Megami Engage! Quest - Mobile Game with Visual Novel Heroines

Hey everyone! So I just came across this mobile game called “Megami Engage! Quest” and it’s some sort of card RPG (as if we haven’t had enough of those) featuring heroines from numerous visual novels. Naturally, it also includes Key Heroines, including Little Busters and Rewrite. Aaaaand it’s in English! No more struggling with JP menus like ABOW :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, it’s for smartphones (both Android and iOS) and you can find it here:!-quest/id899537026?mt=8

(yeeeeaaaah Kud is the cover girl. lol.)

So I just started downloading it and am trying it out, so I’ll let you guys know what I think!


It’s pretty ok, but still needs some work. Things like Login bonus and such, but overall I quite enjoy it. I also posted about it a while back on twitter.

I guess I should leave my ID too: 252823

My Party leader for now is a Shiori I got from Brand Summon.

Oh, and be sure to build different shops, than your friends. I got a Wind weapon shop. We should maybe add IDs and what kind of shop we use in the start post as soon as we get some more people together.

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I just got a Nayuki and Kanata but they only go to max level 3, so I guess those are like normal-ish cards. It’s alright, kinda boring that the only interactive part of the battles is when you get Fever

it’s not about the gameplay, it’s about the waifus

sign me up


yeah, pretty much. My Shiori goes up to 5 stars btw. I got a Nayuki too and I envy you for that Kanata.

Also about Elements. There are the standard ones, then there is rainbow, which just is really random and then there is darkness, which just fucks you up.

Just started picked water element and my starter was Kud is that set or is that random?

I notice a lot of Key cards are water so… Maybe?

Did two pulls got 5 star Saya and 3 star Kanata rollin in the Little Busters over here.

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the starters are fixed-- water is always Kud

I kept uninstalling-reinstalling until I got gachas I liked — ended up with 5-star Shiori and 3-star Sasami

I have all the hate for you right now. q.q I want that Saya

luckily water is my preferred element so got a Kud card
spent all the free crystals I got on a Key summon event, and got a free Kurugaya from preregistration among others; so basically all the Key cards I have are causing inventory problems

but I don’t play Quest often because I don’t have a smartphone; usually play regular Megami Engage which is more fun anyway

Just started! My ID is 255754. Send me a friend request~

Wanted to join in too but my crapy phone just crashes when I try to start… I wont get a new one before August… to bad :frowning:

Pretty addicting. Reminds me of Brave Frontier for some unexplainable reason.

Did two pulls and got Sasami (LB!) and Kyou (Clannad). Damn, I want Akane…

I found a good Android emulator for windows! Count me in! 256274

I got Kagari and Rin

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are you kidding me?
Why did you build a wind weapon shop if I already built one days before you?

anyway, guess my ID is 252831

duh, my main card is wind, of course I will build a shop around that. I didnt see you had one.

Anyone know whats the deal with the event dungeons? They just randomly disappear for me sometimes and my friend says he can still go in them.

Also need earth weapon friends, got earth armor ID: 256017

I don’t know maybe its just a bug like my stamina bar. It shows 1-25 but it only counts down to 5 and then i get the message that I don’t have any stamina left.
And btw. I got a fire weapon shop and i’m looking for fire armor!

maybe because the quest you wanna go down takes more than 5 stamina? °^°