Key Character Sorter

So I did a thing at one time and created a Key heroine sorter.

Feel free to answer the sorter to find out which heroines you like in order. You can also post the results here. As this is a Tumblr website, this is only available on Web. I’ve also included the girls from Harmonia for the heck of it :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m still trying to figure how to format the results table in a way that will make this easier to screenshot haha)

I made the title more general, just in case someone here knows a character sorter for a Key work or created one.

EDIT: I forgot to warn everyone that there are 49 58 60 64 characters in this sorter, so answering the sorter is going to take a bit long to finish.


F**k I’m stuck… This is the hardest question ever asked to me…

Sorry Anego, I’ll probably go with Akane… You’re still second to my heart…

EDIT: Here’s the result… The top ones are so accurate that it’s kind of creepy… The Harmonia girls and Kud Wafter girls places in my ranking are kind of… Random tho? And maybe I answered wrong somewhere? I’m pretty sure that I like Rin more than Komari and I’d say that there are some girls I currently like more than Shizuru who’s pretty unexpectedly in a high place there… Anyway, the top three is definitely right haha:

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My results from the heroine sorter. I cut off the ones I have literally no opinion on. It’s pretty accurate to how I’d intuitively rank them, especially near the very top.

This really needs a share button!

Also please remove the Harmonia characters ^^;

Also also, shouldn’t this have the rest of the Angel Beats! girls? I mean, you put Charlotte characters in there!

And it’s clearly missing Tasty Medoki


Well you could always choose the “I Like Both” option. :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyways, here are my results from the heroine sorter, the top 7 specifically. Kinda accurate, though I would have ranked Komari after Shizuru and I would have ranked Yumemi a little higher. Either way though, I’m quite satisfied with them. :smile:


Pretty fun little web app. It made me ask some deep, thought-provoking questions like, “Which is better: Kotomi or Kanade? Mai or Lucia? Ayu or Shizuru?” Anyway, here are my (partially skewed to fit a numbered order) results, cutting off those whom I don’t really know much about:

  1. Shizuru Nakatsu
  2. Ayu Tsukimiya
  3. Sayuri Kurata
  4. Misuzu Kamio
  5. Kotori Kanbe
  6. Minagi Tohno
  7. Kotomi Ichinose
  8. Fuuko Ibuki
  9. Yukine Miyazawa
  10. Mei Sunohara
  11. Kanade Tachibana
  12. Yui
  13. Mio Nishizono
  14. Shiori Misaka
  15. Tomoyo Sakagami
  16. Kudryavka Noumi
  17. Haruka Saigusa
  18. Ayumi Otosaka
  19. Mai Kawasumi
  20. Lucia Konohana
  21. Ryou Fujibayashi
  22. Misae Sagara
  23. Yumemi Hoshino
  24. Komari Kamikita
  25. Rin Natsume
  26. Moon Route Kagari
  27. Terra Route Kagari
  28. Nayuki Minase
  29. Uraha
  30. Makoto Sawatari
  31. Kannabi no Mikoto
  32. Kyou Fujibayashi
  33. Chihaya Ohtori
  34. Nagisa Furukawa
  35. Masami Iwasawa
  36. Yusa Nishimori
  37. Kano Kirishima
  38. Yuiko Kurugaya
  39. Kanata Futaki
  40. Sasami Sasasegawa
  41. Akane Senri
  42. Yuri Nakamura
  43. Nao Tomori
  44. Misa Kurobane

I’m fairly pleased with the results. I didn’t expect Lucia to rank as high as she did on the list, but I guess it seems that I’m slowly warming up to her. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t really have enough coding knowledge to add a share button, but I can remove the Harmonia girls.

Will anyone be willing to mention who the important female characters of AB! are? I haven’t really watched it yet. T.T

And I guess I can include Medoki. It’s almost impossible to figure who the main cast of Charlotte are, especially since the main characters who isn’t Yuu or maybe Nao ended up being irrelevant to the grander scheme of things Not like I disliked them or anything. :))

EDIT: removed the Harmonia girls now. Still haven’t added any character yet though.

