Angel Beats! Operation Wars

Angel Beats! Operation Wars released today! Official site and download links here:

How to download on iOS:

  1. Create a Japanese iTunes account (there should be a guide on how to do it, just search around).
  2. Go to settings -> iTunes & App Store and log-in to your Japanese account.
  3. Click the link on the site, or just search “Angel Beats”

How to download on Android:

  1. Connect to a Japanese VPN (I use
  2. Create a new google account while connected to the VPN (skip if you already have a JP account). Make sure to set all settings to Japanese.
  3. Open the play store, then switch accounts to your newly created one.
  4. Click the link on the site, or just search “Angel Beats”

First impressions: It is more or less just like Puzzles and Dragons :stuck_out_tongue: Play puzzle games to get more cards, then get mission points to also get more cards. I haven’t figured out how to get “AB Coins” yet (aside from paying cash money), but you can probably get rarer cards with those.

Anyone else trying it out?


Is it neccesary to use the VPN to play (not register) the game?

No need to use VPN to play the game :slight_smile: No IP checking after you install the game.

So I’ve been playing this the past two days and it is extremely addicting (unfortunately for me). I’m thinking of writing a guide of sorts once I have most of the things figured out.

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The pain of not being on iOS or Android too strong.

I expect pictures!! www

You could try using BlueStacks to run the app, probably…

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this :stuck_out_tongue: I think all players get this card once they reach level 10


Based Pepe <3

Well, managing multiple account is inconvenient. I thought clearing the Play Store cache and log into VPN would resolve country limitation problem. My thought was wrong.

Hence, i just only hope they would open worlwide access :frowning:

Perhaps you could try creating a new google account? Usually works for me :s

OR just use an apk downloader:

I was able to play without using the Google Play store, getting around the region locking.

I was able to download it straight from Mobage.

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APK downloader wasn’t able to grab it. :c

Do you require to be on the VPN to download it from Mobage, @DaBackpack?

I don’t have a VPN installed, though I did have Tokyo/Osaka time zone active on my phone (the Mobage HiguUmi Card Battle app needs it to work properly) but I doubt that would affect anything.

I can guarantee that it’s possible to download through the Mobage app service, without a VPN.

I received a chat message from the Mobage app with a link, which took me to the ABOW Mobage listing. I followed the link and there’s an option to download the game. (After clicking the option button, I was taken to my primary web browser where the app began to download automatically.)

EDIT: I’m pretty sure that you can’t download from the Play store or directly from the ABOW website without some VPN, but if you have the Mobage app you should be able to get it from there without problems. If it doesn’t let me know and I can investigate it

Hmm maybe I could try downloading it and extracting the apk. Probably sometime tonight or tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Thanks. That will be very helpful.

Sorry about the delay, I can’t seem to connect to my usual VPN to get the android version >_<


i just want to play…

Day 8: Angel Beats! Operation Wars still in maintenance :frowning:

using ipad, theres error message with kanade and showing up evertime trying to get in game
using android, apkdownloader error and didnt find its apk…

how i can play T_T

You wait, because right now (and for the past 3 weeks) the game is in Maintenance mode :frowning:

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It is said ABOW will be back in early or mid August… a long wait, if you ask me ;_;