Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Key Character Voicemail

Ever wonder what Key characters use for their “leave a message after the beep” message on their voicemail? Probably not, but now you have that opportunity. Your task is to produce a voicemail message for one or more Key characters. Something like:

“Hello, this is Nayukiiii. I can’t get to the phone right now so, yawns and falls asleep

Submit your entry as an audio file. Bonus points if you can emulate the sound quality of a telephone!

This event will run until 23:59 UTC the 24th of December.

Each team will receive two light orbs for participating, with an additional light orb for the community favourite.

Have fun!


take this
A voicemail from Kanbe Kotori herself, representing Team Buff Busters

*Kotori on the phone
" …I can’t eat anymore"
“WAH, I just woke up”
“oops, eeetto, Good afternoon, Nice to meet you. I’m Kanbe Kotori”
“looks like the phone owner (herself) isn’t here”
“What’s the matter, did anything bad happen?”
“It’s okay if you want to consult me”
“Leave a memo saying call me asap…WAH”
*Chibimosu slams the phone into the ground “MOSU”
“what am I going to doooo”
“this is baaaad”
“where’s the switch…?”


Team Vitamin C presents: a voicemail from Haruhiko Yoshino! The script was expertly crafted by @Naoki_Saten with voice performance by me, and final touches on the recording by @BeanCurd


You. How did you get this number? Well, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got 10 seconds to convince this WILD WOLF that your BUSINESS is worth getting into. So you best put your BLOOD AND SOUL into that message.

And seriously, Tennouji, stop sharing my- !!!


I can’t do an audio for this as 1) I’m a male; and 2) my throat’s killing me…

Michiru from AIR: “Unyuuuuu…If this is the hentai Yukito you can just go die in a ditch…”


I’m quite proud of our team, Team Happiness for this one.
This is a voicemail from Masato Inohara.
A lot of us worked on this, with @Echo giving the original idea, voice acting, and final translation, @Phlebas helping out with translation, @grooven and @TomoyaOkazaki providing out additional ideas, and me on the editing side.

「よ理樹、真人だよ! ごめん、今は電話に出られない。 筋肉に関することならいつでもいいから後で電話してね。 よし、筋肉筋肉! よし、筋肉きん‐」
"Yo Riki, Masato dayo! Gomen, ima wa denwa ni derarenai kinnikuni kansuru kotonara itsudemo ii kara atode denwa shitene. Yoshi, kinniku kinniku! Yoshi, kinniku kin-"
"Yo Riki, Masato here! Sorry but I can't take your call right now. If it's about muscles I'll be willing to listen anytime so call me later okay? Alright! Muscles, muscles! Alright! Muscles, mus-"


Thanks for your submissions everyone! Let’s start the voting. Two light orbs for each.

  • Buff Busters: Kotori
  • Vitamin C: Yoshino
  • Team Happiness: Masato

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Buff Busters win the vote!


As a fellow buff buster I am ashamed being late to hear this one!
It was beyond my ekushupatashion!
Gr8 job Tamo!

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