Angel Beats! -1st beat- Release Date Pushed Back One Month

A sad truth indeed, but it's best to think about the importance of a smooth release.

The first volume of the Angel Beats! visual novel has recieved yet another delay, however it's nowhere near as daunting as the previous indefinite delay that ended up being a year long. The original release date of May 29th, 2015 has been changed to June 26th, 2015. Earlier today, members began noticing with AmiAmi, and later on other sites, that the game's listing was being changed or removed- With the official Key Twitter posting the above announcement of the delay just as it was being discussed. As for what is to happen with the AmiAmi orders that were placed prior to the removal of the game is unknown as of this time.

Feel free to discuss what you think may have been the cause of the bittersweet news here.


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I just hope that they changed the dates not for financial or publicity reasons. Rather be caused because the game in it’s current state does not fit the producers expectations. I personally don’t have an issue waiting an extra month if it means I get a more polished story.

I personally feel like it has to do with the contents of the first press edition. One or more of the items that are to be included with the title probably got hung up somewhere. I don’t know much about VN production but I was more or less convinced that the title was gold as of now.

Well, Japan does have a knack for pushing release dates often. It’s a lot better to release a polished product, than to release a buggy product and send patches later.

Oh, Key… I don’t even find this surprising anymore.

But at least they don’t delay it for one year like last year did.
Or… will they?

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Silver lining: You have more time to get in on pre-order deals now! (Maybe.)

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Another delay well I can deal with a month delay though especially when I cant read Japanese anyway so its still a long ways away till I can play it.

I agree with you on this, I feel its highly unlikely that it was delayed thanks to the vn itself. Unless there is some amazingly horrible bug But I feel like the first beat is already finished and tied with a bow and Key themselves are working on future beats.