Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Your Unlikely Ship

We all know about MasaKaga, but what’s your unlikely ship between two Key characters? We want you and your team to write a short story featuring your two characters and their relationship. It can be silly, it can be heartwarming, and it can be both!

Post your entries in this topic from now until 23:59 UTC on the 22nd.
You’ll receive two Light Orbs for participating, and the community’s favorite submission will receive an extra Light Orb.

Just make sure to keep it PG-13~!

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Does a ship have to be romantic? Can it be just the dynamic or relationship between two characters if they had met?

Keep this one about romance… I think you should keep your idea in mind for an upcoming event though :smug:

Vitamin C here.

Our ship is: Kyousuke (Little Busters!) x Akane (Rewrite)

The format of our story is a series of dialogues. Enjoy!

You can read it here on the forum…

Kyousuke x Akane

“Welcome, Gypsy, to my secret lair.”
“You may enter. What knowledge do you seek?“
“Say something!”
“Wait, it’s just the colonel mannequin!”
Kyousuke appears behind her.
“You’re not as mysterious as you’re- GYAAAAAAAH!!”
Kyousuke drops to the floor, his limbs twitching. Akane hides her stun gun.
“You’ve got 10 seconds to convince me not to call the police.”

Next evening, Akane returns to the clubroom.
She proceeds to sit down in her armchair, and…
She jumps back to her feet, looking at the chair. There’s a whoopee cushion where she just sat down. Akane’s face shows a mix of embarrassment and anger.
“Who- “
Then the lights go out.
“tHE hOUsE Of WAaX!!”
“tHE hOUsE Of WAaX!!”
“Very funny.”
The lights turn back on. Kyousuke is sitting in Akane’s chair.
“Your secret base is really awesome. I took the liberty of modifying some of the traps. What do you think?”
Akane relaxes, producing a small object. An alert sounds and a shrill voice screams.
“A groper! Call the police! You’re going to prison! A groper! Call the police! You’re going to prison!”
Kyousuke seems unperturbed.
“Your room is soundproof anyway. I checked.”
Akane sighs and silences the alert.
“Fine. I’ll play along. Now get out of my chair.”
Kyousuke obeys, sitting down across the table instead. With a smack, the whoopie cushion lands on his face.
After applying disinfectant spray to her chair, Akane sits down.
“So, what’s your objective?”
“This is a really nice place. You’ve got a lot of space, some neat furniture and some high tech stuff here.”
“So it’s money?”
“But… it’s empty. I can tell you didn’t have any visitors for a long time. Aren’t you lonely?”

“… if they cannot fend for themselves, why not bring them in someone else’s care?”
Akane, sitting in her chair, puts one leg over the other.
“And if they lose the will to live on, simply give them a new goal. There are organizations out there that do both, but as you know, nothing in this world is for free. Still, that’s what I would do. There are no fairy tale-like, perfect solutions.“
“That was pretty dark.”
“You could say I’m speaking from experience. It’s my turn now. You have power, and you are unhappy with this world. Do you change the world, or do you change yourself?”
“It’s alright. You can take your time.”
“I would turn the world into a more fun place.”
He’s grinning.
“Oh? That’s curious. I have expected you to choose otherwise.”
“I could get by on my own for the most part. But many people need help to discover how fun life can be.“
And he added with in a whisper
“Besides, the world is just too unfair sometimes…”
“What was that?”
“And I think you’re one of them.”
“There’s more important things to life than having fun.”
“You’re missing out!”
“I’m merely being realistic.”
“So, do you have a boyfriend?”
“…what’s with this sudden change of topic?”
“But it’s my turn to ask, no?”

Akane and Kyousuke burst into the clubroom and close the door behind them. They’re panting heavily.
“Yes! Mission complete!”
“Never… again… make me… exercise…”
“I’m serious. Uuugh, why did I even agree?”
“But didn’t you have fun?”
“Which part… of my face… looks happy to you…?”
“The cute part of it- OW!”
“Where did I go wrong? Maybe it was the lack of sleep that made me think it would be ok to agree just once?”
She went to the refrigerator and pulled out a can of coke. She opened it and took a couple of sips.
“I really thought it can’t be anything crazy if it’s just within the school building.”
“More importantly didn’t you have fun?”
“I didn’t.”
“I’ll make the next game even more exciting. Look forward to it!”
“Don’t get so full of yourself. What makes you think I would even consider keeping you around?“
“Well, you said ‘Never… AGAIN…’ ”

“Akane, I love you!”
“Akane, I love you!”
“Akane, -”
“I got it, I got it! Stop! You don’t have to say it every time you get bored!”
“Do you love me?”
“Say it.”
“Actually, I hate you.”
kyousuke depressed 110
“Waaaait, I didn’t mean it like- Hey, are you crying?! Fine! I’ll say it!”

