Winter Festival 2018 - Live Event: Key Orchestra Screening

Welcome to the Kazamatsuri Winter Festival!

Teams haven’t been revealed yet, but I’m announcing our first live event early so everyone can clear some time in their schedule.

To kick off the Winter Festival, we’ll be having a screening of the Key Orchestra Concert on Discord. Come enjoy the music with us!

The event will kick off at 23 UTC this Saturday, December 15th. You can convert that to your time zone here.

Each Festival participant who attends will earn a Light Orb for their team for a max of 3 per team. Others are welcome to attend as well.

See you there!

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What a terrible night to go to work.

Ooh man pretty early for me :yahaha: Can’t make promises but I’ll drop in if I can

Aww shoot I think I’m going to miss this because of work :frowning: Anyway we can have a second screening LOL.

I might not be able to be on voice, but let’s be real, if were listening to Key music, we shouldn’t be talking over it :yahaha:

I’ll be there to listen with you all guys!


Thanks for joining guys! It was great fun.