Little Busters! - Sasami's Juniors Character Discussion

Discuss ALL the LB girls.

Yukari is clearly the best, look at her shyly cling to Rei with her worried face so moe. She has the cutest smile too.

Rei is best girl. GTFO. She’s strong willed and leads his merry band of juniors. Without her, Yukari would be alone and forgotten.

I kinda like Sakiko the most

But eeeeeh aside from looks, what else is there to judge

Rei is clearly the best. While Sakiko is getting angry and Yukari is shyly hiding, Rei is getting stuff done! Without her the amazing character development they went through wouldn’t exist… and they would be stuck forever, attacking without any formation…

So much for that formation, even with it, they’re still weaker than Rin or Sasami.

Rei might be keeping the formation, but the formation isn’t getting job done.

You, I like you.

Kanon and his heretics will soon understand the power and might of Rei!

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Formation is more effective if you accept the first greeting Kyousuke & co. suggest, if you deactivate the battles or in the first loops

And I’d root for Yukari

I gotta say, I’m on team Rei.


They’re all bitches.

How dare you! Look at the innocence in Rei’s eyes~! She cares about those important to her more than the Little Busters ever did!

Such hate. D:
I don’t think they’re all that bad~

Which one of those bitches hurt Rin’s cat?

Probably Sakiko, she looks like the quickest tempered one.

I didn’t realise those three had names

Name ALL the girls.

Daily reminder that these girls have more name than most of the Angel Beats cast and Inoue.


We’re all revisiting Little Busters, and yet we forgot to talk about these girls! How could we? What kind of heartless Little Busters fans are we?

so uhh… which one is which, again?


From my post in the common route. Got the Info from various anime sites.

(there was actually a mistake in the original post.)

Obviously, Yukari is the cutest. Twin Tails are Win Tails!


You know what, move over Haruka, step aside Kurugaya, these cute girls are where it’s really at :aspi:

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Rip Harutrice :deino: