Rewrite Anime - Episode 16 "The Truth No One Knows"

Discussion topic for the 16th episode of the Rewrite anime which premiered on the 28st of January, 2017. All references to outside works and to future episodes must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

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Rewrite of the life…!! So Peek but next week it’s Terra Route…
I gonna looking forward for New Op by Kurosaki Maon…

Pretty decent episode. It was clearly rushed, and the music direction was very flawed, but this is pretty neat fanservice, and at least the Sakuya thing gets fairly explained. The animation was limited, but it wasn’t as ugly as Episode 12, so this works. Budget obviously went to those dem light effects.

Looking forward to Terra Arc. And looks like the OP will be sang by Maon Kurosaki, which is nice.

PS: they also didn’t include Luchihaya being gay doing a pretty neat hi-5 in the VN… :((


I don’t know what to say about this.
But let me start with. Weak execution. Biggest wet noodle of a climactic scene I’ve seen in a long time.
The lack of a sense of visceral atmosphere, choppy editing, poor music timing, still frames, and excessive gamma just piled up to make this a flat fest.

Shame :confused: This was my favourite scenario from Rewrite, I was hoping for something a bit more impressive.

@ZakM Really? For me this was easily one of the weakest parts of Rewrite, I don’t really think they did it a disservice. They made a lot of neat changes, like removing Sakuya HB and focusing on the action, and Kotarou’s berserk mode. I thought the action scenes were satisfying enough here.

But I have to take points off, because I didn’t feel like the emotional impact was entirely here, and I’m not sure why. Kagari’s tears got me when the theory was created because I understand the context behind them, but the epilogue which ripped me apart in the VN just, didn’t here. Maybe it’s because of pacing and how it was a bit rushed, but I dunno, didn’t get me.

Still, decent episode. 4/5, still heaps better than majority of the first season.

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I liked the episode although there were few orders that kinda ticked me off a bit, at least for the characters dying. This isn’t much of a spoiler really, but in the VN it was: Lucia > Kotori > Akane > Yoshino > Shizuru > Chihaya > Sakuya

In the anime however it was: Lucia > Kotori > Chihaya > Akane > Shizuru > Yoshino > Sakuya.

Not much of changes but it felt a bit awkward at the very least, altho I did felt like a bit of salt in a good way because well… it’s Moon Route, I did felt a bit upset still despite the changes. Tho the dialogue and the characters saying something before they go, including those flashbacks, makes it at least strong.

There were other changes as well but it wasn’t to the point where it felt like it was a bad thing, of course they could have done a better job at this but I think it was passable enough.

The episode was good honestly, did liked at least the implement of the Terra flashback again because it could work better as well in its favor to explain, and also I like the use of “Philosophy of Ours” in the Kotarou and Kagari scene honestly, I did teared a bit with that.

It was fun watching the Occult Club members having fun too at the first half, and it reminds me very much of when I read Moon, tho I would have been fine maybe going a bit with it but it was good for how it worked. Lol and the fact that they did the “Game Over” thing was even funnier in my eyes. >-<

By the way, probably my favorite facial expression from the second season so far (Akane’s face here is too cute that its funny Hah xD)

Agree with Aspirety here. The impact was not there at the epilogue. I vividly remember how I was smiling while crying (one of the reason why I love Key) when I was watching it in the VN. Perhaps it was really a little rushed. The KT’s comments and theory completion part also got me. I really like how they portray this part in anime form.

It’s great that they show the berserk mode of Kotarou too, although it was shown briefly before. Love the entrance of Sakuya with Rewrite song, and the following fighting scenes. A small little disappointment HB Sakuya and Hercules Horseshoe Crab did not appear XD

YESSSS, HYPEEEEEEE FOR TERRA. Have been waiting for it ever since Rewrite anime was announced~


I realize it’s more of a HF joke, but this cracked me up. Just how Kotarou, with a dead serious face, waves his hand and a giant log falls down from nowhere. If you want more of that I transcribed some of the voice clips from HF


Well, this was pretty interesting to see the rest of the Moon route adapted though I can agree that it felt a little rushed. There were some interesting parts I enjoyed like seeing the heroines back again one last time to fight off against those familiars what they know would be the final straw to protect Kagari. I enjoyed watching the fight scenes very much though the CGI stuff does have that same problem like S1.

I liked how they used “Philosophy of Ours” during the scene with Kotarou and Kagari as they hugged each other which made me tear up a bit. The last few parts where Lucia, Kotori, Akane, Chihaya, and Shizuru were giving their all as they fought till the bitter end had me crying at times so it was hard just to see them disappear. Even with Yoshino, he was pretty freaking cool when Kotarou accepted that he was a good rival that made me happy and sad at the same time. Sakuya as well was pretty good to see though it felt short at times with the final battle. It was kind of brutal when Kotarou used his last mode to fight off all of those familiars but it was still all right just seeing it adapted. Moon Kagari is still yet as beautiful as I can remember from the VN so seeing her being left behind felt lonely but it was the only way for the Earth to have a future.

I can’t wait for the Terra Arc cause I’ve been looking forward to it! I can only hope that it’ll meet our expectations though usually I keep them low, so who knows.

I really don’t know why but I don’t even feel bad in the farewell in the VN but here in the anime I almost cry XD.

