Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Team Group Picture

For this event, your task is to create a picture to represent your team and all of it’s members. It could be a drawing, a mashup of your avatars, or anything else you can imagine. Post it in this thread, along with any other info you’d like to include about your team.

This event will run from now until 0UTC on the 31st.
Every team that participates will receive 3 Light Orbs.

Have fun!

For starters, I’d like to preset the buff busters group picture!

The buff busters have been invited to Smash!! Currently in selection is myself, @RyuuTamotsu, @kyuketsukimiyu and @emilevnp, with @VyseGolbez, @prototypeOEZ and @Crottenis (both represented as very buff cats) in the queue. The rest of the members are unlockable characters :yahaha:


Hello this is our entry for Team Happiness (not my best job by any means, but there are too many events to get done ><). We saw Komari as our team representative and so she’s holding in her hands all of us members and colorful gumballs!

Team Happiness

grooven (me): Red
Echo: Orange
TomoyaOkazaki : Green
Phlebas: Light Yellow
kittytama: Pink
WorldOfBooks: Purple
Madekuji_san : Dark Blue
AdeptArcanist: Light Blue
SuikaShoujo: Dark Yellow


Thanks guys! 3 Light Orbs to the two of you~

Sometimes you have to wait a bit longer for quality :wink:

Kudos totally @chesca for this Chocomint avatar mashup which captures our very essence of being the most chill team in the WF

Kanon Best Girl would approve…


Late submission for Vitamin C

It may not be the most original group pic, nor is it the most creative one, but it’s what we chose.

Wearing our Vitamin C uniforms, we are ready to welcome the new year. :tangerine: