ATTENTION: Spoiler Tagging and Flagging

Hello, forum family. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble… Sort of. :wink:

I wanted to bring up a few important functions on our forum here that either haven’t been explained well enough (for this we apologize, we’re still learning Discourse too, and it changes frequently) and/or haven’t been used properly. So, let’s just get right to it.

##Spoiler Tagging:
In this community, being that we center heavily around a wide variety of lengthy written works with many twists and turns, spoilers are very important to keep hidden from avid followers of the forums just as much as they should be concealed from any random wandering eyes unless the topic title or author’s post notes otherwise. That said, a few pointers-

The spoiler tags are used by wrapping the text you wish to be hidden with [spoiler][/spoiler]. The text will look like this: Spoiler It is revealed by clicking on it. Basics aside, here are some more things to look at that most people don’t understand yet.

When you quote a spoiler’d post, the formatting ([spoiler][/spoiler]) is not present, therefore the text will not remain tagged properly. It is very important that when you quote text that has been hidden via the spoiler tags that you place that text in the quote in a pair of spoiler tags before posting.

But wait, there’s more! Whenever you do spoiler something, do be kind to note what exactly it is you’re referring to in the spoiler. Such as, (Kurugaya Route) Best Girl. This lets people who may know about the spoiled topic that they can read it! Also, as long as you note what the text itself is covering- There’s no such thing as spoiler tagging too much. Don’t be afraid to blur out 99% of your post if it’s all about that one topic. or maybe even if it isn’t. Key words can be all it takes for someones experience to be, well, spoiled. Please be thoughtful of your fellow members and their experiences!

LASTLY, and moving onto the next important forum function- Flag ANY post you see that is not spoiled that should be for the benefit of your fellow forum member. Flag it as “Other” and note the specific spoiler in question so that it can be edited by moderation staff accordingly and the user reminded that they must use the tags when needed. An added bonus to the flagging procedure is that if enough people see and report a spoiler, the post will be hidden from view. This is very beneficial if moderation staff is not present.


Short and sweet on this one. If you find that a post goes against our Code of Conduct, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the flagging feature by clicking the little flag on the offending post and clicking the proper issue. What this does is notify the staff immediately of the exact post instead of them having to stumble across a mess much, much later- Possibly subjecting many other members to seeing something that may be unpleasant to them as well.

Keeping our community safe from trolling, spamming and outright nasty attitudes is of the utmost importance to us. We want to ensure all members have a great experience and are able to form the happiest of memories in their time with us. Respect one another~

Thanks for reading! <3


I think one important thing to add about spoiler tags is that it doesn’t work with multiple tags

For example

[spoiler]This paragraph

and this paragraph[/spoiler]

Can’t be spoiler tagged together. You have to make the tags for each paragraph. That was one of my blunders when I first posted on here


This came up in discussion earlier and it is worth noting because it is possible for something to be a spoiler without someone that is reading it realizing it is a spoiler (hard to give an example but I think you can understand). In that case in stead of making a post and pointing out that there is a spoiler (thereby drawing attention to it) use the flag function instead so even if someone read it they might not realize it was a spoiler unless its pointed out.

Also rule a good rule of thumb in my opinion, if you are on the fence if you think it might or might not be a spoiler take the safe route and tag it.

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This is VERY IMPORTANT. Even if it’s just a small infringement and you think to yourself “I don’t want to cause a fuss”, just do it anyway. If it is a problem, the moderators will deal with it. If it isn’t, then the flag will be removed and no action will be taken.

Also might be noting that the discourse forum software rewards users who flag inappropriate posts with badges for their profile. The badges don’t do anything, but a few forum members have had some fun collecting them all, so it might be some incentive to flag? Silly, sure, but thought I should mention it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much for making this post, @Bizkitdoh. I’d also recommend including @Pepe’s suggestion in your post.

I would also like to bring up something that I got called out for just a couple days ago:

If you are tagging spoilers in your post, especially if its just little bits of tags and not huge blocks, try not to reply or quote or @ someone who has clearly stated they do not yet know the spoilered material.

Yes, its supposedly tagged so they don’t have to read it, but there’s always the chance that they will, even by accident. Or they might just pick up just enough not-really-spoiler-ish context clues that add up to a spoiler.

Again, just be extra careful, guys. Obviously none of us are purposefully trying to ruin these stories we love so much for other people. But I would never able to forgive myself if I ended up ruining Little Busters! for someone. Thanks for making this post, Biz!

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