Winter Festival 2018 - Live Event: No Game No Life Zero Screening

Welcome to the Kazamatsuri Winter Festival!

We’re announcing this weekend’s Winter Festival Live Events early to give people time to clear their schedules. For this Live Event, we’re bringing back Kaza Movie Night with a movie I’ve been wanting to watch with you guys for months. This is a fantastic movie that helped me break out of my depression. No experience of the No Game No Life series required to watch!

The event will kick off at 23 UTC this Sunday, December 16th. You can convert that to your time zone here.

Each Festival participant who attends will earn a Light Orb for their team, for a max of 3 per team. Others are welcome to attend as well.

See you there!


I…might be able to make this one! I have seen this movie a few times already, but it is a good time and I think I should be around for it.

And I will second Aspy in assuring everyone that the movie is friendly to those without experience with the series. I have shown it to a few friends who never watched or read the original, and they were all able to really enjoy it anyway.


I made this little thing, it automagically gets your location’s timezone so you know immediately when the event starts.

(or you could just add or subtract hours depending on the difference between your timezone and UTC or use Aspi’s link, that’s cool too)

Now excuse me as I binge watch No Game No Life because I want to despite not being required to do that to watch the movie. UwU