Key Character Sorter

Look who’s talking.

Once again I’m reminded of how shit this whole forum’s taste is. Like what the fuck guys. How can you live with yourself after scoring Tomoyo so damn low.


I’m with Kanon regarding her character. She’s so perfect it becomes boring. Not that I hate her, she’s just very eh to me.

Maybe Tomoyo After will turn that around.


looks at @cjlim2007’s results

looks at his title

looks at own results

Well…I guess it doesn’t judge if a character likes you more than you like her. :confused:

No wonder, I just did the math, and it should have taken you approximately one forth of the time you needed for Touhou Characters.

Now for my list, since I only know Clannad’s cast, I just did a merge sort on paper for these. That’s the result:
Edit: Now with Sanae and Ushio:

  1. Nagisa Furukawa
  2. Ushio
  3. Sanae Furukawa
  4. Kotomi Ichinose
  5. Yukine Miyazawa
  6. Kyou Fujibayashi
  7. Mei Sunohara
  8. Ryou Fujibayashi
  9. Tomoyo Sakagami
  10. Fuko Ibuki
  11. Misae Sagara

So imagine that all other Key-heroines are sharing the twelveth place.

1 Kanade
2 Moon Kagari
3 Kud
4 Lucia
5 Yukine
6 Kurugaya
7 Kyou
8 Shizuru
9 Misae
10 Iwasawa
11 Yumemi
12 Rin
13 Chihaya
14 Kotomi
15 Misa
16 Tomoyo
17 Mio
18 Haruka
19 Kotori
20 Mai
21 Nagisa
22 Yuri
23 Fuuko
24 Komari
25 Yui
26 Ryou
27 Akane
28 Nao
29 Nayuki
30 Sunohara
31 Makoto
32 Shiori
33 Ayu
34 Yusa
35 Terra Kagari
36 Sayuri
37 Ayumi
38 Eveyone I haven’t read the route/game of

fight me irl m8

Overal pretty accurate. I didn’t expect Misae to be so high but the top 5 is spot on.

Also you’re missing one of the Little Busters! girls:


Pretty sure I’ve done a Key one of these before. Posted the results on twitter, but it was a long time ago.

I’d do a bit of rearranging, but the top 3 is accurate. In regards to the top 10, I’d put Tomoyo lower and Yukine higher. I’d probably put Iwasawa above Akane and Lucia, and I’d put Minagi a bit further down.

Discarding the characters from the works that I haven’t seen yet (or don’t have a strong enough opinion, as Angel Beats…) Top 10 Akane, Shizuru, Mio, Nayuki, Yuiko, Tomoyo, Kotomi, Kotori, Rin, Haruka. Quite acceptable. Was expecting Shiori in the top 10, though…

Here are the results of my list:

  1. Moon Route Kagari
  2. Yumemi Hoshino
  3. Nagisa Furukawa
  4. Shiori Misaka
  5. Akane Senri
  6. Kotomi Ichinose
  7. Fuuko Ibuki
  8. Terra Route Kagari
  9. Misuzu Kamio
  10. Yukine Miyazawa
  11. Mio Nishizono
  12. Komari Kamikita
  13. Kotori Kanbe
  14. Kannabi no Mikoto
  15. Ayu Tsukimiya
  16. Shizuru Nakatsu
  17. Sayuri Kurata
  18. Minagi Tohno
  19. Saya Tokido
  20. Kanata Futaki
  21. Yuiko Kurugaya
  22. Masami Iwasawa
  23. Tomoyo Sakagami
  24. Mai Kawasumi
  25. Kudryavka Noumi
  26. Kyou Fujibayashi
  27. Rin Natsume
  28. Uraha
  29. Lucia Konohana
  30. Yui
  31. Ryou Fujibayashi
  32. Nayuki Minase
  33. Chihaya Ohtori
  34. Yuri Nakamura
  35. Mei Sunohara
  36. Nao Tomori
  37. Haruka Saigusa
  38. Kanade Tachibana
  39. Kano Kirishima
  40. Kanako
  41. Makoto Sawatari
  42. Sasami Sasasegawa
  43. Yusa Nishimori
  44. Misae Sagara
  45. Misa Kurobane
  46. Ayumi Otosaka
  47. Yuuki Himuro
  48. Shiina Arizuki
  49. Ui Arizuki

There were some tough choices I had to make regarding the list so I think I’m satisfied with the results though there were some of the heroines I wished I was familiar with, especially Saya Tokido, since I never did finish her route in Little Busters! EX before as well as Yuuki Himuro for Kud Wafter either. I’m not good with ranking characters but I did enjoy using the sorter and I hope my results were adequate to the best of my ability.

