Christmas Topic!

I got only clothes! The strange thing was an unofficial Kyou T-shirt

Thing is, I haven’t talked about Clannad with my family


I got some sweet clothes; $100 from my grandma to fulfill all my entertainment needs

I also got an external BluRay drive that I spent all day trying to get to work because Linux. Of course after hours of reading and trying all different software and installing different libraries, etc., I discovered all I needed to do was run the program with different permissions. Thats one extra word in the command line. SCREW YOU LINUX.

I had a fun day though, I got to see family I don’t often see, and had a great Turkey dinner. Hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas too!

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chmod -x is your friend :wink:

Oh no lol it wasn’t even that. It was simply running sudo program_name in the command line instead of starting it from applications folder. Hours of reading just to see one post say “I think program_name only works when run from root”. :sighing:

I got a pair of cool headphones from my brother, pajamas, and like $25 from various other people. That’s a considerable amount of money, though.

Apparently my parents knows about my OSU! thingie, so when I said my old mouse is not working properly they gave me a new version of the older one I had …so fuck yeah! Also got some perfumes.
My christmas was freakin epic, hope you enjoyed yours as well!


Wow, that sounds very different from how we celebrate here in America! At least for our family. Traditionally we have gone to church (at least the years my very catholic grandparents were alive) on Christmas eve and then opened gifts and spent time with family on Christmas day. And it’s illegal to light off fireworks until December 31st :frowning:

Also I think the word you’re looking for, or at least what I call them is “poppers”. I have a bunch of firecrackers that are mostly illegal in the US that I’ll probably be lighting off on New Years, either that or make some fireworks that make a big boom :smiley:

Oh dang, that sounds good! And yes, EB Games is either owned by the same company that owns Gamestop or is a competitor, I dunno. Either way I know both franchises exist in the US.

Haha driving is always fun, I learned when I was 15… I’m curious though, is driving very prominent in Australia? I know people in Europe complain about us Americans driving around so much and some non-Americans I talk to say there’s a stereotype about how all Americans own and drive cars around, which I would honestly say is mostly true except for me when I’m away at uni in a large metropolitan area with a good public transit system.

Well I guess I’m a bit late to the party but Merry Christmas to everyone! This year was really different for me because I ended up going to 4 Christmas parties… First I went over to my friend’s house on the night of the 24th and we played Weiss Schwartz most of the night but still opened gifts and had dinner with his family regardless. Then on Christmas day my girlfriend and I went and celebrated Christmas with aunts from my dad’s side of my family that I’ve been getting to know for a year or so, and then went to my mom’s house and had Christmas here and opened gifts and whatnot. Then I went to my girlfriend’s grandparents house later that night and had another party there… As to what we had, at our house we had ham, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, stuffing, green bean casserole, fruit/pasta salad we call frog eye salad, and pumpkin pie/chocolate cream pies for desert.

As for what I got, well mostly I got cash. Which was really good because now I can pay my credit card off after ordering so many CDs from Japan through Pepe and send him some money for Comiket stuff :slight_smile:
I also got a new wallet, handmade quilt, some stuff for my future apartment, and another copy of the Beach Queens Rin figure I already had hehe. I also got a few other random things but I mostly just enjoyed being able to spend so much time with all of my family and getting to see a lot of people I hadn’t been able to see in the last three months or so because I’ve been away.


Nah, driving is very common here. I’m just exceptionally late to the party at the age of 23 ^^;

Well, Christmas is not quite a widespread celebration in Russia(compared to the New Year), and it happens on 7th January. Thus I won’t be doing anything special during these days. And, because I’m sooner an atheist than a christian, the same applies to the 07.01.2019…
However as it still is such a important day abroad I wish everybody merry Christmas :grinning:.
P.S. I’m not part of any team and just felt like using this opportunity to be the first one to write something here this year :grin:


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I posted a bit about my Christmas in the other thread as part of the Winter Festival, but it’s nice to read about others days! This topic hasn’t been used in a while it seems, but it’s nice to see it back!

Its a lot different to experience Christmas in Japan vs. Canada. It’s my second year here now having Christmas and its very much like a couples holiday than a family one. But that makes sense, as New Years the the huge family one in Japan.

I don’t know where the tradition of fried chicken came from, but yesterday night my partner brought home one piece of fried chicken for us both from the convenience store, Hehe. It’s not quite a KFC feast as I hoped, but it’s good and I was happy none the less!

It was a good Christmas Eve and a good Christmas day! I missed my Mom and sister a lot, but it was also relaxing too to enjoy a quiet Christmas. Now soon I’ll be thrust into the wild world that is Japanese New Years and the rush associated with it… Doubly since I’m working at our shrine. Thankfully our shrine is a smaller local one, so it doesn’t get too wild, but it’s still a very busy time of year!