Akane: “Ever since you’ve entered my life, I started to think this world might not be so terrible after all…”

Kyousuke: “If I made you smile at least once a day, then it was a great day.”

or you can use the pdf file

Kyousuke x Akane pdf


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Unlikely Ship of the century: Sunohara x Kotarou


It was a beautiful spring day, the first day of april. Everyone held their hopes and dreams high with the beginning of a new year, a new life for many. Students rushed up the hill for their first day of school, families and kids went outside to enjoy a nice day out as they were showered with cherry blossoms. Life was colorful, and that color was a sign for many to start again, to rewrite themselves.

Side: Sunohara

“I hate this town. I wonder if anything will ever change? Will that day ever come?” wondered the broken soul, the soul of Sunohara Youhei. The day that was a rebirth for many people around him was a mere reminder of how he spiraled towards an endless hole of despair to find a purpose in life. Sunohara kept carrying these heavy thoughts uphill, towards the school he hated, towards a year he hoped would be his last there. Sunohara had no friends, as they all graduated. He kept being rejected over and over again so he stopped trying. It seemed like the problem was in his core, he couldn’t laugh or joke about being insulted or kicked, it is almost as if his meaning in life was in the shape of a group of people that are no longer around.

It was a beautiful day, but not for someone who can’t see the color of beauty. Sunohara’s eyes were covered with a black and white filter he could never seem to remove. He was a ticking bomb, and every day passes drove him a step until self destruction. Sunohara let out a sigh as he sat under a tree, trying to collect himself before starting a new battle for an entire year, when a giant bubble of colors, colors that were erased from his memories for a long time, fell from the tree he was sitting under right on him.

“HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” screamed Sunohara and both pain and shock. He immediately forgot about these feelings as he wanted to take a look at what he thought was a life-changing encounter… but he soon realized that life purposes do not grow on trees, or fall from them in this case. After their eyes met for a second, Sunohara stood up, broken a little bit more, and as he brushed the dust off his clothes he turned towards the fallen boy in a female school uniform just to check if he was okay. But to his surprise, the boy couldn’t take his eyes off Sunohara, he met Sunohara with glowing eyes, he did not speak a word and it looked as if time had stopped for him. Sunohara was weirded out but he turned around and took a step away before the boy shouted “Thank you!” “ I’m Kotarou.” Sunohara waved at him as he walked away, but Kotarou kept staring at Sunohara until he disappeared out of sight.

Days have passed and Sunohara’s life stayed the same, climbing a hill he hated all the way to a school he hated even more. However, one thing had changed on his way to school; a place that was once empty is now occupied by a presence. A certain person kept standing there, eyes with a flame that never seemed to weaken. Sunohara did not give any attention to Kotarou for days but soon after it started to get to him, and he started to feel something strange in him. It was something he had never experienced before: he felt special. He never understood what these stares meant but he felt joy every time these stares were directed at him. Sunohara soon became attached to these stares, which gave him motivation to get through to the next day.

Sunohara knew this wasn’t love, or at least he convinced himself that way. Sunohara always believed that he was not attracted to boys but the feelings he had were something strange. Sunohara was broken enough and these feelings made him feel even worse. He stayed at home for days, barely eating as he skipped days of school. He never knew if Kotarou would always be there for him, but he knew for sure that he wanted to see him everyday.

Side: Kotarou

“…Who is Kotarou anyway?”

“Here, put this on and get me some dangos from the Furuyama shop, it’s only an hour away by car, my personal driver is going to take you there” she said as she continued playing her favorite shooting game without even moving her eyes off the screen.

“HUH? WHY ME, AND WHY IN THIS DRESS?” said the boy who bad lost a bet in order to prove the existence of supernatural activities happening around him. His name was Tennouji Kotarou and his life wasn’t going anywhere. He started this school year trying to find the meaning of youth, wanting to find a place to belong and create his own world but all of that failed after he got rejected by the friend he knew for the longest time, Kotori (who also happens to be the best thing to ever grace this world) . Adding to that, the club he created was not very successful as he lost the bet to the club president, Akane, and now he has to serve her for the rest of his school life which defeated the point of the club “Occult club”. That put a barrier between himself and the other members of the club, who seemed to have lost interest. He was still their friend but he never got as close to them as he would’ve wanted. “Maybe in another timeline.” wondered Kotarou as he put on the female school uniform. Akane lifted her head and let out an evil laugh as she took a picture with her phone of the helpless Kotarou. Kotarou then left his city filled with bad memories behind to go on a mission to get ….dangos.

