Winter Festival 2018 - Live Event: 100% Orange Juice

We’re hosting a session of 100% Orange Juice games for the Winter Festival!

There will be a Festival Bracket in which a representative of each team will battle for wins, and the team with the most wins at the end gets a bonus Light Orb. Teams may swap their representative at any time between matches. A spectator will stream these matches.

Everyone is invited to this event, including those who are not participating in the Festival. There will be plenty of matches going on outside the Festival Bracket!

Each team will receive two Light Orbs for participating, the team with the most wins at the end will receive two bonus Light Orbs, and the team with the second-most wins will receive one bonus Light Orb.

The event will take place at 16 UTC on the 23rd.


So our embarrassing defeats to the 7gull will be on public display if we compete for the Festival Matches? :smug:

Oh yeah, here’s a question, how many Festival matches will there be (roughly or concretely) anyway?

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Prediction: Poppo will win.

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Well not if Kaza can counter that. :yahaha:

That’s what Chicken is for after all.

EDIT: There are likely to be a few players trying this game out for the first time or that haven’t played in a long while. Could we think about arranging times to help them learn the basics and rules before the Festival, or is Kaza thinking about mixing that in with the matches outside of the main event already?

Saturday on out I have more time and can do my hours of work with more flexibility so I could assist.

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I’d encourage each team to coordinate with their own members to help each other out.

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We couldn’t do the competition because nobody from Chocomint or Buff Busters showed up, but Vitamin C and Team Happiness each receive two orbs for participation.