Winter Festival 2018 - EX Event: Bad Anime Gauntlet

Greetings, festival-goers!

Are you a masochist for bad media? Haven’t had enough after finishing the CLANNAD Movie English Dub? Join us for the Bad Anime Gauntlet party! We’ll have fun watching a variety of bad anime together for a couple of hours on Discord call.

This event will take place 23:00 UTC Saturday the 5th of January.

Be there or don’t be.

Awww, 2002 Kanon was my jam back in 2002 LOL

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It’s nowhere near as bad as the Clannad movie imo, just has weird faces.

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Cannot guarantee Kanon 2002 will actually be played on the night

Given the chaos of everyone trying to finalise their submissions, I’ve decided to postpone this until after the festival. Stay tuned for a new date!

I’ll be awarding each team 3 orbs as compensation.

Okay, we’re now doing this at 23:00 UTC Saturday the 5th of January! See you there.

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I’m so game :sunglasses: I love watching things that are so bad, they’re good :slight_smile: Really excited to see what makes the list!

Room Mate for MVP

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This was awesome, we should do it more often.

That was great Dynamic Chord and Room Mate for the win. Wow I haven’t laughed that much at an anime that wasn’t trying to be funny for so long!

Oh nooo I just read the company that made Dynamic Chord is dissolving D:

Now I’m sad that I missed out on Room Mate… Dynamic Chord though… that really was a treat.

Roommate was a blast. Kinda curious with who we’ll end up with so I kinda want to watch it with you guys again. Don’t think I’ll ever touch it without company lol

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