Little Busters! - A-Chan Character Discussion

Missed her birthday by a day, but here is a topic for A-Chan to commemorate her birthday.
Discussion topic for the character A-Chan from Little Busters! and Kud Wafter.
Because translation patches for Little Busters! EX and Kud Wafter have not been released yet, please tag spoilers from Kanata’s route in Little Busters!, and any content from Kud Wafter.
Her birthday is the 1st of April.

(Kanata) I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts when the patch comes out, as I played this route with machine translations which were poor at points.
I really like A-Chan’s character throughout LB, and obviously she shines more in Kanata’s route. She’s a really caring and fun character. I loved her interactions influencing Riki and Kanata, her egging on the relationship between the two in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways was really great. She knew about Kanata’s more girly side and managed to bring it out to Riki, in fun ways.
I don’t remember a huuge amount of the route (also because bad machine translations) and things with A-Chan, but I remember really liking her character. That’s probably all I can think of for now.

I like to think that A-Chan and Kyousuke are really close, talking together about the way the route is going, secret of the world type stuff.

A-Chan x Kyousuke is the best Little Busters ship. Come at me.

I’m looking forwards to her role in Kud Wafter, with maybe some more development and history to her character.

I liked her BEFORE she had a face.


She’s cute and I like her design. I also like to think that she’s the Kyousuke in Kud Wafter (I haven’t read it yet!), or a female version of him (though of course they are different). There’s a genderbender Kyoususke and she kinda reminded me of A-chan. Strange how they both are seniors but never seen talk to each other in anime/manga/vn~

Maybe because she’s the type that really concentrate on exams? lol lol

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Before I blow all my time writing a spoiled paragraph on her, has anyone else played kud wafter?

Yeah there are people who have.

I dont know much about her since no Ex in english and also no Kud Wafter in english. She seemed pretty cool in the anime too and I love that she is voiced by Rita in Kud Wafter.

wow Rita!? That’s awesome!

I haven’t read the VN, but I have read the manga~ ^-^

I like her relationship with Kanata especially their story of how A-chan got her nickname.
She is also one the few that get along well with Rin because of their love for cats.

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…I was just talking to somebody today about how I’d seen - not exactly a lot, but enough A-chan/Kyousuke art on Japanese sites to make me go “huh, I guess that’s a thing”. I couldn’t think of why it might be a thing other than “they’re both third-years, omgtheirloveissopure!”, but reading your post made me go ‘oh hey actually I get how that could work’? So kudos for that.


You nerds need to bow down before the might of best girl.


@Jokrono I think we can both agree that Machelmore is barking up the wrong tree here.


I do concur, doctor.

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Thanks Rose :yahaha: #bestcompanion


I might rescind my statement just to spite you for that. Clearly Craig Owens is best companion.

Also the words little busters to ensure this topic is 100% focused

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A-Chan would make a good companion I think, she’s reliable, funny, a little sassy and has a sprite!

Also she knows where to get all the best furniture quick and easy for the Tardis :smug:


Goddam, she’s the Best Girl in LB! and I never realised she had her own (deserved) thread. That smile :heart_eyes:

so… "Her real name is unknown. The only thing known about her name is that it starts with “Ama”.

Amaterasu? means “shining over heaven” apparently so this is by fave option!

Well there has to be one good reason for getting Kud Wafter I guess!

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That’s also the name of a Goddess so I don’t think that’s what you’d usually call your daughter in Japan… :gold:


A-chan route when?


A-chan is a great example of how forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. What mysteries lie in her heart that we can never experience? All we can do is speculate what lies behind her smug grin and her deep blue eyes that look like lakes, fearful of being rippled by even the tiniest pebble cast by life.