Charlotte - Pre-Release Discussion & Speculation

Where did you find these??

It’s from special broadcast on MBS.

THE HYPE IS TOO REAL ! I was kinda sad that Charlotte might just be some slice of life with some sad parts in it, downward from past works, but the second picture, the one with the evil creatures, looks amazing ! TOO HYPED !

Is it possible that remember how Maeda said for the plot that with the powers, they have to deal with the consequences ? What if the power they have has a negative thing about it, for Yu, it would be an inner demon. What if that thing causes reckless actions, enough for Yu to loose his soul and humanity ? Just a though. Or else, this is a flashback of how he got his abilities, even though they’re suppose to get it when they hit puberty.

Also, what does Maeda mean by After story and Refrain ? Doesn’t that mean that the world will reset ? And does that mean that there will be “another world/side story” in Charlotte like how there was another story in CLANNAD/After story ? Or does that mean something else ? I think that concept was what made Key the best, tying up the worlds.

I was disappointed with the animation for the first preview we saw on April 2nd (talking about the Moe) but the recent PV makes the moe actually look decent and good. This is too much for my kokoro to handle ;_; TOO HYPED !

I think each Key story gets better, I’m wondering if this will be even better than Angel beats!

Anyways, I really wish they would just tell us how many episodes there was. Stating statistics, Maeda stated that the first half will be more calm, and he just said that the first 6 episodes will be more calm, meaning it’ll be a 12-13 episode anime, though you’d need around 2-3 episodes for each main character (5 in total, 6 if you count Misa) meaning it could be 2 course too, considering there’s the concluding thing which could mean another season too, and considering how P.A. Works’s next anime series is set to air in 2016, giving Charlotte as much time as they need.

Considering they also announced Charlotte on December too. Whatever, from what I’ve seen, this is gonna be the anime of 2015 (non shonen) !!! :innocent::joy::grin: LET THE HYPE TRAIN BEGIN ! GOING TO THE FEELS TRIP !

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If you read above, you see that, as we discussed, he means that there will be a second season that serves as a resolution to this first season. If it follows AS and Refrain, it will probably air July 2016.

Also, you need to start using spoiler tags. It was OK in the thread marked for spoilers, but it is certainly not OK here. Not everyone reading this has read/seen After Story or Refrain. You must either tag those spoilers or remove them completely, ASAP.

I would also suggest splitting your posts up into paragraphs. It makes your posts easier to read and understand, as well as makes it more likely that people will actually read it.

Sorry. I’m on the iPad and, I’m not someone who likes reading directions so I still dunno how to do spoiler tags. And, I don’t think it’ll air in 2016 considering that’ll be too much of a long wait, and they already have something they’re working on. And, it’s fine if people don’t read it. I used the “<” “>” but Idunno if it worked, did it ?

This is not an acceptable excuse. Besides, when you first asked, I replied directly under your post with how to use spoiler tags.

I suggest that you read this topic, Im not sure why it isnt pinned anymore: ATTENTION: Spoiler Tagging and Flagging

[quote=“Kotarou, post:643, topic:728”]
And, I don’t think it’ll air in 2016 considering that’ll be too much of a long wait
[/quote]As I said, this is simply based on the fact that After Story aired a year after the first CLANNAD season, and the same with Refrain and Little Busters!.

True. But this is P.A. Works, they might do it differently. I doubt they would do that when they already have something planned for 2016. It wouldn’t work like that. Saying information about what they’re adapting if it’s gonna air 1 year later, or even over is kinda pointless.

For those who missed the broadcast:


No English sub ? :confused:

Well yeah, subs are none of Keys problem. Either it’s crunchy or Funi or all that nonsense or fansubs.

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There’s a ton of hype from all the Crunchyroll posts they’ve been showing, so i’m assuming they’ll pick it up and sub it. No idea how good CR subs are, but that’s all i’ve been using, so it’s hopefully good, haha.

Since it comes out Independence Day, can we expect more beautiful things from America?

It’s Aniplex so Daisuki will have it. All I’ve watched there is IdolM@aster so no idea what the general consensus of their subs are but I was fine. So this came up. This was different from the stream I watched…

If there’s any interesting info it might be worth trying to sub it.

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the hype is soooooo huge!!!1111
btw…(last minutes of the special)-> Is yuu rejecting a girl on the preview excusing himself with studies??

Holy crap that actual footage clip they showed at the end O_O

I laughed.

Is there any confirmation yet which subgroup (or streaming site) is going to sub this special?

Yeah yeah, I noticed that too. It’s definitely pointing towards questioning one’s self. In my opinion, I think it’s something that is extremely intertwined with Yuu’s own power because, as we all know, he has the ability to experience the world in somebody else’s shoes. Thus it would be something that Yuu would be curious about more than anybody else, I think.

That’s a really interesting observation I gotta say~ While it might seem like a stretch for now, I won’t discount your theory at the moment :wink:

Yup, kneeling guy’s hair looks very very Yuu and even the hair color seems to match. Actually, this is a very crazy theory, but I might as well post it here, regarding the silver-haired person. He has silver hair, he has blue eyes… Nao has silver hair, and Nao has blue eyes. JUST SAYING WINK WINK
But yes, this is a stretch, so don’t think much of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I just thought there was an interesting symbolism to it, because the school is called Hoshi no Umi academy which literally translates to Sea of Stars, so it refers to them being in a “Hosh no Umi”. But I didn’t really think it’s deeper than that, heh.

You know what, I’m not going to argue on this matter anymore. If you wanna think it’s two seasons, then you can go ahead and do that. I honestly am very very neutral about this matter for now :stuck_out_tongue:

@ukulelembo Biiiig thanks for uploading the special broadcast pics on here :smiley: I wasn’t able to keep track of it even though I wanted to and now I feel bad about it x.x Funny that the OP/ED has Engrish… As always, sasuga maeda :v

@Kotarou You know what, I genuinely like your points. Yes, there are consequences to the powers, and all that we’ve seen are “silly” consequences, but there might actually be darker consequences to them.

But I think you need to learn to articulate your thoughts better. Structure your posts better, use more paragraphs to separate your thoughts, and give more concrete descriptions of your thoughts. Right now, your gigantic paragraph looks like a big jumble and it is pretty daunting to read, IMO =/

Once you do, we can start some real good discussion on here, I think.

Thanks everyone for sharing the MBS special broadcast. I need to watch that ASAP @_@


For the special broadcast that we just saw Did that Red haired girl just confess to Yu and he turned her down ? I’m pretty sure I heard “Sorry” from Yu, and the girl was blushing (which could be natural too I guess) I don’t know if that was considered spoiler, but I guess it is for people who didn’t see that broadcast.

Actually. That’s exactly what I was thinking at first. We could go into all the similar features, but when you get right down to it the person looks male. I mean, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being Nao, but that requires crossing a bridge that id rather not until we get there.

Also, remember that Yu’s eyes are actually a maroon-ish color, yet his eyes glow green. So glowing blue doesn’t necessarily mean his (or her) eyes are actually blue.

@Kotarou, if you watch the end of the broadcast that Aspi posted, you will find the answer to your question

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Perhaps, Yuu is described as the ‘rudest’ Key protagonists. Maybe he’s popular among girls, but he also likes to reject them. I would be looking forward to it.