Angel Beats! - Visual Novel Details & Ongoing Speculation

They’re basically gonna be bringing the Angel Beats Itasha all around japan while promoting the release of the game :slight_smile: Pretty fun stuff, and I’m still waiting for an announcement for Kanagawa

The latest Dengeki magazine had a article on VN. Thought I would scan it and upload it here for everyone.

If anyone one wants a better image of anything, please tell me and I’ll try my best!


Oh man those Kanade CGs are so raaaaaaaaaaad, I love the 3rd one in her section. Man this is going to be awesome.

Every time I see a new CG I am reminded of just how many there are going to be! And they all look so amazing! 12 more days til the demo, 39 until the big day!


CGs are very good. Great!.
Also, I’m glad they haven’t included H scenes (there’s no need for that imho).

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I got a mail saying Amiami changed the release date from Late May to Late June, this does not please us.

Is it only on Amiami’s side? Or is it for everyone? Because the website still says 5.29

That might mean that amiami won’t be able to source preorder versions. Which means amiami buyers may not be able to get Million Star. Just a guess >_<

The game was removed from AmiAmi D:

RIP amiami. Is there anywhere else that ships it internationally?

Does Amazon? I have friends in the US who have imported from Amazon UK and Germany but I don’t know if Amazon has limits on what they’ll ship WW.

I’m assuming they gave the money back to the people who pre-ordered it? Also, what is happening? Is it just a fluke or something bigger going on with their relationship with Key?

I believe they haven’t even charged the people who preordered. I think amiami only charges once it’s shipped or something

They charge when it releases, holding it when you order, then ship once payment is confirmed.

All that said, RIP.

Hope they give a compensation, or at least full refund. Now it’s [almost] too late to switch order.

Hm. Looks like one of the Japanese places that I preordered from has moved the release date to June 26. I wonder what the hell is up

MORE DELAYS. lololololololol Delay officially confirmed


Wow… These guys are like me when I do really lengthy projects, procrastinate and hope for extensions.


why does that not surprise me?