Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Write a Tanka

Who wants to try their hand at Japanese poetry? For this event, your task is to write a Tanka about what Kazamatsuri means to you and post it in this thread. If you aren’t familiar with Tanka from Little Busters, it’s kind of like a haiku but the syllable pattern is 5/7/5/7/7.

This event will run until 23:59 UTC the 24th of December.

Everybody who participates will earn 1 Light Orb for their team for a max of 3.

Have fun!


Team Chocomint collaborated one line each to provide this tanka…

Our online community
A home for Key fans
It is great to be part of
We won’t give up on our dreams


Heh, and my own composition also for Chocomint

A cold, dark rain falls;
Needing source of warmth and light
Alike minds, we find comfort
Sharing thoughts, sunlight returns.


You need 3 people to submit to get full orbs
Though I guess we can give you guys two orbs for two tankas

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From Team Buff Busters here is my Kaza Tanka!

Reading together
Post in the forum topic
A single story
With many meanings unlocked
Kazamatsuri Bookclub

And because I first read the rules for this before I had my morning caffeine, I also made this Air one. It may not be worth any orbs, but I like it enough where it gets to piggy back on my actual entry :ramenset:

Disembark the bus
On the 1000th Summer
A fading contrail
A long Journey at its end
I dream of the Ramen Set


Team Vitamin C here ~ here is our lovely tanka collection!

By: @KaiMiang

Where all bonds become stronger
And birds grow their wings;
Effort is the light which drives
the darkest of clouds away

By: @Naoki_Saten

The tight muscle sings
The dazzling Aurora blinks
Taiyaki smells good
In the shine of Rainbow bread
Naoki’s victory squad

By: Yours truly (@Bernkastelle )

Smiles, Laughter, Joy
Like the sun’s soft rays of light
Coming together
Warm winds, a festival day
Our new bonds make me hopeful


Leonard Cohen just dropped by, felt sorry for Chocomint so lent us his words…

Yes I know it won’t count!

Stoop from the shoulder
We all feel so much older
Friends gone, hair is grey
Like a drunk post closing time
Without Kazamatsuri


Gotta make a christmas one for all the folks out there

Celebrate Christmas
With all my Kaza buddies
And the Buff Busters :muscle:
Fun in the name of muscle
And a toilet seat cover :hiii:

I’ll probably get a lot of weird glances for this one but I will take it all in pride. Gotta embody the 3rd value of Kaza in style :haha:


I toiled hard on this, you guys’d better appreciate:

A well-honed muscle for the
Aspi’s armed forces
Of Dorj’s big round belly
Where laughter comes to be born


I don’t think I’m that good at being literary nor comedic, but I thought about what Kaza meant to me, so here’s what I came up with:

Venture forth we must
Dearest Kazamatsuri
Every great story
If it’s not written by Key
It need be written by us


Thank you to @Bernkastelle for posting my tanka! I wanted to try to write another for this event and came up with something else as well (won’t count too of course)!

Bookclubs of knowledge
A place of contemplation
With oceans of joy
Kazamatsuri becomes
All that Key wants to convey

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That’s a wrap! By my count that’s 2 for Chocomint (StarfishBender + Group), 1 for Buff Busters (Miyu + Pepe), 3 for Vitamin C (Kai, Naoki, Bern) and 2 for Team Happiness (Phlebas + Madekuji).

I’ve talked with the organisers and we understand this event was a bit confusing and poorly thought out, so we’ve decided to reduce the cap to two light orbs. So everyone will receive two.

Thanks everyone!

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