Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Key Karaoke


As we all know, Key has some awesome music. We want to hear you guys sing your favorites! Pick any vocal Key song and record yourselves singing along. This will require some audio editing to mix your singing to the song. You can do it solo, but the more who contribute their voice the more orbs you get! If you don’t want to post your song publicly, feel free to PM any of the Winter Festival organizers.

This event will run from now until 23:59 UTC on the 21st.
Each team that participates will receive One light orbs per team member who participates for a max of 3.

Have fun!

Pepe is this a callout post?

CJ you legit still owe me from last year

I’m still waiting~ :smart:

Team Buff Busters presents their cover of One’s Future: Buff’s Future.

Mr. monotone who can’t speak Japanese and was solely relying on phonetic recognition to fumble his way through the song is me.
The one who sounds like he’s actually singing something is @Pepe.


Here’s Vitamin-C’s first submission, where we’ll show you all the true spirit of the karaoke: the worse your voice and the less singing you’ve done in your life, the better and the more funny the result will be.

And so here it is, my own rendition to Angel Beats!’ Brave Song.

Kudos to everyone participating in this event that knows nothing about singing, let’s make this thread into a pit of shameful singing!


Curse you, Moga. If it wasn’t for that encouraging speech of yours, I could’ve just quietly submitted my part via pm.
But now, my pride demands me to embarass myself, after all. So be it! My teammates shall not be left alone in this!

Naoki-Saten, Vitamin C, performing Alicemagic from Little Busters! :tangerine:
(I used the off-vocal version for music, so there’s a bit of background singing)



Vitamin C strikes again and this time we are going waaay back. Here is my cover of Last Regrets, the opening song of Kanon! I was luckily able to find an instrumental version on the original Last Regrets/Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho single album. You were good Ayana, but now its my time to shine. Is it cliche to warn you all that my singing is bad? Okay then I guarantee this will be the best cover you will ever hear, ever. Thank you.


There’s already 3 entries but I wanted to do one of my favorite Clannad songs, so here it goes!

Tomo from team Vitamin C, performing Kage Futatsu from CLANNAD :smile:

Kage Futatsu


Here’s Team Happiness reporting in with a cover of Ichiban no Takaramono from Angel Beats! It features the voices of myself, @kittytama, @adeptArcanist, and @Madekuji_san. Enjoy!

Ichiban no Takaramono


Here’s a bonus entry for Vitamin C.
Sorry Pepe, Sasayaka na Hajimari is actually hella hard to sing. Instead I sang a totally different song that I think technically qualifies as a Key song. I did Itsukushimi Fukaki which in planetarian doesn’t have any lyrics. However, there is a Japanese lyric that I’ve always wanted to sing so here it is.


I just felt the need to share some chats while we were making this cover lol

(we all know what really happened)


Team Happiness and Vitamin C get three orbs each, and Buff Busters gets two. Chocomint, don’t forget you can submit late!