Rewrite Anime - Episode 11 “Countdown”

Discussion topic for Episode 11 of the Rewrite anime, which premiered on the 10th of September, 2016. All references to outside works and to future episodes must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

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Forced fanservice, random presenting sometimes and a number of WTF moments , but overall a good episode!!!
I’ve watched episode 10 and 11 in one go… Episode 10 wasn’t that good imo but it was a good prologue to this episode.
Episode 11 is an episode I enjoyed after a number of episodes I found myself watching with no excitement whatsoever. The events in this episode are amazing.

after focusing on Lucia and Shizuru for most of the anime, now the anime is showing us why that was important… By focusing on Akane (and Gaia) now. Which really makes me happy, I remember complaining about that in earlier episodes and it’s great that the anime proved me wrong!
Also Anime Kagari! Is starting to be a good character by mixing the original Kagari with the new Kagari, the anime revived the Kagari fan inside me with this episode :3

In the ending… Did Kagari cry after the world got destroyed, it was only few seconds but I think that wasn’t in the previous ending animation, if it wasn’t that’d be really cool.

I’m so satisfied with this episode, it makes me look forward to the next episode. And because I liked the episode, I’m going to list what I didn’t like about the episode and wish that these mistakes won’t happen
again in the next 2 episodes.

First , the way Chihaya found Lucia was so boring, and the same thing goes to the way Kotarou and Kotori found l them later, I mean, last episode’s end was really good and I thought something bad would happen. I didn’t want anything bad to happen but some mystery about Lucia’s condition would be great. It doesn’t bother me that much but I really thought that it would’ve been cool if they did something with that.

Also, Sakuya and princess Kagarin’s coffee story. Knowing Sakuya from the VN, the only opinion he cares about is Chihaya’s. Lol
I mean it was fun to watch at first, but aren’t they overusing it at this point?

And the biggest WTF scene is… Kagari throwing Kotarou away… with her ribbons… If you don’t remember, the ribbons are parts of her body. Imagine throwing a hand :masdum:


Pretty bad desu

Lucia lived, and my singular least favorite thing tat any anime can do do is “kill” people without the intention of killing them. Lucia’s wounds didn’t even pose any problem thanks to Kagari ex machina.

Its the last day of the harvest and it looks like there’s going to be a/the big fight and despite his training with Sakuya we haven’t gotten any sense as to if Kotarou has gotten stronger. In Chihaya’s route the training was significant as we really could feel Kotarou improving of the course of the entire route, and this built up to the final battle. Here its not going to feel like Kotarou being cool was earned, because it wasn’t.

The anime still keeps wasting time with jokes that aren’t even clever or funny, like the hot spring gag that has been done in every shit anime ever, and the feecof joke which was fine as a throwaway, but has actually become the biggest defining feature of this Kagari.

I also felt the opening with the history of the holy woman/saints was poorly expressed and the show would have been better off having Akane or Sakura retell the story the same way they did in the VN.

When the series is done airing I’ll make a more in-detail post on the general discussion page, but the overall execution and handling of this entire series has been, quite frankly, terrible and I’m almost out of good grace from loving the VN.


Agreed. When Kotarou and Kotori found them I was expecting a mini fight to break out or something as it looked like Chihaya attacked Lucia but nope.[quote=“Arete, post:3, topic:3192”]
The anime still keeps wasting time with jokes that aren’t even clever or funny

Also agreed. I’m not sure how much extra time they would have given though. They’re only a couple seconds at a time and even if there’s a lot that might only end up with like 2 extra minutes which wouldn’t do much.

Why did Kagari care about Kotarou in the bath anyway? Was it because of the others girls? She didn’t seem to care when she walked in on him and stripped.


I struggle to find even a single good thing in this episode.


