Winter Festival 2018 - Event: SSS Recruitment Drive


The Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS) needs help fighting against the mysterious shadows. Can you help them find new recruits? Your task is to create some kind of promotional material to encourage enlistments. This could be a recruitment poster, a TV commercial, or anything else you can think of. Be creative!

This event will run from now until 0 UTC on the 18th.
Each team will receive three Light Orbs for participating, with the community favourite earning a fourth Light Orb.

Have fun!


Reporting from Team Buff Busters with two recruitment posters!


Hi! Here are our materials for the SSS Recruitment Drive.

First off @StarfishBender made this Super Duper poster. I believe this truly encapsulates what Shinda Sekai Sensen stands for. :umu:

First three applicants will get a Free Mapo Tofu Coupon!! Hot and spicy, Mapo Tofu represents SSS’s fiery passion! It’s a must have. :fire::fire::fire:


As @LoliconExE said

i will fight god for a good mapo tofu

As for an Extra Extra, here’s a very exclusive photo of Girl’s Demo. Not only the SSS provides you with Mapo Tofu and the burning sense of passion to truly live, they have cute girls. What a package~

Chocomint signs off with another extra :badass: thanks to @LoliconExe, Hope this encourages even more members to join SSS.


Vitamin C reporting for duty! As our contribution to the drive we have a recruitment poster with original concept by @Naoki_Saten and final design by @BeanCurd!

Along with that is a video showcasing our poster, with editing by me and music by @Mogaoscar.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the full poster!

Big thanks to everyone who helped out with this, and to everyone putting up with me taking forever to upload it :ahaha:


Thank you for your entries everyone!
Each participating team receives three light orbs each and we will now have a community vote on what they think is the best amongst these entries!

  • Team Buff Busters
  • Team Chocomint
  • Team Vitamin C

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Are we like not supposed to vote for ourselves or what?

It’s hard to pick one favorite! Good job everyone.

Keep your integrity, stay strong!

You can vote for whoever you believe did the best entry.

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Vote has been closed and we now have ourselves a winner!

Congratulations Team Vitamin C, that’s one extra orb for you!

Everyone else, you did great, those are quality submissions right there! Looking forward to more great things coming from you guys.