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Oh he has an imouto~ Otosaka Ayumi XD

I guess that’s the main new thing introduced in this issue of Dengeki G’s? I wonder if Ayumi has powers as well…

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Whoa whoa wait a second… Isn’t this like, the first time ever a Key protag has had any siblings? Angel Beats doesn’t count!


Heeeeeey you’re actually right!
I wonder how that changes the kind of personality that Yuu has

So… What else do we have? Surely there’s more than two pages right? :stuck_out_tongue:

That said it looks like there’s quite a bit crammed in there that we have no idea what it’s saying…!

Will someone plz translate the content of these pages?

Scans with better quality


Let’s analyse what we can…
We have some sketches of Tomori. She is looking a lot more expressive than I was expecting. She seems to have a little bit of an arrogant air about her in some of those sketches, which I’m very happy about :stuck_out_tongue:

Ayumi looks very typical imouto so far. Oh she cooks for her onii-sama. Not much to go off from those sketches, but she looks pretty bland so far. Wonder if she has any powers?

We have some sketches of the school. I think it’s saying that Tomori and Otosaka are seated right at the front of the class. We have a baseball field, so we may yet see some obligatory Key baseball thrown in there. We also have sketches of cameras placed around the school, which I guess would be used for security but also perhaps to monitor the students. We see a shot of the school on a hill from the town, and some other unusual building that I can’t identify… Looks like some kind of awesome little hideout or base of operations. Maybe a clubroom? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awaiting translations for more details.

What’s interesting is that her expressions make her seem totally not stoic at all. You see happy, flustered, huffy, and the general range of emotions you would see in any regular person. That’s a plus in my books! :wink: Plus in the cover of the article, she’s smiling!!!

(had to edit my post because I went a bit overboard here)

I wonder, though, why do they need cameras specifically. Are there any legal ramifications that they are trying to catch (like ability holders doing bad deeds). Or are they using it to monitor the progression of the ability holders? Either way it can either mean a conflict in-between ability holders, or even between ability holders and the administration (e.g. why must they treat us like lab rats being monitored).

Interestiiiiiing. I really hope we get to see the sense of alienation between ability holders and normal people as one of the cornerstones of the story, especially with the way things are getting set now.


I don’t think the cameras are going to be THAT important. We’ve already established that one of Tomori’s jobs is to record people in the school with her video camera and document their lives and development. I imagine the cameras would help serve that purpose for the administration as well. That and, well, perhaps it’s a security thing. Superpowers are very serious business - if they’re being misused or if the user loses control, terrible things could happen, people could even die. I think it’d be more weird if the cameras weren’t there!

And that’s something that I haven’t thought about before. What reason does the administration have for monitoring these powers? Do they try to find a good use for all of the students’ power? Or try to help the students who have a problem controlling their power?

I guess now that you do mention it, some students may not even be aware they have powers, Yusa being one example we already know of. That could be one additional purpose for implementing a security system.

Whether it is a good intent or not, I still think it can be the cause of angst as it isn’t psychologically stable to live in an environment where you are constantly under watch. Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if one student starts to get angry because of that.
Heck, it might even add to the drama regarding Nao’s own superpower. Like, if it goes out of hand, she might get to the point where the cameras cannot detect her. Considering what we know about her personality, that will drive all sorts of things from the story

So yeah, while it does make sense to put cameras there, I think that they are going to play one role or another in the anime

Translation time ~

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Doesn’t seem to be much to it. Just looks like maeda’s talking about the character designs.

Thanks once again, @Zak89!
Urrrgh I’m tired but I’ll do my best.

So yeah, new character, as we all know. Jun maeda has this to say about her:
“It’s a very na-ga-ish character and I think she’ll easily become popular. Na-ga shows his power the best when he makes loli characters” (no shit, maeda)
Na-ga says she’s around 2nd year middle school (so 8th grade more-or-less)

Now on to Joujirou’s character design. Na-ga was saying that he was first going for an intellectual-looking character but after design changes, it ended up looking like Takamatsu. Maeda commented that “Takamatsu doesn’t make that kind of face” for the sake of differentiating the two :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Yusa, in order to differentiate her from Nao, Na-ga gave her a side-ponytail. Even though she’s an idol while being the vocalist for How Low Hello, she doesn’t really strike much of an idol image.

Well, as expected, not much story-related information. I guess the fact that the MC has a little sister adds a sort of dynamic into the story that we wouldn’t see in other Key works. As @Aspirety said, this is the only Key work where the protag has a sibling that currently interacts with him… hopefully


You have to remember that these are reference images. These expressions might show up once or twice in the anime.

That’s pretty obvious. If you have a large group of emotional teens with superpowers that they can’t control very well… you’re gonna have to invest in top-notch security.

Tell this to Hinoue and everything will be right in the world.

Once or twice is better than absolutely never, like some other stoic characters coughkanadecough

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Those expressions make her look a lot more like a normal girl, which is great, because Key needs to do more of that. Her laughing, sighing, and arrogant looks are very encouraging to me about how much I’m going to like her character.

Also, that cover pic with the starry night is absolutely stunning. Sasuga Na-ga


Have I missed something because I don’t recall it ever mentioning they all had superpowers they can’t control very well, only Takeshiro and maybe Yusa. Otosaka seems to have pretty good control as he’s using it to cheat on tests and it’s working well for him. I read last month’s translation and didn’t see that mentioned.

Edit because I misunderstood your post >_<

Anyways, the reason why we mention the control is because the role of the student council is to monitor and help other students who can’t control their powers. So the main 4, it might be less of an issue. but for other students, it becomes a bigger issue

ok thanks, I guess I misunderstood too as I thought the posts were referring specifically to the main 4. heeeey updated websites with character info and new key visual! They’re making the superpowers a public knowledge thing now :wink:

Aaaaand both versions of the interview are now up on the website :smiley: