Kazamatsuri Plays The Resistance: Little Busters [Finished - Student Council Victory]

Hi everyone! In an effort to rekindle more fun and crazy stuff in our community, I would like to present to you our next Kazamatsuri event: Our very own forum version of The Resistance! For those of you guys who have been paying attention to our other fragment, Rokkenjima, you may have noticed that some of the more active topics involve gameboards where people play games that involve deception between two teams of players. Well I’m bringing this to Kazamatsuri with a game that I’ve been enjoying a lot with my friends over here. So without further ado, let me introduce this game to you!

The Setting

After another tiring day of Baseball practice, you, a member of the Little Busters, start preparing for the good old nightly mission set-up by your leader, Kyousuke. Excited as you may be, a few hours before today’s mission, Kyousuke gathers round the Little Busters and makes an important announcement: the members have been infiltrated by lackeys of the Student Council! While you know that it is the duty of every Little Buster to ensure a mission’s success, these lackeys, hidden amongst yourselves, aren’t as cooperative as you would expect. In order to unmask these traitors, Kyousuke puts a new scheme in place, hoping to once again stop the council from their duty as Little Busters.

##The Rules

  1. Each participant is assigned one character and an alignment (either Little Buster or Student Council Lackey). The Little Busters outnumber the Lackeys, but have no idea who are the Lackeys hiding among them. The Lackeys, however, know exactly who their allies are.
  2. The goal of every round is to complete one Mission. There are a total of 5 rounds, and in order for the Little Busters to win, 3 missions must be successfully completed. However, beware! If 3 missions are to fail, that provides the student council enough evidence to shut down the Little Busters once and for all.
  3. Each round has a designated Leader (selected randomly). The role of the leader is to choose the number of members to participate in tonight’s mission. Since every mission is different, every mission requires a different amount of members to participate. Note: the Leader can choose to include themselves in the mission. Or not.
  4. Once the Leader chooses their members, the Little Busters decide whether to approve this choice of members. Since not all members are trustworthy, it is up to you to figure out whether the choice of members will spell out success or failure for your mission. The decision shall be made via a vote of Approve or Reject by all players sent to me, the game master.
  5. Once all votes have been tallied, I shall reveal the votes made by the players. Should the number of Approve votes outnumber the Reject votes, the mission proceeds with the members chosen by the leader! Otherwise, it fails, and a new leader is chosen to select a set of members. Be careful, though: if the busters choose to reject a leader 5 times in a row, it spells victory for the Student Council and their Lackeys.
  6. Should the mission proceed, it is now time for the members to go forth on their mission! Each member is allowed to vote one of either Success or Failure. Naturally, a Little Buster would vote for the missions success. However, a student council lackey is much more sneaky than that, as they may choose to vote for a failure, in their benefit, or a success, to attempt to deceive the rest of the Busters.
  7. Once all votes are tallied, I shall reveal the results. Should there be at least one member who voted to Fail, the mission fails (unless otherwise specified). Otherwise, the mission succeeds and we proceed to the next round. For the safety of all players, of course, the identities of who voted what shall remain anonymous in this phase.
  8. The game continues until at least 3 missions succeed or at least 3 missions fail.

(for a more detailed description of the rules of The Resistance, you can check out the Wikipedia page.


  • All discussion regarding the game must be kept in this forum topic. No PMs between busters or lackeys, or other members in general, shall be allowed. If you want to secretly clue in your fellow lackey with regards to your next plan, you’re going to have to be creative and say it in public without revealing yourself.
  • No editing of posts shall be allowed, either. If you would like to modify or add to your post, double posting shall be allowed in this topic.
  • Quoting or screenshotting any of the PMs between you and the game master will not be permitted.
  • Since each player is assigned a character, roleplaying is completely optional. The roles you play are not attached to your character’s allegiance, in any way. At least, for now :wink: Future versions of the game may change this.


The Resistance dictates a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 members for playing. Therefore, signups will be open until 5 members post here stating their interest, which I will then leave open for one week. Once a week passes, or 10 members apply, I will be closing signups and starting the game shortly thereafter.

Confirmed players:

  1. Karifean
  2. Glenn_Irish
  3. Arete
  4. cjlim2007
  5. Naoki_Saten
  6. Necem
  7. EisenKoubu
  8. Mogaoscar
  9. Natsume
  10. RyuuTamotsu

Now, without further ado…


Of course I’m in :wink:

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I’m down

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Sounds fun, I’m in.

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I’m in.

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Count me in!

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I’m in!

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Might as well jump in before all the spots are gone. :smiley:

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Gotta get in here now that I have a chance. I’m gonna role-play if I get a character I think I have a slight affinity with.

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I was absolutely not threatened to join this and do not fear for my life if I don’t. Roleplay should be up my alley for once, so I’ll be joining. :kgoha:

Disclaimer: I have never even heard of this game before so please bear with me as I do my best to understand it. I just enjoy the notion of RPing something related to Little Busters~!


Glad to see the reception for this going well :kgoha: one more slot left, guys! If nobody else joins within a week, I’ll start the game with 9 players

That aside, if you have any questions about the mechanics of the game, feel free to ask. If you have no idea how forum games like these go, you can check out the currently-running “Secret Oyashiro” over at Rokkenjima

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Can I join? ;-;
I’ll probably fail hard but I want to try.


Yes you can, and that makes 10! Wow that was really fast :smiley: hang on a minute while I prepare all the things necessary: your roles, alignments, missions, and leader orders~

is role and alignment independent?

Aww, I saw this too late. :komue: Maybe if you do another round.

Appears to be the case.

Just to confirm, yes, roles and alignments are independent and are not attached to characters. Once we start to add characters with skills (a la Avalon), we’ll have to be more mindful of the attachment… maybe

Alright, as you might all have noticed, I’ve sent each of you a PM detailing your roles and the characters you have been assigned. All assignments of roles and characters are completely random.

The leader rotation is as follows (also determined randomly):

  1. @Glenn_Irish
  2. @Necem
  3. @RyuuTamotsu
  4. @EisenKoubu
  5. @Naoki_Saten
  6. @cjlim2007
  7. @Mogaoscar
  8. @Arete
  9. @Natsume
  10. @Karifean

And without further ado, let us start the first mission! Mission possible (but difficult task) plays in the background The first mission is… Infiltrate the school at night, and find the rumored “board game clubroom” containing an assortment of toys and games, since shutdown by the Student Council.

@Glenn_Irish as the assigned leader, your job is to select 3 players to partake in this mission. Feel free to decide by discussing with other players; or not. after all, you have the final say. Once you have decided, tag me in your post with your selection of your 3 members.

Should your selection of team members be approved in the voting phase, your team will move on to the mission; otherwise, the next in line will be assigned as the leader for this mission.

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I’m playing as Nishizono Mio. I usually would rather not participate in something like this but because it happens to be indoors I might as well go myself this time. Could the other players please introduce themselves to give me an idea of who would be a good candidate to bring along?

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Gooo~d morning, fellow partners in crime! I’m Haruka Saigusa, world-famous genki girl and definitely not Kud’s roommate. :yahaha:

Anyone who’s known me for long enough knows my general distrust for the student council, and I’m always willing to throw a few marbles in their path to help you guys. I hate to be bored, so I would like to see some bright smiling faces from the rest of the team! Don’t forget to introduce yourselves as we jump into our first mission! :slight_smile:

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