For a moment I had the feeling that all the Sakuya portion in Moon is going to be omited but they animated it so I don’t have almost complains.

It just played on my feelings and memories of the VN Moon & Chara-routes.
Not a bad ep for the anime Rewrite, but a rather bland one from the novel perspective.
Pacing was abrupt. Lucia’s death was done nice. New possibility and completion of “Life Theory” wasn’t bad. Chihaya’s joke which Helios already mentioned was spot on, seriously.
Still… rushed. Ruuuushed. Death order also went wrong and kinda spoiled an emotional part of Sakuya’s arrival. For more details read VN. No, seriously.
Rewrite song was played at the right moment, but meh…
Animation is still as ever. 3D is ugly. A contrast between “Watari no Uta” & god-awful Earth in the background was killing me.
I’ve enjoyed not this ep, but my own memories, feelings, and understanding of the original novel.
Thanks for bringing it all back again. But, meh, it just doesn’t work as anime with Tensho being a director, such rushed scenario, and scarse background.

There is a somewhat new saying in Russian: «Мыши плакали, кололись, но продолжали жрать кактус» (Mice cried, got hurt, but still continued to eat a cactus).
This is pretty accurate for me watching this.


Underwhelming. That’s probably the one word summary I’d give this episode.

After the really rather well done first two episodes, I still had a feeling that this last part of Moon wouldn’t be quite as easy. It seems I was right, considering I felt like I watched the episode on x1.5 speed.

Not only did it feel rushed, but it felt… for lack of a better word, lifeless. (is that a pun?) Moon hit me hard, all three times I’ve read it now. Yet, this episode felt dead, and I felt nothing whatsoever. The execution of most emotional scenes just felt bland.

Now, I will say, this is still nowhere near the hideousness that was the first season. Despite what I felt, I did enjoy the episode overall. I look forward to Terra, though continuing with zero expectations, as I have all season.

Let’s begin the harsh culling, shall we?


Interesting how people’s opinions are dropping now. I was definitely, not impressed, let’s say less apathetic this week than last. 15 was just boring from beginning to end. I’ll commend them for, if nothing else, not ripping every visual from the VN this time. The void in Kotarou’s memory is a physical white space instead of a buggy world line. Furthermore, the theory based on Kotarou’s footnote is quite different from the one in the VN which looked just like Kagari’s. Kagari’s theory stretches in one direction with lines going all over the place. Kotarou’s theory stretches is all four directions and consists of only right angles; it completely screams completeness. If you miss the analogy between the complete theory and a tree of life, ask yourself where they would show it. If placed on Kagari’s sheet it would look really similar to the one she already had and just kinda underwhelming.

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I didn’t feel it. The excellence of the first two episodes was simply missing. I agree that what evoked emotional responses here were not the adaption scenes, but our memories of the VN.
I won’t say that this part absolutely needed two full episodes, but just one was clearly not enough. Time constraints are the enemy of good adaptions.

The Kotarou looking older thing was kinda weird, too. It’s like they only did that in order to make the moon adaption actually match the promotion posters which they had completely forgotten about in the first two episodes.

I’m kinda worried about the lack of explanation for some things. For example, won’t the anime-only viewers be very confused about why “Kagari” was on the moon? Or why she stayed behind? Won’t the confusion intensify in Terra? I doubt they’ll be able to come to the right conclusion with the broken pieces of information they’ve been given.
Also, it was not mentioned that Kotarou couldn’t “revive” after declaring war on Kashima Sakura anymore, but it seems that wasn’t necessary.
And I still feel that they should’ve shown what happens when the earth dies. There needs to be a picture in the viewer’s heads about the end of the world that happens regardless of whether or not salvation takes place. But we only get a verbal explanation along the lines of “The earth always just… dies. Believe us!”

I think I’ve mentioned this back during the first season, but the way they had ended it was kind of a problem. They took some of the moon/terra scenes and just copied them. Like Yoshino leading the wolf pack against the army of familiars. It just doesn’t feel as strong in moon because we’ve already seen it happen before.

Well, it wasn’t all bad, and I did like some of the kinda-original stuff, like the girls being able to say their farewells. (Though Yoshino’s farewell was still more emotonal than theirs. Is that ok?)

Sakuya is such an epic poser xD

I’m pretty sure the “Kotarou grew up” thing also happened in the VN. I enjoyed the episode but yeah, it could have used one more episode for this.

How is there signal for phone calls on the moon?


I actually think this is the episode I enjoyed the most in Moon even tho it was almost completely different, a bit rushed and animation quality was kinda meh. But seriously, it doesn’t need to be THAT similar to the VN to be good. With one episode to do the second half of Moon, this was actually really good (to me at least).

They did it and explained that it was cuz of the extra years he spent with Akane but then tbh I thought he shoulda been an adult from the beginning of Moon…

The transmitter towers are recreated on the moon too.

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One thing I did kinda like was how they made the scenery so damn white! I guess it’s their way of foreshadowing the fact that they’re on the moon. But in all likelihood they probably just did it to keep true to the VN Moon OP.

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In the VN, Moon Kotarou was grown up from the start and there was a proper reason for it. But here, he just randomly grew up at some point and then made himself younger again after a while.