Rewrite Anime - Episode 24 "A Promise Fulfilled with You"

Discussion topic for the 24th and final episode of the Rewrite anime which premiered on the 25th of March, 2017. All references to outside works must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

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Well. Tensho’s wild ride has finally come to an end.
I am rather glad that no more (I guess?) Rewrite’ anime is going to be released.
Though, I would have been glad to see all chara-routes made into movies or OVAs…

Going back to this episode. Let me be somewhat abstract…
After watching this ep I feel like:

Current mood = ( :disappoint: + :deino: )* :shock: + :uee: * :smart:

Jokes aside.
The 1st half was clearly rushed and I am not happy that they’ve decided to ignore some of the original content.
The whole dyno-fight was as bad as it was in the original VN. Probably, even worse 'cause pacing which was abrupt.
Still, it still managed to take back some of the lost points in the 2nd half of the episode. The scene with Kagari was mostly ok and past that I kinda liked how 8bit decided to play it all out. Still, nothing new. The ending is pretty much straight out of the R+.

Special thanks are for the staff for showing me more Yasmine, a tiny bit of Inouway, and loli heroines. They were cute. All of them.

Well. The End. Also. Kotori jokes are the best jokes in entire universe.


I think they did a good job with the ending, even if the episode was rushed. It didn’t have the emotional impact on me that the VN did but I still enjoyed it. It’s great to see the Okaken back together again. The final scene was really cute.

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That epilogue was amaaaazing ;_;

I’m gonna need to work on some bigger posts soon.


Eh, wasn’t too happy with this particular episode. It felt like a string of events rather than a narrative, which just irked me. Not to mention I don’t think they executed the individual events particularly well… none of them, to be precise.

I really like the finale of Terra so that made this a rather enjoyable watch overall still, but… it really could’ve been much better.


So… it’s over. No more Key anime for awhile…

Mixed feeling on this episode. Great to see OP Kotarou owning everyone and everything =x. The dragon fight is fine for me, although I am still a little unsatisfied. It’s unfortunate they did not show the Kotarou saving Akane from the Stone City and meeting his parents segment. Ending is what everyone has already guessed, Rewrite+ ending. Epilogue was feeeeeeeeeeeeeelsssssss, mostly because my memories of VN ending started overlapping together. Nice to see the re-summoned Kotarou so Sakuya-ish XD

The classroom scene is hilarious with Chihaya’s bonker face and the final scene where Shizuru lift her eye patch up lol.

My biggest issue is… there is no “Gratia Domini nostri cum omnibus vobis.” (≧▽≦)


I think the final kiss is from Rewrite+ .

I miss the Akane’s rescue and the Sakuya’s talk more than nothing but I liked the rest.

In the first-half, it seems rough. Myself enjoyed when our MC fought the Earth Dragon, but sadly it was too fast for me.
In the second-half when Kagari embrace Kotarou, my heart feel like bite by something. And finally, the epilogue it’s was touching.
Kyaaa~ that meeting :smile:
But I prefer the VN quality.

I just finished the episode a while ago. I really did quite enjoyed this season a lot and it improved a lot better than S1. The fight with the Earth Dragon felt very short, though as I recall from the VN, it was more intense and gratifying.

Anyway, there were emotional developments that made me tear up at parts:

When Kotarou had to kill Kagari as his primary objective was to save the Earth, I really broke down in tears as well as looking at Kagari’s smiling and crying face. :uee:[/spoiler] [spoiler]

Kagari being so happy here in tears of joy was really remarkable with her expression here and it was absolutely amazing! :flustered: [/spoiler] [spoiler]

Anyway, I really loved the epilogue scene which brought me tears of joy when Kagari and Kotarou finally got to meet each other after quite a long time. [/spoiler] [spoiler]

So, I guess that’s it for the Rewrite anime. It was quite a ride though and it was well worth it though the VN was much better IMO. I’m very glad I got to enjoy watching it!


What year is it? Rewrite got an anime adaption and now it has finally finished airing.
Man, do I feel old right now. And tired. It was a hell of a ride.


For what the anime was limited to I am very satisfied with how it ended. I’ve enjoyed both S1 and S2 and although S1 may have been lack luster it was still something nice to watch. As for S2, it has been an amazing season. It is a shame that alot of content had to be skipped from the VN but, it did a very good job adapting majority of its plot and scenarios. I had a very emotional trip from the last episode, especially when Koutarou was speaking with Kagari. It was a very nice touch that they hid half his face to show the difference at the end. I would very much like to rewatch both season again and go back to reread the whole VN again since this has been one of my favorite series from KEY.


It amuses me how Baba’s pitch for Rewrite+ was that it included the changes from the anime, yet it’s glaringly obviously which version made the greater effort to fix the massive plot holes. Neither succeeded, to be fair, but the anime at least did something. Furthermore, the anime ignored all details added to the epilogue in R+. God dammit Rewrite, it shouldn’t be possible to be this inconsistent unintentionally.