Here are my results:

1 Masami Iwasawa
2 Yuiko Kurugaya
3 Tomoyo Sakagami
4 Rin Natsume
5 Nayuki Minase
5 Kyou Fujibayashi
5 Haruka Saigusa
8 Yuri Nakamura
9 Yui
10 Misae Sagara
11 Shiori Misaka
11 Mai Kawasumi
11 Sayuri Kurata
11 Nagisa Furukawa
11 Fuuko Ibuki
11 Ryou Fujibayashi
11 Yumemi Hoshino
11 Komari Kamikita
11 Mio Nishizono
11 Kanata Futaki
11 Kanade Tachibana
22 Nao Tomori
23 Misa Kurobane
23 Ayumi Otosaka
25 Ayu Tsukimiya
25 Yukine Miyazawa
25 Kudryavka Noumi
25 Saya Tokido
25 Sasami Sasasegawa
25 Yuuki Himuro
25 Shiina Arizuki
25 Ui Arizuki
25 Kotori Kanbe
25 Chihaya Ohtori
25 Akane Senri
25 Shizuru Nakatsu
25 Lucia Konohana
25 Moon Route Kagari
25 Terra Route Kagari
25 Yusa Nishimori
41 Makoto Sawatari
41 Misuzu Kamio
41 Kano Kirishima
41 Kannabi no Mikoto
41 Uraha
41 Kotomi Ichinose
41 Mei Sunohara
48 Minagi Tohno
48 Kanako

The top ten is pretty accurate, with a special mention for number 5, where we have 3 heroines from 3 different VN’s with clashing personalities, a really outgoing one, an abuser and one that you can’t tell whether she’s awake or still sleeping.

Also, numbers 11 and 25 are massive Harems (lucky me?).

The reason why many Rewrite heroines are so low is because I haven’t read Rewrite yet, so no hate please. :yahaha:

However both @cjlim2007 and me know that the one who should be on top in every single list is Ushio.

This simply solidifies that Iwasawa, Yukine, and Shiori are da best.

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My results:

  1. Shizuru Nakatsu
  2. Kotomi Ichinose
  3. Haruka Saigusa
  4. Kotori Kanbe
  5. Yuiko Kurugaya
  6. Mio Nishizono
  7. Yumemi Hoshino
  8. Moon Route Kagari
  9. Komari Kamikita
  10. Yuri Nakamura

After that it all kinda just meshes and I can’t really agree or disagree with it.

(I realize I probably have shit taste)

Ahhh I love these things and I want to try it so much, but I haven’t read enough of the VNs >.<

Here is my list tier list
1 Rin
2 Misuzu

11 Tomoyo

16Kagari (lol)



Charlotte Tier


The impressions I had with some of the characters kind of mix with my first impression watching the anime, example clannad kyou, shiori These two characters really moved on my list after finishing the VN, however that is not really reflected, kyou should be lower and shiori should be higher, however I had a strong like/dislike long ago shrugs I did not like Ryou in kyou route but she was alright in Kappei, however it isn’t really reflected. Also the people at the bottom I don’t really hate is just they didn’t stand out at all to me.

But damn I never knew komari was going to be so damn high lol.

no LBEX characters or KW (didn’t want to vote on routes I haven’t done.)

Also we need this for the guy characters too.


Update: There are more heroines added (particularly from AB!) that there are 58 of them at this point. Please tell me if I still missed some people. :))

I’ve also added Haruko thinking that she was the most important character during the Air arc. I also didn’t put Ushio’s surname for spoiler reasons. I also changed Misa’s picture because she deserved a better quality pic haha.

