Charlotte - Episode 4 "Moment of Earnest"

Discussion topic for Episode 4 of Charlotte, which premiered on July 25, 2015. All references to outside works and to future episodes must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

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I liked this episode more than 3 but it kind of felt like filler to me. Stuff did happen but nothing all that important. Maybe I’m just tired of baseball. I guess it did answer my question about Yuu’s power’s cool-down time as he clearly used it on the same person in quick succession. I still like Misa way more than Yusa (although want to see Misa’s reaction to the wet guy whose name escapes me).
Also why was the How-Low-Hello song used as the ED again? It’s now been used more than the actual ED (although it is only episode 4).

Pretty middling episode. Nothing of value really to say. Played it through straight. We got our baseball, and we got some more foreshadowing for later on. I dunno. I’d want to say more about Charlotte, but… There’s been very little to really say atm?

I thought this episode was pretty good. A big step up from episode 3. A baseball game with superpowered players was just as entertaining as I’d have guessed. Plus, it was great to see Yusa/Misa’s interactions with the group. It had a “filler” feel to it, but I actually don’t mind filler if its still fun to watch. The bit at the end where Yu questions himself was a bit out of place though, didn’t really get expanded on at all.

Also, the lethal pizza sauce strikes again. Might be on a scarier level than Akiko’s jam.

As just about everyone has already stated, there really wasn’t much of much value to mention in this ep. However, I will say this: in the ep 2 discussion, I stated that I was beginning to get concerned about the pacing, and this ep made me even more concerned than I already was. We’ll see if things pick back up next week.

Isn’t this episode called ‘Setsuna no Honki’ tho? How did that become ‘The Ephemeral Truth’? xD

Well that was uh…
What was that…

I’ll get back to you in a week.


Yeah, that just kinda happened. My god those magical spells. I really wish we’d have seen where they introduced the whole concept of superpowers to Yusa.

This baseball game needed more muscle revolutions! Nice faceplant by Joujirou though, and Nao’s reactions to his fanboying over Yusarin were pretty great^^

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ok, let’s get over that episode, since people who obviously seem to care as much about it as I care about Angel Beats. The first part of the episode was about introducing Yusa, since she wasnt really introduced in the last episode, since that one was more about Misa. It was as expected cuteness overloaded and fun to see how all the classmates react. Those last two episode felt way more like a natural Key common route anime part than the 2nd one.

I dont know what you all expect, this all is simple beginning stuff every Key anime and VN has. Like what the hell did you expect? Did you expect for shit to straight go down to hell from the beginning, because that’s not what Key is about. Key is about funny and sad things and they always show off with the funny things first, since then the switch to sad hits one even more. And since this was written by Maeda, we all knew, that baseball would be in this sooner or later. I seriously question, if you all complaining about this being an useless episode, then you should pls never touch any Key works any more. I may sound harsh now, but this is how it always is with Key and now you are suddenly complaining about it?

I could write more here, but this is seriously why I mostly avaid theses topics after my first post in them. See you in the thread for next weeks episode.


An enjoyable episode. I think, as @EndOfRefrain said, it fulfilled its purposed really well. The ‘common route’ correspondent in the anime serves to introduce the characters and build the viewers’ attachment.

It’s working really well on me. I’m growing fond of their interactions, and of the characters themselves. It’s simple, but that’s what it’s meant to be. If we didn’t grow attached to those characters, the drama wouldn’t hit us later. I like all the main characters so far. They work really well together.

And that ‘teasing’ Yuu x Nao scene in the end… I wonder if the ‘experiment’ was to see how it felt to hug Yuu… Lol.


Is it? Like the baseball in Little Busters and Clannad had much more powerful shizz going on. Not to mention the weaknesses we feel about this episode now can change in the context of a series. It’s less about wanting the show to go down to hell or whatever, and more to do with this episode… Not really doing anything? This can change later on, but right now we had Yusa being one of the blandest characters you can possibly have, alongside a ‘fun’ baseball session with no real consequences or thematic relevance with what we’ve had thus far.

Hahahaa! People complain about everything. That isn’t a bad thing. People have been, and will continue, to complain about Key forever. That’s okay. There’s nothing bad with people being critical of a thing. You don’t need to protect the work. This isn’t protecting your viewpoint, this is attacking everyone with a differing one for no real reason?

First of all, you can’t say this, because you haven’t even watched the whole show to see the possible consequences of it. Second, these episodes aren’t useless. I see a lot of people complaining about “Monster of the Week” format and how it brings nothing to the show. But it does. You see, for example, that Yuu was asking himself why was he happy they won the game. The characters are becoming closer as they work together. Just try to enjoy the characters and their interactions. This is what the first episodes are meant for.

