Little Busters! - Minigame Discussion

For some reason this didn’t exist, so now it does. Also, please mark anything EX related with spoiler tags.

Little Busters has a myriad of minigames, the most notable being baseball and the combat/battle rankings. What’d you guys think of them? Got any cool information about mechanics and stuff to share? Anything minigame related, let’s hear it!

For reference, a complete list of minigames is as follows:

  • Battle Rankings
  • Launching Rin
  • Baseball practice
  • Cafeteria game
  • Riposte
  • Baseball game

Thanks for getting the pictures for me Bonecuss~




Anyways, funnily I think my favorite minigame was the cafeteria one. Hard to get used to it but afterwards it reminds me of those twitchy flash games that are dangerously addictive.

Baseball game was terrible though. I thought you’d do actual batting but nooo it was all pretty much randomized. I had to do it like 10 times before I could get a win.

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I forgot what was Riposte? Was it that kick the can game?

Nope, it’s the minigame where you have to help Rin in picking a line to insult Mastato very quickly. It’s actually one of the missions given by Lennon.


Beating up Masato because a cat said to.

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I have made my contribution to this discussion, you all agree.


Someone should do this.

Does that every time.
Which I learned you can also change the combo.

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I think you probably do it with a memory editor like Cheat Engine. I’ve yet to find where the minigame code is, and if it’s even possible to decompile it easily. I guess that would be something that could draw me back to making the minigames.

Looks like it’s all of the seen files in the 7000s. Unfortunately I only have uncompressed seens, so I can’t read any of it.

Yeah Cheat Engine works, just search for the number of baseballs left (Value Type: 4 Bytes), let 1 or 2 go by (or hit them) Next Scan with the new number, hopefully the value pops up, modify the value to whatever you want and/or freeze the value in Cheat Engine.

The same can be done of each characters stats.


Yep I tried it out a couple days ago, I forgot to post anything here though. That’s awesome that you can change the character stats too.

The minigames are such a crucial part of Little Busters! to me. Especially the batting practice. In a way that none of the dialogue in the story can convey, the batting practice gives you the first-hand experience of being a part of this group, having fun together with everyone. All of the sprites are spending their time in different ways on the field, and each person you hit the ball to reacts in different ways each time. They’ve spent an awful lot of time crafting the minigame to give the most, dare I say, immersive experience possible. This simple minigame really helped me bond with the characters like nothing else.

And also, the battle minigame was a very clever way of showing how the characters develop and grow stronger through their experiences, as their stats gradually get higher the more you progress through the game. Little Busters skillfully uses the minigames to strengthen their story - rather than disact from it! It’s very commendable.


Definitely. While I dislike Haruka’s personality, she was the best person in the world when it came to baseball. So easy to rack up big combos with her and Kyousuke (even though hitting it to Kyousuke is unfavorable.)

I swear the cats are ball magnets, especially Lennon and the all black one. The ball could have been hit anywhere in the field, and it goes directly to them, over and over again. Or maybe I just subconsciously really want Rin to yell at me.


You’re supposed to hit Rin. That way she doesn’t yell.

I think you’re actually supposed to do that so that Rin can learn new pitching techniques.

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I really enjoyed the baseball practice. I would always try to hit Komari.

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Man everyone wants to bully poor Komari T_T

I know, I think you’re right. But it still hurts a little every time Rin says she hates me.