Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Key Trivia

This event will test your knowledge of various Key visual novels and anime. We have written 50 questions spanning most of Key’s English-language catalog.

Here’s how this will be formatted: the trivia questions will be posted below, separated by series. Please note that there may be minor spoilers in some of the questions, so don’t click on series you haven’t read.

Your group should go about answering these questions however you’d like and send your answers to me privately before the end of the festival.

Be aware: many of these questions are difficult. You are not expected to get every question correct. You ARE ALLOWED to consult wikis, forum posts, and the games themselves to find answers. The only rule is that you are not allowed to get answers from anyone who is not on your team.

This event will run from now until 23:59UTC on the 19th.
Light orbs will be awarded based on your correct answers:
5-15 Correct: 1 orb
15-25 Correct: 2 orbs
25-35 Correct: 3 orbs
35-45 Correct: 4 orbs
45-50 Correct: 5 orbs


  1. What fake name does Yuuichi give Makoto before she remembers her real one?
  2. What food item does Nayuki ask for as compensation when Yuuichi does something stupid?
  3. What’s the full name Yuuichi gives to the lost cat Makoto finds?
  4. What food does Nayuki instruct Ayu to make for Akiko when she falls ill?
  5. What’s Makoto’s favorite sound?
  6. What was the first wish Ayu made with Yuuichi’s doll?
  1. What kind of stuffed animal does Haruko give Yukito as a replacement for his puppet?
  2. What club is Minagi in?
  1. What is inside of the bread Tomoya eats the first time he comes to the Furukawa bakery?
  2. How many light orbs do you need to unlock After Story?
  3. What is the name of Yukine’s older brother?
  4. What is the title of the album Yoshino makes in After Story?
  5. What colors are the big Dango plushies Tomoya gives Nagisa?
  6. How does Misae refer to her cat?
  7. What Canadian actor’s name is used as one of Yukine’s spells?
  8. Which food item does Kotomi always eat half of?
  9. What are the gemstones in each of the two pendants Tomoya chooses between buying in the Fujibayashi route?
  10. What is the name of the girl you confess to in Heartbeat☆Academy?
  11. What are the four ways Tomoya pranks Fuko?
  12. What American rock band is referenced by one of the team names in the baseball route?
  1. Yumemi’s model number is SCR_000; fill in the blank space.
  2. What number customer is the Junker?
  3. The fiddler crab’s model number is Mk. __L/e; fill in the blank space.
Tomoyo After
  1. What number is the surprised Takafumi in Dungeons and Takafumis?
  2. What is the formal name of the motor that is used in items such as vacuum cleaners and coffee grinders and commonly known as the universal motor?
  3. What is used to signal the start of the daily fights in the first arc?
  4. Over which holiday do Tomoya & co. visit Tomo’s mother?
Little Busters!
  1. How many floors are in the dungeon crawler minigame?
  2. How many syllables are in a tanka?
  3. How many different kinds of donuts does Komari bring Riki and the others?
  4. How many character routes can be completed without Riki being in a romantic relationship with the heroine?
  5. What does Haruka like to put on her pancakes?
  6. According to Masato, in which year did a war break out between Earth and Mars?
  7. Counting both the original and the rockstar version, how many routes use Alicemagic as the ending song?
  8. In Refrain, Masato is stuck to a statue of whom?
  9. What is the name of Kyousuke’s favorite manga?
Angel Beats! (anime only)
  1. What model is Yurippe’s sniper rifle?
  2. What is the name of Yurippe’s blonde field operator?
  3. In-universe, Yui is the one to title and write lyrics for the song Thousand Enemies; however, there is a version written by Iwasawa. What is the title of this other version?
  4. What model is Iwasawa’s electric guitar?
  5. Which member of the SSS is turned into an NPC?
  1. How many quests are there?
  2. Which Beatles song does Kotori sing in broken English?
  3. What nationality is Kotarou’s partner Luis?
  4. What is the name of Lucia’s orphanage?
  5. How many cups of coffee does it take for Kagari to warm up to Kotarou?
  6. What is the name of Guardian’s most powerful squad?
  7. How many recruits were in Kotarou’s basic training course for Guardian?
  8. What is the ultimate fate of anyone who uses the La+ program?
  1. Shiona treats Rei to “orange soup,” but what color is the soup in reality?

Have fun!
Thanks to HeliosAlpha for helping me with the questions.

Clarification on behalf of everyone, but:

What defines being in a “romantic relationship”? Is it them formally going out together, or is just confessing their feelings to each other enough? Some routes are extreeeeemely vague about this

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Basically, majority of the routes have the heroine in mutual love with the protagonist by the end, whether it’s formally going out or not. But there are some routes where the player can completely sidestep the romance if they want. The question is asking how many routes the player can opt-out of the romance in.

Since there is confusion over the question about Misae’s cat: I’m looking for a Japanese word she calls the cat.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

Buff Busters - 48 correct
Vitamin C - 48 correct
Team Happiness - 45 correct
Chocomint - 45 correct

Everybody gets five orbs! Good job!

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