This is a relatively boring Christmas for me, but that’s because we didn’t quite celebrate it with the extended family as we usually did during Noche Buena. My mom felt like cooking Korean food for reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

They were tasty, but I was also reminded that… Kapampangan cuisine is crazy good holy crap. Ate Sipo Egg (mixed vegetables and quail eggs in a creamy sauce) for lunch yesterday and had Bringhe (a variant of paella usually served as side dish) just earlier. They were :amorous:


(Er, I think we’re supposed to post in here for the winter festival, rather than in that topic, right?)

First, my family has a bit of a tradition of having a Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner on, well, Christmas Eve (we used to wait for Christmas Eve on the Julian calendar for that particular feast, but with my older brother moving out and our generally just not having as many family members around after we moved across the country we’ve rescheduled to regular Christmas Eve), so yesterday my brother and I helped Dad make pierogi, and we had a meal with cheesy potato-stuffed pierogi, prune pierogi, salted garlic cloves, and a few other things as usual. It was delicious!

Then, today was Christmas itself. Not much happened for most of the morning since my brother’s a late sleeper - I ended up spending some time chatting and playing Smash Bros with some online friends - but once he was up, we opened presents (I got a T-shirt with a stupid pun on it, because my dad and I both love terrible puns and it’s become a bit of a tradition for him to find silly T-shirts for me since I’m never really sure what to ask for now that I’m making money and buying things I want on my own, and my older brother gave me a copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 remix and a copy of Final Fantasy X/X2 HD remaster.) After that, at 2 PM we invited my uncle who lives nearby to our Christmas dinner - prime rib, with scalloped potatoes as a side. (Honestly, apart from having family around, the food is probably my favorite part of Christmas, even better than the Christmas music.)

After that, we all went upstairs to watch a movie together; we watched My Brother Where Art Thou, which my older brother got as a present for our dad. It was pretty fun; a silly comedy with lots of music in it.

Finally, after that was over, we went back down to have some ice cream before my uncle left and we split up for the evening.


So I know the topic says to post what we did on the 25th of December, but where I come from, the celebration really starts on the eve of christmas. This year, I spent it with my in-laws, and it was pretty quiet but pretty close and fun as well :ahaha:

We had waaaay too much food for Christmas eve dinner, which is kind of a given for celebrations like these :yahaha: My wife also made an amazing cake for the evening!

It was a chocolate hazelnut cake, topped with Kisses and Ferrero~ After passing the time just hanging around and talking, we went to opening our presents~

I got some joycon grips!

And a swimming cap! Me and my wife have been getting into swimming lately as our main form of exercise, and I’ve been wanting a new one for a while :umu: these also have the same initials as my name, so that’s an added bonus.

With the eve done, and after giving ourselves a nice rest, we hit the pool on the morning of the 25th to try these babies out~

Fits pretty well, and I like that the shape doesn’t interfere with my ears :happy: with our morning workout done, just a bit of rest and preparation for the next event: the family gathering! It’s kind of a tradition to spend lunch on the 25th with mt dad’s side of the family… which is a pretty big family considering he has 6 siblings :yahaha: and such was our lunch

Waaay too much food again orz but yeah just usual family gathering of eating, talking, and some Smash with my cousins, followed by some more gift giving!

Picture is me with my dad enjoying our gift to him :ahaha: well after all gifts were given and goodbyes were said, we just retreated to a relaxing night with a light dinner and me and my wife watching some Durarara

And that’s my christmas celebration :happy: just the usual family stuff but it’s moments like this that I treasure greatly. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, too!


My Christmas was a really good one! It’s not celebrated so much in Japan, but I did have a fun time!

As I was asleep, Santa came and dropped off a few gifts for me! I woke up to a nicely wrapped present beside my pillow.

I opened it, and it was a cardboard-made Switch! It was really cute, and I actually cherish it a lot, Hehe. There’s a lot of inside jokes that led to its creation :laughing:

But when I pulled the front screen tab on the cardboard switch, it said “under your bed” - under my bed!? And I looked and… A big santa bag!!

I opened and… I got a switch and splatoon 2!!! :sob: As well as a screen cover and joycon covers with grips too!

It was more than I expected ;; and then after, I got some lovely gifts from my friends! @Aspirety got me a 1 year subscription for nintendo online too!! I was so thankful

I’m so thankful for all the love and support from my chosen family.


