Kazamatsuri Community Interviews Sekai Project's CLANNAD Team

Recently, Kazamatsuri was granted the opportunity to interview Sekai Project's CLANNAD team, and we decided to turn to our community for questions to ask! We sampled our favourite questions from the submissions (as well as a couple from myself, Aspirety) and presented them to Sekai Project, and we are

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I can’t describe just how happy I was as I was reading the interview answers. Especially the fact that the team seems to have the passion and dedication to make sure CLANNAD is an amazing release.



Ace interview Aspi. It’s always nice to see that the people that are working on a project share the passion for the project that you do, really gives you a sense that they strived to make sure to get it right. Really looking forward to it the closer we get to release.

Great interview! Gives me confidence about this translation project.
Just a matter of time now!!

That was great. These guys are awesome.

Though I’m not really sure how CLANNAD is "in"famous, this was a pretty great interview and it’s nice to see the translators aren’t just random people who picked up the job for the money, but people who actually spent time to learn to love and share the love for the work!

Good job, Aspi and team!

Soon my life will disappear in over thirty hours of playing when it releases, if not more…

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Nice to see a good chunk of the team know about Yukine’s bestness.

“There are several ways to romanize Japanese names, and CLANNAD’s materials mixed between them. It was a bit fun watching the translators agonize over the inconsistency”

I think that goes for all of Key’s stuff too. Their use of romanizations have never been… consistent.

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Good interview, was a really nice read

And Yukine, eh? I’m okay with their taste^^

Yay Yukine love! Up until recently I thought I was a huge minority in liking her.

Where is Boton called Button though? I’ve seen/heard others (Fuko/Fuuko, Koukou/Koko) but not Boton.

God dammit, now I want to edit that, but it’s not my writing… lol

The dub, I believe :stuck_out_tongue:

That was an awesome interview and it gave some nice insight of how difficult and fun it is to translate VNs.

Nope. In the dub, they say Botan’s name as Bo-taun.

Always delighted to get an update from the Clannad translation team. It gives me second-hand stress when thinking about how hard it must be to translate something that large, it actually has a higher word count than War and Peace! I really appreciate the hard work.

I’m going to marathon this VN so hard, even if it means I lose 5 to 6 days worth of sleep.

Is it weird that I’m reading the questions in Aspi’s voice? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this interview. It’s good to know that there was some sort of synergy between the team members while working diligently on the translation, but I’ll let the final product be the judge of how well it paid off.

Also, Yui-man likes AIR. The man has good taste. :slight_smile:

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ボタン (Botan) means button, thats why it might be translated that way.

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Does any official media call him Button though? I know the official subs say “Boton” and according to @Inuconandoyle the dub does too. I don’t think any Clannad manga has been licensed in English.

Ah, but I think the point of the question was kinda like the Tenshi vs Angel argument. Previous subs have TLed her name as Tenshi, so I think the question was asking, “Would you translate based on those previous TLs, or would you possibly translate her name as Angel?”

ok I read the

part as meaning official but I guess it never mentions that.

Maybe it was… The movie dub? I definitely heard it somewhere

Quite right. I actually asked that question with that particular case in mind, because we talked a lot about it on the forum. They also gave a pretty good answer, especially considering Key already has some romanized names of characters (that are not necessarily consistent)