I’m only showing the first 7 because I’m too lazy to screenshot and rearrange the rest. I redid it because best girl. Everything after the first 7 is basically the same anyways.


So I answered my own sorter, and I’ll only put the Top 10 mainly because I haven’t really read Clannad and Kanon (I watched the anime, but it’s been a long time) and I kinda just BS’d most of the answers except for the girls I’m practically sold on. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fuuko and Kotomi just followed after this.)

But what the list did right for me was the bottom three barring the characters I’m unfamiliar to:
41 Yusa Nishimori
42 Makoto Sawatari
43 Kano Kirishima

Not like I dislike any of them. They just didn’t stood out to me.

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Snipping out the characters I don’t know, or do know but couldn’t care less about:

1-5: Haruka Saigusa, Nagisa Furukawa, Yumemi Hoshino, Shiori Misaka, Mio Nishizono

6-10: Sanae Furukawa, Kotomi Ichinose, Shizuru Nakatsu, Tomoyo Sakagami, Rin Natsume

11-15: Kotori Kanbe, Ushio, Yuiko Kurugaya, Kyou Fujibayashi, Misae Sagara

16-20: Kanako, Moon Kagari, Akane Senri, Masami Iwasawa, Yukine Miyazawa

21-25: Mai Kawasumi, Nayuki Minase, Komari Kamikita, Yuri Nakamura, Kanata Futaki

26-30: Ryou Fujibayashi, Lucia Konohana, Mei Sunohara, Fuuko Ibuki, Yui

31-35: Kanade Tachibana, Ayu Tsukimiya, Terra Kagari, Kudryavka Noumi, Chihaya Ohtori

The top 10 or so is basically right, and then after that it gets a little debatable.

I restarted 5 or so times because I was heart palpitations over some of these (not kidding, I’m not good at making choices :confounded:). I ended up doing it really fast to let my instincts decide for me. I’ve only read LB, Rewrite, and Kanon, so most my choices were based on the anime adaptations of things.

All that said, I’m surprised at the accuracy of this list (I’m also surprised how high Saya got, I haven’t read her route). Couldn’t tell if I was doing this based on their personalities or their routes…

1 Rin Natsume
2 Yuiko Kurugaya
3 Lucia Konohana
4 Yumemi Hoshino, Komari Kamikita
5 Mio Nishizono
6 Kudryavka Noumi
7 Haruka Saigusa
8 Moon Route Kagari
9 Kotori Kanbe
10 Fuuko Ibuki
11 Ryou Fujibayashi
12 Nagisa Furukawa, Saya Tokido, Terra Route Kagari, Kanade Tachibana
13 Chihaya Ohtori
14 Mai Kawasumi
15 Nayuki Minase
16 Kotomi Ichinose, Tomoyo Sakagami, Misae Sagara, Mei Sunohara, Sanae Furukawa, Ushio, Kanata Futaki, Shizuru Nakatsu
17 Kyou Fujibayashi, Sasami Sasasegawa
18 Ayu Tsukimiya, Sayuri Kurata

Everyone past there I didn’t know or didn’t really like

Okay, redone!

Some results shifted around a little, Misuzu is notably higher now.

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My sort was a bit of a bust considering I’m unfamiliar with many of the characters because I’ve mostly just seen the various anime (except for Rewrite and Planetarian; the former I’ve only seen the first 3 eps, the latter I’m waiting to watch the anime but I have read the VN), but the top 30 does work for me.

1: Kanade
2: Yuri
3: Yuiko
4: Haruko
5: Nagisa
6: Yumemi
7: Mai
8: Kyou
9: Haruka
10: Tomoyo
11: Shiori
12: Kotomi
13: Nao
14: Iwasawa
15: Sanae
16: Komari
17: Rin
18: Kanata
19: Sayuri
20: Misae
21: Misuzu
22: Nayuki
23: Yukine
24: Ryou
25: Misa
26: Yui
27: Saya
28: Kud
29: Minagi
30: Fuuko

Also, I just noticed that despite the fact that I like to or even insist on referring to my favorite characters by their first name, whether they want to be called as such or not, I still refer to Iwasawa by her last name. Weird.