Winter Festival 2018 - Live Event: Anime Music Quiz

We’ve all spent our share of time listening to anime songs over and over again. Come put your anisong knowledge to the test! Anime Music Quiz is a browser game that pulls opening and ending themes from the players’ MAL account and challenges you to name the anime it’s from. We’ve had some really goofy moments playing this, like how I infamously always mix up Hyouka and Oregairu.

This event will take place at 23 UTC Saturday the 29th of December.

Each participant will earn one Light Orb for their team for a max of 3.

See you there!


Regarding MAL accounts, does it take into account only “Finished” or does it also include those in “Currently Watching”, “On Hold”, “Dropped”, and “Plan to Watch”?

I forgot what exactly it does but when I used to play with friends we assumed that people only would rate anime that they completed so we would have one of the filters be rating to make it so only completed anime would be put in.

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Ohhh I’m so game for this :3

It’s a bit late for me but I hope I can be there for a 1/2 hour or so.

That’d be a reason to update my MAL account I guess, also hoping that with several people it just combines all the accounts because I haven’t exactly watched that much anime…

Edit: Okay, after adding all the movies I watched, actually now including stuff I watched in early childhood, I actually do seem to have quite the sizable list. Although there’s also just a shitton of Pokemon :yahaha:
I also refrained from rating some things because it’s simply too long ago to judge it in a way I’m happy with.

Does it support kitsu?

I think so. But I haven’t tested it. Man I’d love to join but I’m pretty sure I’m busy that day…

Oh shoot, I also need to update my MAL I got to J and sort of never did the rest XD Ahahaha…

I don’t even know how you add the animes you’ve seen to a personal list, mine would be extremely short anyhow…

Um gotta set some things straight here:
-You can’t use MAL, MAL API is down.
-AniList and Kitsu are supported. For MAL users, you can just make an AniList account and export your MAL list and import it to AniList. IDK if Kitsu makes it available to import, but if so, that’s also a good idea.

I tried joining a match without my anime list integrated. I only got 1/25 right. Am a disappointment desu. :uee:

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That was months ago. It worked fine when we played at the beginning of December.

This is as of right now as we speak. IDK if the actual API is down or AMQ thinks it’s down, but whichever way, MAL can’t be used for AMQ. Also notice how the ‘Update’ button for MAL is disabled compared to AniList and Kitsu.

For attendance we got 3 from Chocomint, 1 from Buff Busters, 2 from Vitamin C and 3 for Team Happiness. Also out of all the people that aren’t me or Helios or Cloud, Grooven scored the highest, so we’re awarding Team Happiness an additional light orb!

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“This has to be Air.”

“It’s Air, right, Madekuji?”

jebaited lol

oh and those times we got the season wrong lol

and uh…
poppo happened
it started with phlebuster

and then when the quiz got harder
we gave in to poppo

We should do these more often~ :umu: