Key Game Graphic Files

Since we have a topic for requesting, ripping and uploading the audio assets of Key’s games, why not a topic for the graphics? Use this topic to share and request specific graphic files, or advise on how to go about acquiring said files.


I’d like to start this topic with a request. I’m looking for HD assets from console ports of Key’s games, specifically Little Busters! Having access to them would be a massive boon for me, as I would be able to use them to produce a lot more graphics for from them.

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Are there any differences with PC version?

They’re in HD!

Really HD? I hope there’s no crappy scaling again.

I’ve already upload some PC CGs.

Are you active on all of those Wikis? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m admin. :smiley:

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I tried to get my hands on the Little Busters PS3 assets. However, they are encrypted in .sdat format and after a lot of Googling, all I could figure out was that you apparently need a modded PS3 to decrypt them. Unfortunately, I do not even have a PS3. T_T

So, unless we can find someone who has the means to decrypt .sdat files, obtaining the assets may be difficult. I still have the sdat files if anyone with the technical know-how wants to try it.

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I actually did the same a while ago, and figured out what files and stuff you’d need to run on the PS3 to decrypt it, but I haven’t had the kind of money for a PS3 for a while. Although I don’t remember what stuff you need anymore I think we could research it again when the time comes.
I think the one download for the game online may be incomplete too, it was a bit weird, so we’d probably need the game too.

Rincchi just said she has the files though!

Yeah I have the files too, but I think the one download for them online may be a bit weird. It has the EVENTCG.SDAT which is the main file I was trying to decrypt. I dunno actually, my memory of all that stuff isn’t that great even though it wasn’t that long ago.

Well, I have a PS3. If I can be of any help…

A modded PS3 though, or one you’re willing to mod?

What is this?

Have you ever heard of the Jailbreak for ps3? Well it allowed people to run “unsigned” code on the platform, which in turn lets people run anything they want on the ps3, (Linux, UI mods, Pirating, turning a consumer console into a dev version, ect…)

I have a softmodded ps3 if you want me to try something?

In this case, nope, it’s not modded.

Do you guys know how to rip Harmonia assets or even have them ready and prepared on your pc? I’ve been looking for the sprites (at least) for 1 to 2 months and when I followed the guide I didn’t manage to do it. Any idea?

EDIT: I followed Takafumi’s guide

Where are you having trouble with Takafumi’s guide?

Basically everything, I downloaded reallivemax but since I got the Steam version legally, right, well I can’t rip the assets. I heard I needed Sigplus eng but then I can’t seem to rip it, and there is no real guide for it

I have the setup shown in RLDev for Dummies and can extract the images fine, if you follow the steps there and ask for help in the topic, it should be possible!