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“All the stars in all the sky are waiting for you.”

“The most irritating thing, in the entirety of the sealed city, chattered on with exhaustive courtesy.”


Yumemi Quotes

“You are our 2,500,000th customer.”

“What do you think about the planetarium? That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when…”

“They said that in the Heaven of Robots, everything that a robot wished for would come true.”

“That there not be…separate heavens… for robots…and humans.”

Junker Quotes

“And she was holding something in her arms. Something that I could not imagine as a weapon but whose use as anything else was a complete mystery to me.”

“I had seen death countless of times, and I had also imagined what my own death would be like.”

“This robot, who could go from hard worker to mindless chatterbox in nothing flat, was now sleeping without even dreaming.”

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I have some stuff from the Yumemi.

I will always want to work with humans. That's why ... to tell the truth... I have no need for heaven. But if ... it came to be ... that I was invited into heaven ... Please, sir, I beg of you. Don't split heaven in two.
As I am a cheap model, I cannot shed tears ... But if I was equipped with that function ... I think I would be crying now.
I will look after the Planetarium. I will make sure I am careful. Please enjoy your journey everybody.
I am Yumemi Hoshino. Thank you for such a beautiful name.
I will send out a maintenance call, but no one will receive. I cannot contact the support center at the moment. I have sent an emergency satellite call, but I cannot find a broadcasting satellite. I feel a little scared.
We robots exist to make human beings happy. For it to have hit out like that means it was doing something it didn't want to do. I know a lot about that. Because I'm malfunctioning, too.
Tonight there is a special secret we are going to share with you. The Planetarium is also a time machine. It can manipulate time to take you from the distant past to the undiscovered future.
Please remember this, everybody. In the world of stars, one does not long for something unattainable, because even when life is mundane ... Please remember the stars that you have seen here.

And some quotes from the Junk Hunter.

I started to walk. Where are the stars? Where could I go to see the stars? In this broken world, that was the one thing on my mind.
I've got the star charts in my mind.

I could go on but I’ve prolly put more than enough. I hope nothing’s wrong with my formatting.


The purpose of the thread has been fulfilled, but I might as well dump all the quotes I found while screenshotting Planetarian here for everyone to see ^^

Now, I can reel off any number of measurements concerning the Earth for you. But there is no software in the world that can truly portray our planet’s beauty.
~ Hoshino Yumemi aka Reverie Planetarian

Overpopulation, energy issues, water problems, a rising sea level, an ecosystem in imbalance, air pollution, and finally problems of who possesses space… Currently, there are so many problems and dusputes in this world. However, this is what I believe. Mankind will be able to solve all of its problems, and will one day reach out to the world of the stars.
~ Hoshino Yumemi aka Reverie Planetarian

I pray that you will never forget this starry sky.
~ Hoshino Yumemi aka Reverie Planetarian

We robots delight in putting you humans at ease and in serving you so as not to make you feel displeased.
~ Hoshino Yumemi aka Reverie Planetarian

As I am a robot, I am incapable of dreaming, but… how shall I put it?
… I have very much longed to.
~ Hoshino Yumemi aka Reverie Planetarian

But you know, the most irritating thing in that sarcophagus city had to be the time when I met that robot. Do NOT talk to it… it is not a thing of this world.
~ Junker’s late colleague

I would have to be more careful in the future, as she had already demonstrated the capability to say things that were completely beyond my capability to anticipate or comprehend.
~ Junker

I could just imagine her pouring dirty water into a nonexistent teacup and bringing it to me with an ear-splitting smile on her face.
~ Junker

I did not know how good her waterproofing was, but what was true was that in the department of chatter generation, she was first-class.
~ Junker

“You thought I would laugh?”
No, rather, I wanted to empty an entire clip of flechettes in her direction.
~ Junker

But her ignorance and her lack of understanding were most probably not her fault. Because intelligence was not a necessary trait for a robot to faithfully execute the duties given to it.
~ Junker

The starry sky now belongs to you. That was the message she was conveying with child-like innocence to every single person born on this planet.
~ Junker

She had shown me the stars. So in turn, I was trying to show her a future that I alone could give her.
~ Junker

The fact that she was not a human but a robot did not matter. This was the bond between her and me, and the only proper exchange.
~ Junker

I wanted to tell her that this was what hunting was all about. A ritual of continued bloodshed that mankind has enacted over and over again since the dawn of its history in order to survive.
~ Junker

Even though we had once extended our reach into the vastness of space, nothing had really changed.
Mankind had now even created for itself the game to hunt, and had equipped itself with fangs that it had not by design been given.
~ Junker

So that thing was broken as well. Embraced in the arms of the unceasing rain, that mechanized monstrosity of a spearman was still dreaming. Of the gentle city that it was charged to protect, of the mighty enemis that it was charged to destroy.
~ Junker

“Out of order…”
Just what… was out of order? Was it this battle mech, which had so lost itself in anger that it was burying everything around it without regard of fiend or foe? Or was it this sarcophagus city, which had ceased to function so long ago, and in which now only lived the Rain and the memories of those who had once inhabited it?
~ Junker


“Mr. Manager once taught me that on rainy days, people feel that the stars are even more precious”

  • Yumemi

“If you’re losing your way in the dark,please remember the star you saw today”-Yumemi
Ps:This movie made me cry a lot,if there are robots in the future,definitely i must have Yumemi :(( and i’ll treat her for what she deserve.


Please do not divide heaven in two.
Hoshino Yumemi

This has so much significance to me that even though it’s kinda already posted, I had to go with the other translation. Let’s just say this is one of the reasons I am the way that I am…

I looked up at the sky that was stormy without end. And then, I dropped my grenade launcher into a puddle. I would not need such a thing, not where I was going.
Junker/Hoshi no Hito

Also very, very important to me.