As for the anime as a whole, I heard the best way of describing it in a video the other day. While talking about the Beauty and the Beast remake, Doug and Rob Walker described it as a “painting by numbers” kind of film. That perfectly summarizes me feelings on Rewrite. They had a frame and only went outside it for the most microscopic of moments. It was so boring from start to finish. If it wasn’t for Kaza, I might’ve forgotten about this show by episode 2.

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Why? Why is there no Akane rescue scene? Why omitting one of the best parts of Terra route? It made Kotarou’s screaming less impactful and awkward. :ehhh:

The last bit where Kotarou finally killed Kagari was emotional, epilogue is nice too… but I am disappointed overall coz S2 seemed promising at the beginning.

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That’s my biggest problem with it. I get that they need to save the frames, but why the hell does he complain about being short on time and then just do it in a single cut. The script writers seem to be at fault here (It could alternatively be a post production thing). They take lines from the VN but cut out the setup for said lines. Like how Kotarou says the Moon is a short trip away. Originally he says that because all the girls think he’s lying. Now he just says it without almost any incitement, and it’s just off. Snark is supposed to be a reactive thing.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a satisfactory conclusion to the series. It’s not without its flaws (the usual slightly awkward feel, and some odd music choices), and one of my favorite scenes didn’t get adapted, but this is neat stuff. The Earth Dragon fight was cool, and the daisy hill scene is touching. Also dat Nonaka kiss scene :3

Should it even be considered as a spoiler, I wonder? A bit of info about R+ ending down here.

Moon Kagari is on the Moon, yeah. But kiss-scene ain’t there. That’s why I said “pretty much” and not “completely”.

That’s just the normal original ending.

I just figured the ending is still technically a spoiler.

I haven’t said my thoughts but let me try to summarize my thoughts on the finale, since I’m better but rather tired as I’m writing at the moment.

I felt like the finale could have been better if it had around another extra episode to make a more impactful conclusion to Terra, although understandably I can see why they had to cut “that” part in the anime format, the part where Kotarou rushes to the City of Stone to try to Save Akane from everyone else in the process, because they were trying to get her considering she is the next Holy Woman., but I do admit it was a bit weird to do it as it comes off as not only weird, but it comes off as… well, not that well executed in the finale. But still on its own right, it was really good in itself, especially with Morita’s voice acting. It was pretty good and not gonna lie… this is more of shaming myself a bit:

  • I cried at the ending
  • I cried while SINGING in the credits
  • I cried at the after credits (more so because it was too sweet but rather satisfying as a whole)

The fights were rather underwhelming, not gonna lie, although I didn’t had much complaint for the fight as I think it was still entertaining regardless. I think it’s fine for what it’s worth, better than what S1 did of course.

My favorite Highlight of this episode of course would be the kissing in the after credits, I don’t know why but the kiss at the end made it so worth it, not only the entire scenario and what it went on, the fact that also NNK animated that scene also which not gonna lie, I putted that on repeat and I was going in awe so many times. It’s just that satisfying.

Overall, what would I say about the anime?

I say Rewrite’s anime as a whole is good. S1 was weak yes… probably the best to put it after seeing S2 in its entirety is that it serves as a purpose to lead to S2, which while not being the best idea, I think it still worked out fine. They could have done some other things to fix it and see which would work best but I think my opinion stays for Rewrite S1. Fine, Decent, nothing spectacular, but it’s not something I should be really salty about since it served a purpose in the end, despite the glaring flaws. As for the second season on the other hand, it had more ups compared to S1, which being consistent for the most part, the usage of the music were pretty good as well, the way it handled most of the drama and its themes were pretty good in its right as well as showcasing Kotarou’s character, which is one of the biggest strengths of Terra Route in my eyes. The only thing I guess to say I prefer the anime than the VN is one of the complaints I had with Terra, is with Kagari. In here I felt like she had more to her character by comparison, so that’s pretty much something.

Overall S1 for Rewrite I’ll give it a 6/10 while The second being an 8.5/10, thus I guess to say the entirety would be an 7.5/10, I’ll miss it for sure xwx

Edit: If there’s going to be a remake for Rewrite (if it gets any sometime) I wouldn’t mind one, but I’ll say that for the moment being at least with 8bit’s adaption it’s good overall. ^^U


Sorry guys, I wasn’t impressed at all by this episode. I thought S2 would be good since it started strong but it ran out of steam on the way.

The pacing was so off and rushed it took away from the moments that held lots of impact and sort of breezed over them. Now, I wasn’t a fan of Terra to begin with and a few parts in the anime fleshed out some parts with Kotaro, but it came out as a bit hallow.

Some specific parts that reall threw me was the weird transition from Sakura to Akane. You could tell something was really out of place. Not just that the scene wasn’t there, but how it was edited.For me the worst was the ending’s timing with the music was all off with the imagery, which for me, made it lose any emotional significance. Especially with Jasmine’s letter to the world. It felt like they grazed over it and lost all the impact.

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