Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Summer Pockets Ping Pong Tournament

Time to test your Ping Pong skills against Tenzen, and your fellow Kazamatsuri members! We’re hosting a Ping Pong Tournament! To participate, just boot up your Summer Pockets Trial (which you can find here with Alka’s translation), get to Tenzen on the 27th (third day) or the 29th, and play a round of Extreme Mode! This is the third option, “Forget about rallies, face me seriously” / “Play a serious match against me”. Please don’t include any matches beyond the 29th as they won’t be counted!

Post the best score of your team here, and compete against other Kazamatsuri members for the top score! First prize is 4 light orbs, second is 3, third and fourth is 2.

You have until 23:59 UTC on Wednesday the 26th to get your high scores in.

There can only be one Legendary Ping Pong King.


Chocomint here!
Tenzen is no more :ohoho:


So here’s a tip. If you KO Tenzen on the 27th, he’ll be stronger on the 29th. The stronger version has a higher score potential. The key word being potential: it’s not guaranteed. Gotta git gud.

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My highest for now

We Chocomint reclaimed our throne

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We’re closing this! Congrats to @LoliconExE for winning the tournament! 4 light orbs to Chocomint, 3 to Happiness.