Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Tell Us About Your Team!

Your mission is to get to know your teammates! Try to dig deep and see how much you can learn about your teammates. The goal is to write something interesting about each of your team members in this topic, with their permission and respecting their wishes of course. You can divide this how you like; each person can write about someone else, or one person can write about everyone, however you like. Successfully completing this task will award your team 3 light orbs!

This event will run from now until 0 UTC on the 17th.

Don’t forget to let me know what your team name is and what color you want your Discord role to be.

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We are Team Vitamin C!
Consisting of AustinDoujin, BeanCurd, mogaosCar, cjlim2007, Kai C, Meyvol, Naoki-Saten,
Tomo, and myself (Bernkastelle)

First up we have Austin (AustinDoujin ) who is currently in school and hopes to write graphic novels in the future!
His favourite games are Kanon and Angel Beats, and his favourite characters are Makoto, Shizuru, and Kotomi.

BeanCurd is from the Philippines and she is 22! She has an adorable nickname, Princess!
She loves Little Busters and it was the main series that got her into Key as a whole.
Kanata, Akane, and Kyou are her favourite girls, and for the boys, Takafumi, Kengo, and Sunohara!
She has a lot of passion for art and illustration, and hopes to be a professional in the field someday; she also
have done animations and current freelance work!

Óscar (mogaoscar) is from Spain! CLANNAD has a special place in his heart, but he also likes Little Busters
and Planetarian a lot. He is currently studying about Aerospace Engineering so he can build planes, which he loves.
He finds a great happiness in being able to work on them too!
He likes MMOs and strategy games, and plays piano and makes music arranges time to time.

Chris aka. CJ (cjlim2007) is from California and been on Kaza for a few years. He likes Planetarian, Harmonia,
and then Little Busters. His favourite characters are Ushio, Yumemi, Nagisa, and Shiona…he thinks!
He likes to sing, and play Civ V. He hopes others will play it too!

Then we have Kyle (Kai C) who works as a computer system designer and a big morning person!
He likes to read, play games, and exercise. His favourite Key characters are Shiona and Mai.

Tim (Meyvol) is 28, and currently taking coding classes.
He also works very hard as a live-in caretaker with 12+ hour shifts as his job.
He has most likely consumed anime/reading related content than sleep itself in the past decade!

Nick (Naoki-Saten), is a veteran of Kaza - his favourite colour is green, he loves Summer,
but his favourite weather is “indoors”!
He has a long and a bit of an intense history on the forum, but also lots of good memories - and memes~
His favourite series is Little Busters and he loves Mio, Komari, and Shizuru - in that order!

Then we have Elias (Tomo) ! He is 27, born and raised in Ohio in the USA.
He’s been an anime fan for over 13 years and a Key fan since 2007 when he watched Air on Anime Network.
His favorite color is grey, favorite season is Autumn, he loves food!
He has a huge love for aviation, the history of it, and enjoys going to the local National Air Force museum when he can - and in relation to this - Planes is one of his favourite Disney movies!
His favorite key series are Little Busters!, Rewrite, and Clannad, and his favourite characters are Tomoyo, Lucia, Misuzu, and Kudryavka (with an honorable mention to Nagisa!), and his favorite Key boys are: Masato, Riki, Kotarou, and Tomoya.

Oli (Bernkastelle) - myself! I’m 25, and I’m from Canada but currently living in Japan.
I work as a Shinto priestess at a local shrine here in Yokosuka.
My favourite colors are purples, blues, and subdued pinks (think of a sky at dusk!) and
my favourite season is late Winter~Early Spring.
I’ve read Angel Beats! and a bit of Little Busters and Rewrite - so far, my favourite is LB!
My favourite characters are Akane, Mio, and Kud (so far!)


Hello! We are Team Happiness and this name was decided after a rather short conversation on Discord about Komari when @SuikaShoujo joined our Discord! After a short talk, what we found out is that something our team shared is that we like Komari with the exception of @WorldOfBooks who is yet to read Little Busters but despite this, we all agreed that it was a cute name and Komari’s… philosophy(?) on the Spiral of Happiness was admirable and that was when we decided that we will be officially called Team Happiness!

At first, I was personally worried about the extreme differences in timezones but despite this, our team has finally managed to come together in one place and we are Team Happiness!


@Madekuji_san - Madekuji is a Filipino who studies programming (which I think is a cool thing to do!) aiming to further pursue Computer Science when he heads to college next year. His favorite Key series, like a lot of us here is Little Busters! and he resonates with the main character of the story, Riki Naoe (even cosplaying him but he hasn’t sent any pics) and he considers Kurugaya as the best girl. He also plays a lot of rhythm games such as BanG Dream!, Dance Rush Stardom, Sound Voltex, and maimai and one thing he and I play in common is osu!
He calls himself “random” in the sense that he likes to do a lot of things such as running a site for an hour and then editing youtube videos the next.

