Christmas Topic!

Merry Christmas from! In order to spread the festive cheer, you can use this topic to share what you’re doing or have done for Christmas in our respective part of the world, and what Christmas means to us. Or if you don’t celebrate it, that’s cool too! Let’s just use this topic to hang out and share the love and joy of the holiday spirit.

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I honestly feel pretty lonely this christmas. For the past 20+ years of my life, I have been celebrating my christmas together with my family and this year is the first year that I won’t be doing so.

Add to that the fact that I still have class during Christmas eve and Christmas day makes it all the more daunting x.x

Oh well, I might as well get some KFC and try to enjoy it as much as I can. Merry christmas, everyone!

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Oh yeah! Happy holidays everyone and merry christmas :3!

I dont know if this is weird, but here in Czech Republic people usually eat Carp and meat … thats their tradition. But my family is not Czech, we are Serbian so we basically do w/e we want.
This Christmas we are going to eat at one Serbian pizzeria with our friends, its gonna be really nice I guess. Im looking forward to it.
Also because Serbians are orthodox, we celebrate Christmas and New year at different dates. But we live in Czech right - So basically we celebrate Christmas and New year twice :3. (I tought that would be interesting, i hope its not too confusing)


So Czech celebrate christmas and new year at the same time?

If what I remember from my mother is correct, the orthodox calendar celebrates Christmas on January 7th, then new year one week later. So, since @IkaCZ is living in the Czech Republic, he probably gets to celebrate Christmas on the 25th and Jan 7th, which seems like loads of fun lol

@IkaCZ No pljeskavica for christmas? :v


nono, Czech ppl celebrates christmas on 24th and New year on 31st, but I celebrate everything two times because I am Serbian - its exactly as @Pepe said.
No I wont be getting pljeskavica for christmas, I dont really like it that much :confused:

Awww I really like that, though. Well, to each his own~

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Happy holidays everybody. I’m probably going to hang out with my relatives and then we’ll have the White Elephant gift choice game. Aside from that, it’s going to be quite a heartwarming time.

What ever you don’t don’t give anyone a copy of Monopoly. I spent 2 weeks arguing whether or not mortgages have upkeep costs when it’s clearly in the rule book.

Wonder if key would make a board game? We’d be too busy crying instead of fighting over who cheated.


As a Christian, its always been interesting to me how many non-Christians celebrate Christmas. But hey, as long as they’re not being disrespectful, they can celebrate whatever and however they want.

Personally, I will be spending time with family, maybe even traveling a little to see some relatives. Hope everyone enjoys whatever breaks and relaxation they will be having!

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During the 24th I’ll pretty much be helping my mom making the Christmas diner. Since my family is very Christian (I’m not, but still), in the night I’ll accompany them to the mass and after that I’ll return home to spend time with them. Here in Guatemala we have the tradition to wait until midnight, and at that time people start burning fireworks and other pyrotechnics in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus. After watching all the fireworks (and burning some ourselves), we go inside and have diner. After diner we open the presents and then go to bed. The 25th is a very relaxing and quiet day, which is pretty much used to spend time with the family.

I also like to play pranks to my family (and anyone who enters my house), so what I do is that I put those little balls that explode when you put pressure on them (I don’t know its name in English, sorry :s) inside the bathroom, by the toilet, and around the main entrances of my house so when people are peacefully walking nearby, they can get scared when stepping on them. It’s really fun. >:3

I forgot to mention: Merry Christmas, everyone :slight_smile:


Here? While I’m playng chemistry in the kitchen, this will be my first Christmas where the main family is torn in two.

Nevertheless, it is the usual “dinner > gifts > some tabletop game” but with 8 people instead of 25

Merry Christmas!

This will be my first lackluster Christmas, relatively, and only because I have work and sleep at odd hours on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, so it’s hard to be present- That said, however, I still plan to enjoy a dinner with my family on both Christmas Eve and the day of Christmas where we’ll open gifts and enjoy each others’ company as per usual, just for me it’ll be for about 3 to 4 hours instead of a whole day. ^^;

I do love Christmas for more than its Hallmark attributes and Santa Claus simply because of my upbringing, and it’s usually so because this whole group of family that lives in the area more or less gathers for family outings on a weekly basis already- So we do what we can to make it more special.

Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely Holiday, and next year we should plan to do a community wide event for sure. I love this site and you’re family all the same in my book. Piishu and lubbu. <3


25th is the only day that the Yogscast don’t livestream in December. That’s seven hours of extra free time.
Naturally, I’ll be spending those seven hours trying to finish Bokura no Asa~

I find it eerie how similarly we celebrate christmas in Guatemala and Philippines. We do everything except fireworks. Wait for midnight, have dinner (noche buena) and open gifts whereas 25th is a quiet and relaxing day.


Welcome to the Japan life! Where we only get the 23rd off for reasons completed unrelated to Christmas!

But yeah I totally know how you feel. It’s ok though, you’ll soon forget until next year ._.

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Yeah, until now I didn’t know the celebrations were so similar. Maybe because we kind of share the same roots.

I should ask my Spanish friends if they celebrate similarly hahaha

Please do, and then tell me about it. :slight_smile:
I’m really curious now hahaha

So today we had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, prawns with garlic sauce for an entree, turkey and ham for lunch, and chocolate ripple cake for desert. For presents my parents got me some driving lessons, chocolates, and my sister got me a $25 EB Games (Gamestop?) gift card, and I asked her to buy me a Saya figure off ebay which is on its way :stuck_out_tongue: