background students say “Tsukimiya-San” and “Aizawa” right after Kotarou and Yoshino talk in the classroom.

And there was an Uguu too :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t mind seeing more of RHF Kagari, she’s pretty funny, but that was not the timing I would have expected. I know they wanted to center the story on her. They had problems in the original VN with her character not being considered an “heroin”, so they pulled out her route in RHF to give her a different light, which is fine for a fandisc, but I wonder why now ?

We’re seeing some time division multiplexing between all the pre-Moon routes (and hooray Shimako !). I hope for Kotori spotlight in the near future.

Yeah, it sounds like someone says he plans to ask “Tsukimiya-san” to the harvest festival. His friend then retorts that she’s going out with “Aizawa from class B.”

Edit: We got a transcription from the actor.

  • This year I’m absolutely succeed in getting a girlfriend.
  • I’m gonna invite Tsukimiya-san from class C.
  • Huh? Tsukimiya is going out with Aizawa from class E.
  • Uguuu!

Loved the episode. It was a lot better than I expected.

Really liked the new OP and ED too.

And is it just me or does Kagari’s expression change at 0:56 when the world starts turning yellow?

Kana Hanakreygasm

Cheesy start to the episode. Random meteor to the face -> Personality change? We take those.

I honestly I enjoy the fluffy Rewrite more than serious Rewrite. Fun episode. Nice to see all the characters being incorporated into the start of this route, and an intrigue bait ending.

End of the World is amazing, and the Aoi Tada song is pretty cool too.

I’m still not really feeling this anime… But I’ll definitely watch to the end. I just cant seem to form a solid opinion on this.


what we get from this episode guys ?

  1. the real content after 7 episode for prologue
  2. now the ghost can talk and refer herself as kagari-chan (no, she really said it)
  3. yoshino lost his throne because he touch kagari-chan
  4. we get a glimpse about gaia and guardian with a new plot of introduction in a new way include all character figure
  5. some scene where our kagari-chan show herself as a cute heroine and she is a light masochist (she is really like to hit by kotarou then always say that is how kotarou show his love to her)
  6. kotori still as kotori
  7. NEW OPENING AGAIN GUYSSS AND IT IS MORE COOOLLLLL THAN BEFOREEE (and of course the opening is full of spoiler for us as vn reader)

this is my think about this episode and of course from this episode until last we can’t foresee how the end from this new plot where we got shocked why we get more kagari in this episode.

kagari get more cute in this episode is because she is hitted by a small asteroid and i think this episode as a mark that this story is after terra route in a certain parallel world. but i hope i’m wrong

I know someone just pointed this out before but if anyone is interested, l will post this anyways. Bare with it if you guys can please, pretty mediocre quality for internet reasons, but here you go, if you check the Ending sequence.


The scenes are before specific stamps on a video. But yeah, you can clearly see Kagari’s expression changing, and then you see the world slowly being destroyed[/spoiler]


That ED is pretty nice.

It was a fun episode. Looking forward to the what they’re planning to do now that they have set everything up. Also, lmao Kagari appearing in uniform, I swear someone predicted this earlier.

Wait so is this what kagari is like in harvest festa? I feel like they might be pulling stuff from harvest festa but I haven’t read it so idk.

I really liked this episode, it seems story is stabilizing quite a bit. It really feels like the story will tie all together soon. The new op was really cool, As well as the new ending I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Also it is just exciting cause I don’t really know what exactly will happen now!

Yes and no. First of all, Kagari has multiple different appearances in HF. They’re just mixing things together from all over the place.