@adeptArcanist -

Oh yeah so intros
I’m… just a person I guess? No big-name activities, haha. I’m a big fan of the Tales series, been recently getting into VNs
Generally a jrpg Guy, Metroidvanias, stuff like that

This is all that Adept told us about himself in a formal introduction but there is much more to him than this. For example, like a lot of us, he loves Komari! He likes the color blue and he has shown himself to be a good problem solver. One instance, I suggested that the timezones would be a problem but Adept came up with the idea that it would mean that we can cover Live events for each other if we can’t attend them. This is a cool thing about him I think! The ability to find the good out of a troublesome situation. Also, he was the first person to suggest the name “Team Happiness” as soon as we started talking about Komari. Something else he likes is Touhou music which is something he and I share in common! (other than liking Komari)

@Phlebas - Something interesting to note about Phlebas or PhleBuster is that he is a localizer and he even worked on the official English release of Little Busters! Something he is proud of is making Saya’s route more enjoyable by adding
subtitles to Saya’s commentary and pitching a solution to the targeting where she calls out numbers (if you don’t understand what I am saying, go read Little Busters) Other than LB!EE, he also localized “that game you love and hate the most at the same time”, 100% Orange Juice!
He works all night and plays all day. The “play” mostly being watching the current anime or YouTube. He considers himself as a not so creative person but so far, he has pitched in some very interesting ideas

@SuikaShoujo - Suika is from USA and her hobbies include signing (she’s a great singer you all should definitely go check her youtube channel out!) VNs, and manga. She likes the Tales series, especially Tales of Symphonia. She has read/watched every Key series with the exception of Kud Wafter and her favorite Key title is Little Busters!
So we talked about how our team likes Komari. Well, Suika LOVES Komari probably more than anyone in this world I dare say. She is the one who originally suggested that out team color be pink (although there was some talk of Komari yellow too) because of how it has a warm and inviting vibe which is the impression our team really wants to give out! Another non-Key VN she liked is Inochi no Spare and we both seem to agree that the opening song, Liblume is simply amazing.

@kittytama - She is also a great singer and once collabed with Suika! (Youtube channel) She loves reading Visual Novels and she has been getting into the Higurashi series recently. Although she is yet to read a Key VN in full, she really ADORED the parts that she had experienced! She really loves baking too, cookies being her particular favorite! She works as a freelance localization QAer and editor!

@TomoyaOkazaki - Tomoya is a college student studying software engineering! He lives in USA, and aside from being a huge anime/VN fan, he enjoys video games and game design theory. He is also working on a few game ideas himself! He also likes Kurugaya much like Madekuji and has recently been getting started with baking too like Kittytama! Apart from this, he also plays chess (I still haven’t gotten a chance to play with him yet though :uee:)

@WorldOfBooks - Like his name, WorldOfBooks likes books, especially autobiographies and historical books! The only Key titles he finished are CLANNAD and Tomoyo After but he plans to get to the others soon :3
He lives in Australia and worked as a scientist before working on lung/brain development in mammals! Now, he works with software development. He is also a fan of anime and is currently watching Banana Fish and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

@grooven - Grooven is a long time Key fan all the way from 2000! She found images of pencil boards and then discovered Kanon. She loves all Key games equally (Summer Pockets being the only pending title on her list) and her favorite characters are Ayu, Misuzu, Nagisa, Komari/Saya, Kotori, Yumemi. She is a huge collector of Key merchandise, especially those of the mascot animals, artbooks and figures!
She also likes Touhou project and her favorite doujin circle is Eastnewsound. She also likes Akatsuki, Sound Holic, Halozy. Alstroemeria, C-Clays, KAGURA, tamaonsen, LilA’c. She even got to see ZUN (creator of Touhou) at AX one year!
She lives in British Columbia, Canada. She has a BA in Fine Arts and graduated from college recently with a certificate in 3D-Animation and she intends to work in the field!
Some other activites she enjoys include writing and drawing, and she is currently working on some YA novels and one which she intends to have published! She also likes to collect 1980s toys.

@Echo - Is me! I’m a person like Adept it’s great to see fellow persons. I am Korean but I live in India. My interests currently are osu! mapping and other rhythm games like Arcaea. My favorite Key work is Little Busters! and my favorite characters are Mio, Komari and Masato. I also like Touhou project, my favorite circle being Yuuhei Satellite! I am also random but in a different sense from Madekuji . I also like playing chess and basketball!

This is what I learnt about my team from my time so far with everyone and I hope we can all get along and really feel “Happy” throughout the festival and even after!

(Team logo by @Madekuji_san ! Thank you!)


Shaka-shaka HEY everyone! We’re Team Chocomint! Let’s introduce ourselves!

Starting with yours truly, I’m an American Computer Science student beginning Graduate school in the spring. I play D&D and DM for my group.

