Kazamatsuri.org Bookclub: Planetarian

Welcome to the Kazamatsuri.org planetarian bookclub! This is our very first of the Kazamatsuri.org Bookclub, so I’m really eager to see what comes of it.

So what is the Kazamatsuri.org Bookclub? It’s a huge event that will invite people from all around to join us on the forum in reading together, taking notes, partaking in discussion, sharing fanworks and just generally celebrating the work. You could say it’s Kazamatsuri.org’s main attraction; something I’ve had in mind since before the site was created.

The planetarian bookclub will start on the 12th of September, and end on the 10th of october. (Extended two weeks!) Once the bookclub has begun, everybody will be encouraged to partake in discussion of the route in question (in this case the entirety of planetarian) by posting in it’s discussion thread. People will also be invited to share fanworks of the route (or character) in question, either stuff you’ve found or perhaps something you’ve produced for the bookclub itself. And at the end of the 2 week 4 week period, a podcast will be recorded by myself and a few others, bringing up our thoughts of the route we’ve just read, while incorporating all of the forum discussion held over the fortnight into the podcast as well. We’re also looking at including recorded messages in the podcast! So if you’d like to hear your voice on the podcast, spend a minute or so recording a short message of something you found interesting about the route/game that you’d like to be brought up in our podcast discussion, upload it and link to it in the discussion topic and if we like it we’ll include it in the podcast! The podcast will serve as the conclusion to the bookclub.

For the planetarian bookclub, we’re also hosting a competition!
The person I decide is the ‘top contributor’ to the bookclub will be awarded a Key anime DVD or Blu-Ray of their choice! (within reason.)
What I’m looking for when I think of the ‘top contributor’ is someone who has contributed lots of engaging discussion in the discussion topic, and perhaps even produced some quality fanworks for the bookclub. These are the two things I’m on the look out for. Be remarkable!

Also worth noting, this isn’t just any bookclub. Not only are we celebrating the launch of planetarian on Steam, but the planetarian 10th anniversary is coming up very soon! We’ll be able to use this bookclub event as an excuse to produce fanart for the 10th anniversary as well! This is a very special celebration - the biggest planetarian celebration we’ll ever have, so please contribute!

Feel free to use this thread as a general discussion/feedback on the Planetarian bookclub itself. I’ll also use this topic to post updates about the bookclub so everyone can see them.

[Planetarian Discussion][1]
[Planetarion Fanart][2]
[1]: http://forum.kazamatsuri.org/t/planetarian-discussion-spoilers/34/24
[2]: Planetarian Fanart


I’d like to take part in the Planetarian podcast. I have some experience being on and submitting to the Fangamer Podcast.

Won’t be available till the week of September 1st though for test runs.

Air was a bit too long of a commitment for me, but I think I can take some time out to re-play Planetarian. I might even be willing to do the podcast if you’re having a problem finding participants. No experience in the setting whatsoever, but I can talk about the game at least.

Hello everybody. Seeing this post actually pushed me to make an account, it looks like a lot of fun. Obviously, I’m totally new so I don’t expect anything, but I have a fairly decent speaking experience (streaming as well as narration) and would love being on the podcast if you’d have me. If not, well, I’ll still follow along with the rest of the club.Funnily enough, I played through Planetarian for the first time last night, so it’s still very fresh for me.

This all seems like a lot of fun, and I look forward to being a member of the community. Y’all seem like some great people.


I said I was interested in all five hundred other bookclub threads back in the day and also in the skype group but I guess I’ll officially post my interest in it here too.

There’s only been three, but I understand your frustration XP

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I wanna join innnnnnnnnnnn

I’m playing it when it comes out anyway, two weeks is more than enough.
I’ll come.

I’m going to be hosting the group audition soon! If you’re interested and haven’t been added to the skype group, please ask in the Skype chat and we’ll add you to the call!

I’m up for podcasting ^^ It’s fresher’s week at uni but I’ll try to read through if I have free time. If not then oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know how much I’d want to podcast, but I’d certainly follow through with Planetarian. Ah well, we’ll see.

I don’t know how many of you will get the chance, but I have to say playing Planetarian in the dark (at night especially) makes it way more atmospheric. If you’re able to, it’s totally worth doing.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely do that. I’ve been playing Rewrite pretty much only at night by coincidence and god damn is it spooky sometimes

[quote=“LinkThinks, post:16, topic:437”]
playing Planetarian in the dark (at night especially)
[/quote]Did this^, but what makes it even better is reading when raining outside too

Oh I’d just like to let everyone know that applications for the podcast are CLOSED.

Auditions will be happening this thursday, and a final cast will be chosen from the applicants.

Phew, here I thought I missed the audition since I was out of town the whole weekend. Good thing it hasn’t happened yet!

And… I applied for this a long time ago (and a few threads ago), I hope my application is still valid up to now, because I am still totally up for it!

I’m proud to announce the final cast of the Kazamatsuri.org Planetarian Bookclub Podcast:

Congratulations to all who made the cut! And to those who didn’t, don’t despair. We still need all of you to get involved in the bookclub on the forums! We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Planetarian Discussion topic, and commenting on noteworthy discussion during the podcast. I’m also looking into setting up a voicemail system so people can send pre-recorded messages to be played on the podcast, so that’ll be really cool if I can get it working!

Don’t forget, the bookclub begins on the 12th of September at the launch of Planetarian, and runs for 2 weeks until the 26th. I haven’t decided on a final date for the podcast recording, but it’ll be some time in the last few days when I can find a time that everybody is free. I’ll be keeping in touch with the podcast members to organise that.

It’s not far away now! I’m getting really excited :slight_smile:

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Aw shucks, I feel pretty bad I didn’t make the cut :frowning: Ah well, there’s always a next time!

Anyways, I’ll see what I can contribute in the general discussion. Of course, I will be commenting my thoughts about the podcast as well :slight_smile:

is book club discussion gonna be here or in general planetarian discussion?