I shit you not it literally came from KFC. They used it as a marketing tactic for expats living in Japan who couldn’t get turkey for Christmas and it just clicked, I guess? Coming from a country where every fast food has fried chicken, spending December in Japan is a joy because I can suddenly get the good stuff from convenience stores~

You must bring some on our next PH Kaza Meetup ;_; (at least, whenever that is)

It’s funny how I find the cardboard switch more entertaining than the actual switch XD


My Christmas was pretty laid-back. My immediate family and I spent the day in pajamas, enjoying our gifts. My personal favorites were a copy of Pop Team Epic on Blu-ray from my parents and a heated blanket from my stepbrother and his wife. And sweaters. I got like 5 sweaters, no joke. :shock:

So it was nothing special, but it was nice just spending a day with family and relaxing.


This year’s christmas is pretty lax because my merrier cousins and aunts were not around. Our feast is a bit of everything from lasagna to shabu-shabu to morcon. There’s also plenty of ham and sweets! (the usual cake, leche flan, ube and fruit salads, which I’ve been eating for the past three days nonstop, they never seem to run out gah).

My sister made fun of my brother, my brother ate everything, my youngest cousin sliced some oranges. The usual. We hung around until 12 eating and watching The Good Place. Real simple.


My Christmas and Christmas Eve was pretty intense but I made it that way so…

Recently I’ve been trying to read through the Old Testament of the Bible. I started last month and because I was making a lot of progress, I figured I’d make it a goal to finish before Christmas because that’s how the New Testament starts with approximately 400 years between the two. So anyways I ended up reading for over like 9 hours within the last two days which was pretty insane and kinda made it so I couldn’t do anything else but it was fun.
Later at around 7, my siblings came home so we went out to eat with them and then I played some smash with my brother. After 12am I decided it would be a good idea to start work on writing for Crossover Meeting and actually it was a terrible idea. I realized that I forgot to write letters for my family for their gifts so I went to do that and oh it’s 4am now.

After I finally slept I woke up at around 10 and had breakfast and then we opened presents. I got a ton of good stuff this year which I was super surprised about. I got the Planetarian anime + movie set that I really wanted!

My sister also got me, my brother and my dad matching hoodies that have our family name embroidered in the back in Chinese which is super cool. Then finally my sister also gave me a picture frame with my favorite Bible passage, 1 Corinthians 1:26-31, in it. While I haven’t gotten my Kaza secret santa present yet, I definitely look forward to posting that up whenever I get it

After we opened presents we spend most of the afternoon preparing for our relatives and then we had Christmas dinner as normal. I forgot to take pictures of the food actually… :yahaha:


Outside of the family drama (which there usually is some of since a lot of energy gets spent around the holidays and everyone has a different take on life in the family), I would say it went well! I’ll put more of the Secret Santa information on that topic, but I did receive some very nice gifts that I was able to use right away and thank you very much! XD

That cardboard Switch gave me a very neat idea for something to use for my father’s birthday too and that’s such a “why the heck did I never do something nice like that?” reaction so thanks Bern! :slight_smile:

Christmas Eve was not as busy as it usually can be for the holidays dealing with a lot of last day cleaning as this Christmas was mostly about the immediate family and none of us went overboard with preparing or cooking to exhaustion. We may still go to a pizza place today to celebrate some of what we didn’t do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day though but that’s not completely decided yet!

As you might have guessed by now, we kept the meals really simple this time around. My mother and I made a very thick chocolate chip pound cake on Christmas Eve, and the meal festivities for Christmas Day included ham, simple mashed potatoes, Cobb’s corn, some crescent rolls, and pineapple casserole. :yumm:

Since I had quite a bit (too much hehe) of that pound cake Christmas Day morning I skipped out on the pumpkin pie dessert after our big lunch.

We ended up giving out gift cards for an upcoming vacation for the most part and I would like to see if there is still a particular outfit my mother would like to buy at a local clothing shop for when she just wants to wear something nice for herself so I don’t think the shopping and gift giving is over yet.

I went for practical items and gifts and received a Philadelphia Eagles winter coat so to help with walking outside assuming it isn’t icy outside during the winter season (I like to walk in the snow <3 ) and also got some mental food/stimulation:

I even tried to get the cat involved in the gifting even though she was more interested in taking it easy by that time:

I hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays as much as they could! :happy:


OK, living alone I don’t really “do” Christmas, so I expect I had the most mundane holiday of anyone here! It was fine - I enjoy a quiet day TBH.

The only special thing was Christmas lunch as I like to have something I wouldn’t have any other time so it was confit of duck leg in orange/juniper berry sauce with roast potatoes and veg ( oven ready - all I had to do was warm it all up!)

Then spent the rest of the day vegging out slumped in front of the TV

Starting with Ponyo

Then quite possibly the least festive thing ever - Akira

And ending the day by sobbing my eyes out with Kanon

And sipping a fine malt whisky, apart from a couple of phone calls to friends and distant relatives that was my day!