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the problem is i can’t open the AlphaROMdiE … it’s always problem loading page… my connection is fine… ><

where to download it…? ‘-’


Are you Indonesian? Good luck with internet filtering. :slight_smile:

so it’s because of my internet filtering… sob T.T

Does RLSE Loader work?

Woah, re-purpose. Get hype.

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Does anybody have a recording of the ending sequence of any of the routes? Preferable the Yui route as that one will probably have the least amount of spoilers in it.

I’m genuinely interested in what the credits scene looks like. If this is considered as something of illegal sharing, feel free to flag this post ^_^;

I don’t really have a problem with recordings of the game being posted here.

Here is walkthrough for anyone strucked in the complexity of choices :slight_smile:
I think we should use walkthrough to unlock all of the key of AB!, if you choose 1 wrong choice, the story will go to another route => (fail)

Huh? Are choices that specific in this game? There’s way too many choices for it to not use some kind of point system like in every other Key game.

Hello, I believe the writer of that walkthrough’s still experimenting like me. I’m done with two routes, but I have the feeling there’s yet more to uncover from the game, be it a secret muscle/oppai route, a true ending of sorts, or something like Clannad’s baseball route. The thing to emphasize is the novel is crammed with choices, some of which I believe to be kind of inconsequential.

Will report back if the game runs on a strict point system or not.

People have already determined that the name choices in the beginning, for example, actually impact things that happen much, much later.

So, it’s like we’ve gone back to the classic era of Tactics/Key VNs where choices are concerned?

I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Key Game Tech Support Topic

I just got a bad end :frowning:

Hey, did you have any problem opening the program with AlphaROMDie?

yes I had one! but it was just that I simply copied the data on a wrong folder.
…are u having trubles?

I’ve a question regarding somewhat minor spoilers. Is it a rule of thumb that minor differences between “common route” and the anime episode flow (i.e. events during the Guild Descent, etc.) need to be spoilered in this thread?

You’ll have to confirm with Biz, but my understanding is that the common route is free game, but route spoilers should be posted elsewhere. Still, even for the common route, if you feel like it’s a spoiler then you should tag it just to be safe.

Is there a way to find it translated?