Kotarou was lost, his life did not look like the image he painted in his head, but being the optimistic person he is, he never lost hope, he never stopped believing. Shortly after arriving at Mizuho, known as the town with the best dangos on earth, he started seeing different colors than he was used to, he forgot his fears and surprisingly, he didn’t mind being in that uniform as long as there was no one he knew to see him. Kotarou didn’t mind putting on a uniform if it meant finding his lost youth. It was early in the morning, the dango shop was still closed so Kotarou had some time to wander around. The town was small, Kotarou was trying to find something but he didn’t know what it was. With the hope of finding something Kotarou found himself walking up a hill, with cherry trees beautifully placed on both side of the road. But before he realized it, he was surrounded by some highschool students walking the same road to school, with the fear. Being this close to people in this uniform made Kotarou feel out of place, so he tried to climb a tree to hide from their sights.

Everyone was already at school after a few minutes, everyone but one person who decided to sit right under the tree Kotarou climbed. That person was Sunohara. Is it weird to switch your purpose in life from finding youth with the people you are familiar with to being with someone who you barely know? Kotarou didn’t even think twice, the moment their eyes met, Kotarou knew he had found the youth he was waiting for. After their first incident, Kotarou came to the same spot almost everyday just to get a glimpse of the key to enjoying his youth. Deep down he knew this was total insanity, but he could not let a small chance of him achieving his goal in life slip away.

Kotarou kept visiting until one day Sunohara stopped, coming to school. Day after day, no sign of him could be found in the campus. Worried sick, Kotarou sought out Sunohara’s apartment and he went there trying to get an answer to a question that would soon change his life. He knocked on Sunohara’s door and from the other side appeared a fragment of Sunohara’s soul. As their eyes met, Sunohara was at a loss for words, and before he could say anything Kotarou held his hand saying “I know I’m not what you want, but… I need you in my life. Will you go out with me?” Tears started falling from Sunohara’s eyes, as if the solution to his failure in life and all his problems were a few steps away, right outside his room. But before his dream could be realized, he saw fear in Sunohara’s eyes. Sunohata shouted: “YOU ARE A MAN, I CAN’T DO THIS…” Sunohara slammed the door, leaving Kotarou broken.

Kotarou ran in the rainy night, his tears of regret and sorrow blended seamlessly with the cold rain. As he ran, his core was changing and he felt it. The cruelty of not choosing how you’re born, the cruelty of being denied from your dreams because of something you can’t control. The more Kotarou ran, the more he felt a… change. Sunohara, on the other hand shook his head, he couldn’t let his life get any worse. At this moment of regret he rushed out of his room following Kotarou. Sunohara was ready to accept Kotarou as he is. When he saw Kotarou, Kotarou seemed different, the uniform seemed fitting for some reason. Kotarou was… a girl. Kotarou had rewritten himself, and there was no coming back. Kotarou said, without turning back “You are the youth I’ve been searching for…”


You can post it here you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I did consider Botan x Potato for Chocomint - but I thinks that’s a just a bit too far out there…

Botan: Puhi!
Potato: Piko piko!
Botan: Puhi puhi!
Potato Piko piko piko piko!

etc etc


Okay, Team Happiness here!

I chose to do Ayu x Yukito (Kanon and Air) POV is first person present. I may have messed up and did past tense at times since my story is past tense…uguu.

It is called: Angel in the Snow


Team Chocomint here!! Our ship is Nagisa (Clannad) x Misuzu (AIR) Hope you guys enjoy!!

Nagisa x Misuzu???

One dazzling summer day, Kamio Misuzu found a body at the beach.

This wasn’t an uncommon sight for Misuzu. She had encountered bodies at the beach before, one who had become her dearest friend in life, so she did not feel even slightly disturbed at this scene. She was more curious than perturbed.

The body was lying face down on the sand. She seemed to be a girl, judging by her uniform and skirt, and she was a brunette too! She rather liked her hair. It was shaped funny and had an antenna growing out of her head. She hadn’t seen anything like it before.

