Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Record a Podcast

For this event, you and your team will be recording your own discussion podcast! Feel free to pick any Key-related topic you would like to discuss. You should aim for your podcast to be around ten minutes or so. Post your podcast here and be sure to mark any spoilers.

This event will run from now until 23:59 UTC on the 19th.
Each team that participates will receive three Light Orbs, with an additional Light Orb for the community favourite.

Have fun!

UPDATE: We’ve decided to extend the deadline of submissions to this event by a day. You have until the end of the 19th to get them in.

Team Buff Busters reporting in with the Buffcast:

It ended up being more about ourselves than Key, and we had some technical and audio issues, and we ran a little overtime, but we had fun.

By the way, the babbling idiot who won’t stop talking yet still never manages to introduce himself is me.

There aren’t any spoilers.


It’s nice to C you guys, Vitamin-C member here reporting in with our Podcast:

In this spoilerless podcast, Vitamin-C members @Naoki_Saten, @AustinDoujin and @cjlim2007 discuss music tracks and their different arrangements in KEY works. While short, some good points are made, so I encourage you all to listen to it and give your opinion on the topics brought up during the podcast.

With a sloppy editing done by myself and some help in the form of our logo by @Bernkastelle, please excuse any inconsistencies in audio quality throughout the podcast, were they to occur.

Also, as a side note, please contact me if the video is not available as Visual Arts seems to be after me as I used their music on the podcast for obvious reasons, even if the video isn’t monetized.

And with this, dear Winter Festival peoples, C you around!


Hi there, it’s us, Team Happiness, with our original podcast idea: Key & Me!
(and our pilot episode: “Living with Key”!)

This episode features yours truly, as well as @grooven and @adeptArcanist!
(edited by me in a rush, if mistakes happen, lemme know lol)

Also, no spoilers here. (if there are any, very slight and ignorable)

Here is the edited MP3 version (with a bunch of audio fixes, music and sound effects), play this one!

We also streamed the unedited mistake-ridden recording of the podcast on Twitch, here’s the VOD:

Show notes:

Also yes, I do realize we may have went a bit overboard, but 10 minutes doesn’t really feel enough for a “podcast”.

Also yes, maybe we shouldn’t have went 100 minutes, 40 would’ve been fine lol.


Please vote for your favorite submission!

  • Buff Busters
  • Vitamin-C
  • Team Happiness

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@Madekuji_san who made that logo??

aside from copying the key logo, i made it :umu:

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You should try doing the Kaza logo in that style :ramenset:

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It was absolute hell trying to find the right fonts that match up with the handwriting-style of the Key logo (every typographer seems to really love script more) :uee:

But I will try doing the Kaza logo soon!! :kyog:

Hello where can I place a vote for Naoki’s Victory Squad?

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Team Happiness snatches the victory for 1 light orb!

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