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Let use know what you think of the website here. If you have a specific concern you’d like to bring to everyone’s attention, then you can make a thread for it. But otherwise, this thread will be home to general bits of feedback you have to share. We’ll be listening.

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I find the layout a bit unorthodox, but I’ve mostly got used to it already, seems to have plenty of good things going.
If anything, I’d say the plain white background is too bland, as long as posts can stay in a white box, that should be changed at least.

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I’m definitely interested in jazzing up the forum’s theme, but as Discourse is a very new forum software, there aren’t really any themes available to download. So we’d need to configure it manually.
On the plus side, I expect to have the ‘Discourse’ logo replaced with a logo for the site soon.

I was under the impression that this was a closed beta, but I was able to create an account without any authorisation needed. Am I misunderstanding?

Well, I turned off the admin approval requirement because I don’t want a bunch of people to be stuck unable to join while I’m sleeping. I’m working under the assumption that only people I invited would be joining right now. I might turn the requirement back on later.

I admit, this is all very… Different. But I like it. Other than adding the right pizzazz to spice up the place visually- The format is undoubtedly nifty and seems to work flawlessly even on my ‘less technologically advanced than a stone slab’ laptop. Pretty straight forward and easy to understand in a few minutes. Some forums/sites are a headache inducing mess. This is good. Umu, umu.

Thank Discourse for that. It’s a brand new free forum software that aims to redesign the forum from the ground up with new, modern ideas. I’m loving it so far. And I’m really loving that I didn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get it XP

I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: General Issues

I’m unable to decide if this is is an ‘issue’ because it’s more just my views/preference, and I have no clue if anything can actually be done about it or if it’s just the format of the site, so I’ll put it here-

The activity columns are… Weird. Of course it’s understandable, but in my mind ‘9 week’ feels odd in comparison to something like, ‘Weekly: 9’. ‘5 day’ versus, say, ‘Today: 5’ or something similar. If that makes any sense. The current form seems to be for alignment purposes? (all the numbers lined up evenly)

So, not a big deal at all, just strange.

Crappy MS paint visual example of what I’m talking about:

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That’s actually really helpful… I couldn’t figure out what it was meant to be saying ><
When I first noticed it I thought “Hae? New topics are nine months old?” It was reeeaaally confusing!

I’m not the best with words, sometimes, so I threw together a simple picture lol

But yeah, that’s what I mean. When I’d first seen it, that’s what it seemed to be telling me even though I knew it wasn’t possible. I’d feel bad for anyone who joins up down the line because it might not make any sense without actually looking into it. It’d be best if it was easily understandable the first time you see it.

You should post that upstream on Discourse Meta, actually, since it’s Discourse itself being weird. If they say they’re not gonna do anything about it (I doubt it), I’ll do it on our end instead. It’d be kind of a waste to try to fix something that’ll be fixed in the next update anyways ^^

Okay. ^^ That’s what I’d figured. I was unsure as to how ‘in control’ we were of such things.
I’ll look into putting it up there. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, just for the record, I have full control over literally everything that goes on here - there are no black boxes or anything, and I can maintain my own fork if I like. I’d just rather not change things if they’re likely to be in an update in the near future =w=

So I can’t get anything out of this place on a mobile, I take it Discourse in general just isn’t mobile compatible yet?

Should be, works just fine on my phone :confused: What happens on yours?

Displays pretty fine on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Clicking the logo never seems to work, but apart from that it’s fine.

Eh alright.
It says my browser is too outdated for it, so it must be me afterall.