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More important: Nakamura Yuri, Tachibana Kanade, Hideki Hinata Yui, Shiina Eri, Iwasawa.
Less important: Hisako, Miyuki Irie, Shiori Sekine, Yusa

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Thank you!~ I’ll add them later :))

Here’s my current rankings~



Well uhhh… I always knew I never really felt strongly about a “favorite key heroine” ever since I started with key and I guess this is somewhat proof of that. Frankly, the only reason Komari has gone up on my list is because of all the fanart and stuff that has come up over the course of me getting more involved with the Key community and if I stayed in my own little shell, she’d probably be tied with all the rest of them, heh.

And here’s the rest of my list:

19 is a pretty fair average for characters I feel neutral about or can’t make an opinion for (mostly because of kud wafter or LB EX)

And for the characters I’m not-to-keen for. Yes, I actively dislike Kanade and I can’t figure out why. Heck I probably dislike kuudere in general :stuck_out_tongue:

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My results:

1-10: Rin, Kurugaya, Komari, Kannabi, Nao, Iwasawa, Mio, Kyou, Akane, Nagisa
11-20: Makoto, Uraha, Shizuru, Kotori, Yumemi, Haruka, Kud, Kotomi, Tomoyo, Ayu
21-30: Misuzu, Sayuri, Chihaya, Yui, Sasami, Ayumi, Misae, Minagi, Mai, Misa
31-40: Kanata, Yukine, Nayuki, Kanade, Yuri, Terra Kagari, Moon Kagari, Mei, Shiori, Lucia
Rest: Fuuko, Kanako, Kano, Ryou, Saya, Kud Wafter girls, Yusa (Nishimori)


Mio master race. Who is with me??
Pretty accurate.

Here’s mine


I… I can’t choose D:


it goes without saying that my 1st is always Kotori and my 2nd is always Yurippe
I’d say it’s 70% accurate, Misa, Akane and moon Kagari should be higher but yeah… I’m impressed lol

“I Like Both”

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My first place should be a surprise to absolutely no one. The rest seems fairly accurate too, really.

  1. Kamikita Komari
  2. Saigusa Haruka
  3. Misaka Shiori
  4. Kamio Misuzu
  5. Kanbe Kotori
  6. Ichinose Kotomi
  7. Nakatsu Shizuru
  8. Iwasawa Masami
  9. Minase Nayuki
  10. Natsume Rin
  11. Hoshino Yumemi
  12. Fujibayashi Ryou
  13. Furukawa Nagisa
  14. Kurugaya Yuiko
  15. Senri Akane
  16. Tohno Minagi
  17. Miyazawa Yukine
  18. Konohana Lucia
  19. Ibuki Fuuko
  20. Tachibana Kanade
  21. Tsukimiya Ayu
  22. Kirishima Kano
  23. Kanna
  24. Nishizono Mio
  25. Moon Katarina
  26. Kudryavka Noumi
  27. Nakamura Yuri
  28. Futaki Kanata
  29. Kanako
  30. Terra Kagari
  31. Sunohara Mei
  32. Otosaka Ayumi
    33.Ohtori Chihaya
  33. Nishimori Yusa
  34. Sasasegawa Sasaki
  35. Sagara Misae
  36. Sakagami Tomoyo
  37. Kurata Sayuri
  38. Tomori Nao
  39. Yui
  40. Tokido Saya
  41. Arizuki Ui
  42. Arizuki Shiina
  43. Kurobane Misa
  44. Uraha
  45. Himuro Yuuki
  46. Sawatari Makoto
  47. Fujibayashi Kyou
  48. Kawasumi Mai

How the Kud Wafter heroines aren’t completely at the bottom when I haven’t read it yet is anyone’s guess.

My number 1 was Mio Nishizono, I’m not impressed.
This didn’t take long at all, actually, it was pretty short after I did a Touhou Character sorter…

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The hardest one for me was definitely Nagisa vs Shizuru but overall I like Nagisa more. However, this list is incomplete as it is missing the real best girl who was not in selection.


Interesting mix of good and shit taste you have there @cjlim2007