Misuzu poked the girl. She twitched a little and she sighed in relief. She was still alive, thank goodness. She remembered the times she found Yukito half-dead lying on the same beach. It definitely changed her life so she was ecstatic to find a new friend lying half-dead as well. Misuzu pressed her palms together and whispered, “Thank you Beach Goddess.” The beach had blessed her with a new friend. She was a lucky one, she thought, and wondered if this was how people usually made friends as she did not have plenty.

After thanking the Beach Goddess, she shook the lying girl awake. The girl moaned but it looked like she wasn’t going to lift her face from the ground, and Misuzu worried that she’d choke on sand or something. So, with what little strength she had, she rolled the girl on her back.

“Ah, cute,” she hummed, admiring the unconscious girl’s soft face. She proceeded to lightly tap her nose, and when she still did not wake up, she pinched her cheeks with her fingers.

“Wawawawawa!” the strange girl cried, wailing her arms around. Misuzu was reminded of one time when she found a breathless fish at the shore and entertained the idea that this stranger might be a mermaid. She was pretty and pale and she looked like she needed water. Perhaps she should toss her back to the sea so she could return to the Beach Goddess.

She was heavily considering this idea when the girl looked at her. She was mesmerized by her huge eyes. It wasn’t very different from hers and for a moment, she thought she was looking at a mirror.

Nagisa was very confused. The last thing she could remember was walking to school and the next minute, she was in this strange hot land with a strange girl peering at her too close for comfort.

“Anpan,” she whispered when she couldn’t take it anymore. She was getting scared.

Misuzu understood. “So your name is Anpan.”

“N-no,” said Nagisa, blushing.

Misuzu frowned. “So you’re an anpan.”

“N-no!” she cried. “Um, where am I?”

“At the beach,” the girl replied.

The brunette glanced around, as if making sure. “I see.”

“What are you?”

“Um, human.”

“I see,” said Misuzu suspiciously. “I was about to toss you to the sea.”

“W-what?!” Nagisa cried, waving her arms around. “Who are you?!”

Misuzu seemed to think about this for a moment. “My mom told me not to talk to strangers.”

“Ah, I understand,” said Nagisa, bowing her head. “I apologize.”

“It’s okay. Do you want something to drink?”

Nagisa said yes, she wanted a drink, please.

Misuzu quickly ran to the vending machine, but not before tripping to the ground for no apparent reason, bought two boxes of juice, ran back and then tripped again. Nagisa watched this in quiet fascination and somewhat shared a deep kinship with this strange girl.

‘I think I can trust this person,’ she thought, watching Misuzu stand up only to trip again.

When Misuzu finally returned, her face and uniform were dirty and she was out of breath. Nagisa thanked her for the drink and apologized for the trouble she caused.

Misuzu ignored this. She was more interested on seeing the girl drink her favorite juice. She wondered if she would like it.

When Nagisa took a sip, she felt her skin crawl and her spine tingling.

She hadn’t tasted anything like this in her life before.

How did such a drink exist?

Was she really on earth?

“This tastes good!” cried Nagisa, sipping for more. Her sad eyes brightened and her pale face had slightly colored. She hummed a strange tune too which Misuzu would later learn was the Dango Family song.

By the time she finished the rest of the juice, Misuzu decided that she could trust this person and introduced herself.

“I’m Kamio Misuzu,” she said.
“I’m Furukawa Nagisa,” said the brunette.
“I’m going to bring you home,” said Misuzu.
“Eh?” said Nagisa.

Nagisa and Misuzu grew to know each other better as the days passed by. Misuzu learned that Nagisa liked acting, like those puppets Yukito (who had disappeared from town all of a sudden) did in his gigs. She told her the story about the last girl on earth, or something like that. It was a sad story and Misuzu cried over it.

Nagisa also loved dangos, especially those with eyes on them, which Misuzu found interesting. She drew plenty of these thriving dangos and even made tiny clay figures of the cute creatures. Misuzu couldn’t help but adore them too, but not as much as she adored dinosaurs. Her dinosaurs adored the dangos as well and ate them.

Nagisa basically became Misuzu’s bestfriend and housemate. Haruko promised to help her find her parents but thought it best to let her stay in her house for a while until she got back her strength. She discovered that she was a sickly girl just like her and found themselves bonding over their fragile bodies and curious health problems (“What’s your medical ailment?” “I don’t know. What about yours?” “Me too! I’m not sure either”).

She rather liked holding Nagisa’s hand a lot. She also liked the color of her hair, which reminded her of the autumn leaves she would see in picture books.