@nekotea is from the UK and is 25 years old. Nekotea is a writer for Kazamatsuri and enjoys Light Novels, as well as sketching and deserts!

Our resident tired office girl is @chesca. She likes art and literature, a woman of culture!

Next up is our dorjiest team member, @bionic. Bionic is an American College student too!

@Yuuichi, if you couldn’t guess from their name, loves Kanon! Yuuichi re-watches it every winter!

@LoliconExE has an SVD with a Yui keychain and is really curious person studying animation!

@StarfishBender is old, but has a young spirit! Stay tuned for their recruitment poster for the SSS event!

Last but certainly not least, @Tidulimar! Tidulimar was actually my secret santa last year and they sent me a really nice Kanade towel! They also like Little Busters so they must have truly impeccable taste :umu:

Well, in true Team Chocomint fashion we’ve waited until the last minute with this so I can’t really go into more detail :wtf:

Mission Start!


We’re Team Buff Busters! The buff among us are Machelmore, VyseGolbez, emilevnp, Crottenis, RyuuTamotsu, Shiro021, prototypeOEZ, Pepe, and myself kyuketsukimiyu.

We tried to set this up so that we each wrote a blurb about an assigned teammate, but due to time zones and life this ended up a little more pieced together than that.

Machelmore (introducing himself!) My real name is Mitchell, 20 y/o, living born and raised in South Australia, Australia (South Australia is in Australia. Shocker, I know). Studying animal behaviour and behavioural science in University. I’ve read every Key VN that’s been translated and my favourite is Rewrite hands down. Best boi would have to be Kotarou and best girl would probably have to be Lucia. I spend pretty much all my free time reading VNs but I also read regular books, particularly whodunnits.

VyseGolbez(as introduced by Miyu) : Vyse is 23 and has been with Kaza for about two and half years. They like planetaria and CLANNAD. Outside of Key they like Video Games in general - such as Pokemon and Tohou.

emilevnp: Hey, I’m Kaitenis (or Crotenis) from Buff Busters, and I’m gonna be talking about my fellow member EmileVNP. South Texan, got into Key by watching the CLANNAD anime, and now has watched Kanon and Air, read Rewrite and is in the process of reading Little Busters. He enjoys Mario, Sonic, Marvel, reading, and is currently trying to improve his artistic skills.

Crottenis: Hello. I’m Emile, or emilevnp from the Buff Busters. I wish to talk a bit about my fellow Buff Buster, Rodrigo (a.k.a. Crottenis). He first joined Kazamatsuri Forums on August 2nd, 2018. He can speak both English and Spanish, and is currently trying to learn Japanese. Currently, he’s living in Costa Rica, but he was born in Venezuela. He’s read and enjoyed both Little Busters! and Rewrite, but his favorite is Little Busters!. His favorite character from the former is Saya Tokido and from the latter is Sakuya Ohtori. Another visual novel he enjoys is Hoshizora no Memoria. Some of his other favorite series include Super Smash Bros., Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda.

RyuuTamotsu (introducing himself: I’m RyuuTamotsu, the Name you think of when you think of Kotori. I got into Key by watching Clannad. Clannad was the start as I started following Key works with passion after completing the anime back in 2012. My favorite VN is Little Busters, it has a charming atmosphere, a sense of belonging.

Shiro021 (as introduced by Miyu):Shiro is 12 days away from their 4th Kazaversary! Shiro is an artist, and you can check out the Kaza fan art topics to see some of their work! Outside of Key Shiro Fate and JRPGs like Persona The World Ends With You.

prototypeOEZ (Introducing themself!): Hello. Currently my key experiences have been through the clannad anime that I watched a while ago and the little busters vn that i have played recently. Clannad is currently in my top 2 favourite anime as its themes of family, friendship and responsibility even faced with hardship really resonated with me along with its characters and how they all feel like genuine real people. In terms of little busters I have only really recently realised how much that game affected the way i view friendship and the world even though i finished more than 2ish months ago. Best girls haruka and mio and best bois are tomoya and kengo. Hopefully rewrite is my next key vn.

Pepe: Pepe (as introduced by Miyu) is our resident Kaza Buff Admin, and sanctioned our team name as an official representative of Buffness. Pepe’s favorite Key series is Air. Pepe also loves Anison and rhythm games. He also seems rather fond of his Switch and especially Breath of the Wild.

kyuketsukimiyu (Introducing myself): I’m the designer here on Kaza. I joined originally to take part in the CLANNAD bookclub and ended up throwing myself in. My favorite Key series is Air, even though I have not read the VN for it yet. My real obsession is Type Moon, and most particularly Fate. I am also a pretty big Magical Girl fanatic.


Thank you for your introductions everyone! I’d like to award a bonus Light Orb to Team Happiness for putting in a bit of extra effort to their intros! Honourable mention to Buff Busters for having different people introduce each other.