And third, this “common” arc can have a major role later. If you read LB!, you probably had no idea the common route was a ‘big mission’ and even the mini-games were something much much more than they seemed to be. The same can happen to Charlotte

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My issue is Maeda said this wouldn’t be like a visual novel. Aside from Nao’s backstory being so early it’s pretty much been a visual novel type story. Also I think all of Key’s stuff aside from Angel Beats and Charlotte are listed under Slice-of-life. The baseball half felt really SoL which fits in other Key stuff but here I didn’t like.

Did anyone really call the whole episode useless though? Most the complaints I see are more vague about what they’re calling useless. Maybe they did mean the whole episode but my post meant specifically the baseball part. Giving character to Yusa is fine and needed, the baseball felt it was there because Jun Maeda can’t write a story without baseball.

Even though no one’s mentioned it the complaining might also come from the “power user of the week” formula they’re using, which I think I said I liked in episode 2 or 3 but now it’s feeling a little tiring for me. If “it has a slow first half” means we have to deal with a new power user that, aside from Yusa, is unlikely to ever show up again, every episode for the first half (not counting 1) than I am a little worried. There could be some super twist but unless it works in why we had to see a different character each week it probably won’t be worth it.

I saw a lot of people on MAL calling it a useless episode. Not that they are right, MAL people are mostly stupid anyway.

Yes. Yes I can. Because right now there hasn’t been that. I even made it perfectly clear that I was talking about right now. This is how watching a show weekly works. Thoughts can, and will change. Criticising this criticism because it may not be the case later is literally the worst. You’re denying people’s thoughts and feelings now simply because they might change later; people’s thoughts and feelings in the future do not deny how they feel now.

I also feel that you’re… Understating what monster of the week formats can do. Repetition is a powerful thing. By repeating catch phrases, various visual elements, transformation sequences etc. you can bring about powerful statements later by subverting them. Again, Charlotte can do that. But right now it hasn’t, and what it has done isn’t being appreciated in the same way you’re appreciating it. That is fine.

This is an anime, not a visual novel. Common arcs can be considered one of the biggest weaknesses of the visual novel genre: they should not be used simply because they’re used alot, which can certainly feel like the case.

Little Busters had a constant universal theme of adolescence. This was omnipresent. Charlotte has a weaker kind of one currently? Like you can certainly talk about it’s representation of adolescence, but it ain’t as powerful and overt as it was in LB. (Also I feel it’s doing something different than just adolescence so there’s that too.)


you dont have to use the word useless to call it useless. There are other ways to say it and those definitly happened.

“People aren’t allowed to complain about things like I complain about things.”


People feel like it’s weak at face value, man. Chill. That’s the whole point of critical viewing, to form opinions that vary as we go. People are critical because they actually care here, not just slamming for the sake of it. It’s a process. You’re being a bit silly with the comparisons and all too, but if you want to go there- There are good and bad ways to present SoL. Key is a bit hit or miss at times, so saying ‘What did you expect’ is as equally silly as you expecting people to not be critical.

Like talking about baseball for example: I personally didn’t feel all that much attachment to this scene here as I felt in something like Little Busters!. I don’t think I need to go into detail… I appreciate and critique Charlotte entirely on its own, as anyone should- But yeah all the ‘What’s wrong with you people’ stuff is pretty asinine.

I said it felt like it. I didn’t dig it that much, just like I didn’t dig the last episode at all- But even in that episode I pulled things after some viewings. I hold my thoughts for things. My first impression of this episode was I gained nothing of value when we’re talking about a very tight timeframe to produce a lot of value. I think being troubled is acceptable and it’s absurd to claim that ah you’re all shit fans. People who love something are typically the most critical about them, after all.

Furthermore not diggin it here is not equal to it not having any value. There’s enjoyment- and appreciating and not liking. Personally I more or less enjoyed the episode, it didn’t feel poorly paced, however thinking critically as I do I’m pondering all the significance and it’s overall value. I’m allowed to do that.


No, I’m not. I agree with what you said. It’s just that I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about it.

We don’t even know Charlotte’s main theme for sure yet. All that we have is speculation. This is something we will just know in the end, probably. I also think it’s not adolescence.

Common routes have their purpose. If there was no common route, you wouldn’t grow attached to the characters. If they were used just because it is used a lot, why would it be used a lot in the first place?

So, I’ll leave it at that. I just hope it turns out like I thought it would. But if it doesn’t, I will still be satisfied. It is enjoyable for me, it makes me like the characters, it works on their friendship. It still has a purpose.