I just finished the episode a while ago, and I of course have some mixed thoughts about it. There’s this “thing” that’s bugging me and it’s pretty much that Kagari’s Route or at least the Original Route, seems more light hearted than serious, it just seems like 90% of the time like that. But does it equal a bad thing? That depends for me I guess. In some cases, it actually works pretty decently because for instance, this episode in the scenes of Light heartedness rather shows more towards the fact of the characters not wanting to hurt each other, how they were getting along, etc. I do feel like in some cases the scenes work well. In some other cases, it just doesn’t work very well. It just doesn’t really do much and it kinda takes away the inmersion. Again, what I mean is that this doesn’t really feel like Rewrite that I know, where while there is some light hearted moments, there’s also a balance of serious moments. That’s kind of the thing that I like about the series, in here it doesn’t really feel much.

The episode itself was pretty enjoyable of course, getting to see the beginning where We get a glimpse of the backstory and perspective point of view of Akane in her dream, while of course remembering how the “Holy Woman” memories were pass through and through per each time, you know when they were chosen It was a slight and nice idea to showcase the role of the Holy Woman, and perspective point of view.

Another thing I wanna point out, I did pointed this out in the first paragraph, but I like how they just gave the characters feelings at least, in my opinion. The fact that they don’t want to attack each other for reasons, of course, demonstrated through the common route. It was rather the message I got from Rewrite in the VN from their ends.

Another thing though, I’m actually pretty interested in the direction its taking with Midou, since you know Akane basically made a deal with Midou and try to use him in order to get the Key, protecting it, just to pretty much grab her to use her for Salvation. Also another thing of course, considering that Kashima Sakura was foreshadowed as the villain, or antagonist of sorts, it would make more sense for Akane to take that role at least for me per say

Though I can only say, @Arete pretty much pointed an issue I had with the episode, aside from a little bit of the comedy not working well at times, the way that Lucia was saved was pretty… weird. It was quite… just weird in all honesty. I don’t really MIND that they would have done that, but the problem in here is that the way it was kind of done was rather weird for my end. I mean it can somehow make sense in a way at least since Chihaya was going over there… but, it’s more like rather weird as hell. From the Kagari thing it was fine for my end at least, I really didn’t mind it all that much, I just found the opening thing… weird as hell.


Man did they half-ass a potential character death ;_;

Other than the constant pandering, the episode is more-or-less just fine, I guess. It does add to the worldbuilding fairly well, and while it’s the kind of reaction that will only come from VN readers, the end scene made me feel tense.

They need to do away with harem jokes tho. :<

(I’ll get killed for saying this but I liked the introduction scene even if it was just mostly still frames.)

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It was a fairly decent episode, but I still enjoyed it. I liked how they were showing scenes just like in Akane’s route in the beginning where the previous holy women were met with despair as each of their consciences have suffered as they transferred their thoughts and emotions to their own descendants. She mentioned how each of the saints themselves try to fulfill their roles but ultimately ended up in tragedy and bloodshed. I’m glad Lucia was okay but it did feel anti-climatic that she survived from that fall after last episode and it was nice that everyone was getting back together after Lucia had was thankful that she was saved by Kagari despite the differences that Gaia and Guardian had with their disputes of finding the Key.

As for the rest of the episode, the feecof was really overused a lot which I didn’t mind at first when Kagari had loved when she was introduced to the unique taste and flavor at the beginning of the series. The hot springs part which is not a surprise to me as @Karifean mentioned that almost every anime has been using these scenes for fanservice is overused a lot and it is true to that degree. I didn’t think that Midou would go to Akane for wanting to use the Earth Dragon to use it to find the Key which I’m concerned how it’ll all turn out and the fact that in Akane’s route the singers at Gaia HQ will sing the song of Salvation that eventually humanity would suffer destruction at the hands of the Key as their ultimate goal. As well as it might turn out like in Kotori’s route where the forest will become under attack and Kotarou will have to protect the Key with Kotori as they try to outrun from the heavy situation that would befall upon them from both sides.

