Key Music Fan Covers

Use this topic to post fan covers of Key music!

I love this one, fills me full of warm feelings~


You may proceed to throw bricks at me.

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You may proceed to throw bricks at me.

I mentioned it in the music discussion thread, but this is my favorite Key Soundtrack album~

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Forgot to mention, FAN covers. I believe Key Classic is part of Key Sounds Label, isn’t it?

To add to the thread,

This one nearly brought me to tears. Piano cover of Faraway from Little Busters.


It is~ Released commercially~
The only cover I know of Key works though >.> The originals tend to be better than any fan stuff.

It’s sort of a fancover? It was released on KSLA, but it was made by TAM, who is a doujin artist. He did some of the music for Rewrite as well I believe.

Not sure if remixes are to be posted here or in their own separate thread, but I guess I’m about to find out… :smile:

Little Busters remixes are glorious. Though as far as fan covers, all of TAM’s albums are pretty awesome too.
He did a lot of touhou stuff too, but there are some KEY CDs in there too.

No the joke is that I posed the cover to a Key album.
The literal cover of the box.

Oh I didn’t get that until now either.

Soo ummm… I got bored… and I can’t sing… or mix… So if you want your ears to bleed, here you go!

Lyrics (tiny litbus spoiler)

I like to think that this world is bright.
But suddenly, it is narcolepsy time!
So I awake in my bedroom.
Beside a guy who is yelling “Kinniku”
And so I run away from this muscle hell.
Oh crap, no! It’s a fucking stair well!
And now I’m somehow on the roof
How did I end up here anyway?
The fencing is too high!
How the hell did Kengo even leap off here?
Suddenly it is narcolepsy time!
Seriously, what the fuck?


I think it’s a pretty decent cover. I like it. :smiley:

Yay, thank you~ ^^
I coated it in special effects though =w=

LOL! That’s so accurate it isn’t even funny!

Really love this slow curve arrange.


Wow, nice find! Always looking for more arrangements of Slow Curve, it’s such an amazing track.

Great covers of a ton of anime music, but here are specifically the Key ones:
Little Busters!: Opening - 23:20 (My favorite)
Clannad: Dango Daikazoku - 1:13:35
Clannad: Toki wo Kizamu Uta - 1:28:15
Clannad: Torch - 1:31:00
Air: Tori no Uta - 1:34:05
Angel Beats: My Soul Your Beats - 2:10:45
Angel Beats: Brave Song - 3:32:30


I’ve been inspired to at the very least do a cover of Gentle Jena. You can count on it. It may be a while, however. But when it’s a thing, it’ll be here. -3-

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I know an indie group Yukizakurasou who did covers for Key musics.
This is the example of their songs:

I also like this cover of Dango Daikazoku


Wow this is really good! Thanks for the recommendation :smiley:

I love this cover ;-;
Is also made by Animenz.


One of my favorites:

Recent finding


<— Has watched/listened to countless key music covers.