Winter Festival 2018 - Live Event: CLANNAD Movie English Dub

Time to bring back a classic from Kazamatsuri’s past. We’re joining together to watch the CLANNAD Movie English Dub again! This trainwreck gem of a movie has been the source of countless memes for the Kazamatsuri community, and we’re all too excited to dive into it once more. Probably not good as a first exposure to CLANNAD as it will spoil the story, but bound to be an experience for masochists like myself. The event will be open mic, and encourage you to laugh and meme all over it. Get your :tomoyaaa: reactions ready, and don’t drop the sushi!

Each participant will earn a light orb for their team, for a Max of three per team.

This event will be taking place at 16UTC Saturday the 22nd

Get in.


Sounds painful.

I’m in.

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Time for a brand new generation of memes

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Why, Aspi? Whyyyyy??


Do we need to have our own copy of the movie?

You can actually find it on Youtube, but outside the shared viewing it probably wouldn’t be in sync which would be useless for voice commentary. I suppose those without mics like me can use a text channel?

3 Light Orbs for Chocomint, Buff Busters and Vitamin C. Two Light Orbs for Team Happiness


I hope you have all learned something from this.

Don’t mess with spacetime.
…or with drugs


The director was in another dimension on those when he directed this.

Not Angel Beats so much as Angel Dust…