With only a few episodes to go, I wonder how this will wrap up but I’m still looking forward to the next episode.

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I wonder if we’ll get to hear the Earth Dragon talk~



I almost dropped the anime this episode. If I wasn’t already such a big Rewrite fan, I would’ve dropped it by now for sure. I feel like every time they start to say something interesting, some random comedy scene is interjected and kills the mood. It doesn’t help that they are reusing jokes a lot. Granted, I’ve always hated Kagari’s character and still do, but the anime is still managing to do a whole lot of nothing. And maybe that’s kind of the goal where we have this sol-esque story where we learn about each side right before everyone dies horrible deaths as some stark contrast cliffhanger to season 2. But that’s just so hard to do with Rewrite because of how characters keep talking about the end of the world and eradicating humanity in between sessions of lol Sakuya your feeco sucks. I think you can still insert well timed comedy into a serious situation and succeed, but this anime has been failing really hard as far as I’m concerned.

That said, I really liked how they showed Akane’s inner struggle with Sakura. The visual transitioning is something that works a lot better in anime over the VN.

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Welcome to Chihaya Route 2.0 the Rewrite Anime, where death doesn’t exist and friendship solves everything. Even the amount of plot holes matches.

Right about now, Tanaka is either furiously running around the studio and murdering everyone, or he died trying.

So, the OkaKen is gathering around the Key while Gaia and Guardian are about to carry the final battle to them. Kotori seems unable to make new familiars and Lucia is still injured. Nonetheless, this is a very new situation with several new possible outcomes. Kagari could even render a completely new verdict.


Like, why did I laughed at the first sentence here? Lol I’m sorry. But I’m dying.

Seriously, when have an anime character ever died from falling down an endless pit? No corpse = No death.

That statement is just elitist and has no basis. (And that’s coming from me who’s extremely elitist)

Rocket Punch is a thing, so I don’t see why Rocket Ribbons isn’t.

As for the adaptation, I’ve been not comparing this anime to the original work since it broadcasted. The reason is they only have that much time and budget and they won’t do a truly faithful adaptation, it’s more like they cannot do it without confusing most people out there that haven’t read the original work. Which is why Rewrite+ got released recently: You’re not supposed to look at this adaptation and expect all kinds of serious matters from every route being discussed. If people who never read the original and want to know more about it after all 13 episodes, they can read Rewrite+.
As for me, the original route is doing a decent job leading to Rewrite+, so I don’t think they’ll adapt Moon and Terra within 40 minutes of remaining airtime.

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The moment when you referenced Rocket Punch… I’m kind of asking if we are thinking of seeing the same series or at least a series I had in mind. Sorry for the irrelevant comment but I was just curious when you said “Rocket Punch”. Lel.

Rocket Punch is a general mecha trope though, I don’t have anything specific in mind when I type that reply.

After all, Kagari also busted out (Rewrite Harvest Festa Minigame) a Tank with a huge cannon and used it as an AOE attack in-game and a promotional desktop widget outside the game. So it’s not far-fetched that she’ll do something similar here in the anime.

Its not too far-fetched but I guess since I watch a lot of mecha… I basically got the reference, so I guess since I saw that word it reminded me of a series I loved a lot.

Except that Rewrite+ is only Rewrite, fixed up a bit and new art, along with Rewrite Harvest Festa!. The anime doesn’t lead to Rewrite+ or the original Rewrite at all. It went hyperfast mode the Common Route and then did an anime-original thing.

I… I’m lost.

We start off with a poorly placed info-dump about Akane and Sakura, and then move straight on into a total asspull of saving Lucia, to fanservice and a lot of wasted time. We have two episodes left in this anime original arc, and I just can’t see it ending well. I’m starting to get flashbacks to Charlotte.

Let’s hope that Episodes 12 and 13 prove me wrong.

(Side note, at least the animation quality was consistent this episode. Also,+ for the piano arrange of “Rewrite” at the end there, nice touch.)