Winter Festival 2018 - EX Event: KSL Live 2016 Viewing Party

Short notice but here’s an event we weren’t able to cram into the main festival! With the recent English-subtitled release of KSL Live World 2016 on Steam with the current 20% discount as part of the Steam Sale, we’ve decided we’d like to take advantage of that and host a viewing party for the event!

You can purchase the concert video on Steam above! Considering the blu-rays still go for ¥7,020 online, this price is a serious steal. It’s a seriously amazing concert I was lucky enough to experience in person, my personal highlight being Psychic Lover’s live performance of Rewrite.

The concert goes for roughly 3 and a half hours, so we’ll be buckling in for a while! I really want to support the official release of this concert, as a high volume of sales could be enough to convince VisualArt’s to bring KSL Live to the US and beyond. Let’s work towards that goal with this viewing party!

The event will be taking place at 23UTC Thursday the 3rd of January. But keep in mind that the Steam Sale ends at 18UTC, so if you want to watch at a reduced price you’ll need to buy it in advance!

Please let us know if you’ll be attending below. I hope to see you there! It’ll be an awesome experience.

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The 3rd is a Thursday…

Looking forward to it!

Thanks for coming guys! Was good fun ^^