Unlike her, Nagisa enjoyed cleaning the house. In short time, she finished all the chores that took both her and Haruko a week to accomplish. Haruko was so impressed that she gave her her bottle of alcohol which Nagisa had politely declined.

Whenever Misuzu was sick, Nagisa sang her the dango family song. It was a strange tune that soothed her to sleep and Misuzu was almost certain that Nagisa was indeed a mermaid who gained legs despite saying she was not.

“Mermaids don’t sing the dango family song, ya know,” said Haruko when she told her her suspicions that Nagisa was a sea creature.

“What do mermaids sing?”

Haruko reflected on this for a minute. “Something from Queen probably.”

Misuzu ignored this.

One night, it was Nagisa’s turn to be sick. She lied on the bed, hot and tired and Misuzu was irritated that she couldn’t help her like she did when she was sick. She tried cooking something special for her, some soup and egg would do. It only involved heating up water and pouring a powdered packet on it, then a single egg as a finishing touch as Nagisa would do. She ended up doing everything in reverse and spilled all the soup on the floor. Haruko yelled at her and she did not attempt a second try.

Nagisa noticed Misuzu’s depressed face. She had been watching over Nagisa during nighttime in her room, bringing her little gifts from the beach as well as stories and sweets.

“You look sad Misuzu-chan,” said Nagisa, her voice almost a whisper. “Is something wrong?”

“Gao!” wailed Misuzu. She hated seeing Nagisa weak and feeble. She was her bestfriend and she hated seeing her friends hurting.

Nagisa smiled gently and held Misuzu’s hand. She started humming. Misuzu raised her bowed head and sang the dango family with her, her voice quivering a bit.

“Are you sure you’re not a mermaid?” asked Misuzu when they finished their song.

Nagisa smiled. “Perhaps I am. Maybe I just forgot. It would be nice if I was a mermaid.” She would have been quite strong and more reliable.

Misuzu’s face brightened. “Oh, I’ve read all about the Little Mermaid since you got here. Maybe you’d remember if I told you the story. It’s kind of sad though.”

Misuzu told Nagisa the tale of the Little Mermaid and by the time she finished, Nagisa was crying, which made Misuzu cry and not too long, both of them were wailing like children that Haruko had to knock on the door and politely beg them to shut up.

“Please. Shut up. I beg you,” said Haruko.

The girls shut up.

Haruko left.

“But the Little Mermaid wouldn’t have turned into sea foam if the prince had kissed her,” said Misuzu thoughtfully and she was struck with a wonderful idea.

She said. “I think you’re turning into a sea foam.”

Nagisa tilted her head. She did not feel foamy at all. “Eh?”

“This is why you’re so sick. Your body is turning into sea foam because the prince still has not kissed you.”


Misuzu clamped Nagisa’s shoulders with her hands and because Nagisa was as weak as a twig, she fell backwards to her bed, Misuzu hovering over her as if she was about to attack her.


Misuzu looked at her. She was blushing. They were both blushing. Nagisa could hear her heart pounding. Her ears had become too hot as well.

Everything seemed loud.

Too loud.

Too warm and too loud and still, Misuzu looked at her with a serious expression.

Misuzu’s eyes were big and bright, her lips looked softer up close, and she wanted to tuck her long, golden locks behind her ear. At that tender moment, she thought that Misuzu was a prince and she was beautiful. Nagisa closed her eyes, waiting for the kiss that would heal her.

She felt a warm spot on her nose.

Misuzu sat back on her chair and observed Nagisa, expecting her to erupt into a magnificent fish. Nagisa tapped her nose, her face still red. “Eh…?” she croaked.

Nothing happened.

Misuzu slowly started clapping her hands.

Clap clap clap.

Nagisa was very confused but she clapped along as well.

Clap clap clap.

Haruko yelled at the two of them to go to sleep.

Atleast she did not turn into sea foam.

Meanwhile, Tomoya finds a half-dead body on his way to school. He ignores it.


Oh, oh, Misuzu-chin’s in a pinch!

Guess that’s all the teams then! You all get two Light Orbs. With that said, let’s start the voting!

  • Chocomint: Nagisa x Misuzu
  • Buff Busters: Sunohara x Kotarou
  • Vitamin C: Kyousuke x Akane
  • Team Happiness: Ayu x Yukito

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Don’t worry, it was just a joke and not the official Chocomint entry!

Looks like Chocomint’s entry takes the victory, just barely!