Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Design a Key Character

Key needs your help designing a character for their next game. Make sure to include a name, drawing, and some information about the character in your submission, as well as anything else you like. Feel free to design a protagonist, heroine, pet, or anything else you can imagine! You’re also free to design more than one character if you wish.

Each team that participates will receive four light orbs, with an additional light orb for the community favourite.

Maybe if we get enough submissions we can eventually make our own visual novel with these characters!

This event will be running until 23:59 UTC the 20th of December.

Have fun!


Team Buff Busters would like to introduce you to Toko Mäkinen.

Special credit goes to @shiro021, who did the actual drawing of our character.

She’s half Finnish, half Japanese, with her only recently having returned to Japan because her father got heavily sick several years ago and wanted to spend that time with his family back in Finland. In that way, she’s a bit like an exchance student in the class, what with not having been there for the same amount of time as the rest of the students. She’s currently 17 years old. The rest that I’m going to reveal about her is stuff that in the final product would be in her character route.

So, during the beginning parts we would learn that she actually doesn’t need to wear glasses. The pair she’s wearing is kept for sentimental value. Later on, we would learn that before her family moved to Finland, she was often meeting a boy and the two seemed to like each other a lot. There would be a bigger flashback scene here so that the reader can get invested in this new unseen character. That boy gave those glasses to her as something to remember him by as he didn’t have anything else on him at the time when the two said farewell. Now she’s trying to find this boy from all those years ago, and with the help of our protagonist, Toko eventually finds him and the two are going to be a couple as the ending to this route, with the protagonist staying a good friend.


*GASP I dont know about the NTR ending

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Here is a bit more indepth information about Toko, mostly detailing a bit of her personality and how her route would turn out.


Fam, if she doesn’t perkele saatana jumalauta vittu, she ain’t worth keeping

OK so on behalf of Team Chocomint

We had a lot of fun with this but got a bit scattergun with our ideas so instead of concentrating on one character we ended up with three - sadly time has run away from us - but who knows we might have more after the deadline passes :ahaha:

I seriously suck at drawing so big kudos to our “Art Department” who were busy putting pen to paper. Thanks to Chesca, nekotea, CLANNAD_Rewrite and LoliconEXE and everyone for inspiration!

It seems that we think Key are going to be taking a whole new direction…

An intense yet slightly scatterbrained young women who always carries a vintage Yashica Mat camera, a pen and notebook and wears a herringbone ‘Baker Boy’ hat. She is intrigued by reports of mysterious/magical happenings; e.g. ikiryō, kitsune and strange aerial light orbs in certain Japanese cities that curiously seem to involve a high number of High School students. Thus she has infiltrated a likely location. As a self proclaimed Paranormal Phenomenon Investigator she has pledged to find the key to the mysteries and capture evidence both anecdotal and photographic, to reveal these to the world in Time Magazine to prove the existence of natural magic.

Name : Hasegawa Himeko / 長谷川 姫子
Hair Color : Strawberry blonde
Blood Type : O
Likes : fried-shrimp sandwiches with egg and chopped cabbage, Green tea, capybara, The X-Files
Dislikes : Digital photography, cell phones, kare raisu, game shows, thunderstorms
BWH : Surely girls deserve to keep a little secret!
Height : 159cm
Weight : 48kg
Favourite expression: “Watashi wa shinjitai!”
Secret wish: to be able to sing

Her theme would go something like

She was an “Cleaner” (a callsign for agents who hunt Dark Matters). In school, she never talked to anyone and because of that she was kinda unapproachable. But, when you know her she is really talkative. A jack of all trades but sucks at cooking (because mostly she only ate Rations). Her parents were killed by Dark Matters when they were on trip a long time ago, Then she was saved by an unknown Cleaner and she begged him to join his work. Has a pet little wolf called Yukon that she rescued when she doing an operation in the Arctic.

[Narrated intro… A smile like a tiger walking into an orphanage; with legs for miles and then some. Her sweet charms can bring a man to his knees and soon after the whole city with it. Puts your mind where your body’s liable to end up - the gutter. ]

Name : Yamamoto “Suzumi” / 山本 涼 [ or is it really just a cover name? ]
Nickname : Suzumi (call name when she is doing jobs)
Hair Color : Raven black
Blood Type : AB
Likes : Animals and Sweet Food
Dislikes : Spicy food
BWH : “If I told you then I’d have to kill you”
Height : 166
Weight : 50
Favourite expression: “Since I like you I won’t hurt you…much”
Traits: Constantly employs anti-surveillance “tradecraft”
Weapon of Choice : Custom made M1911 Infinity
Secret : Actually has many girly apparel in wardrobe but has never had a chance to wear it

Her theme sounds remarkably like

As a work in progress I wrote the bio based on the first image

She is a rather “focussed” looking young lady with a surprisingly positive and cheerful outlook, most often to be seen in Cosplay wear. She is an avid RPG fan (pen & paper, character Onna-bugeisha, Lawful Neutral ). She is in fact gentle and peace loving, who wears a toy plastic sword “as irony”; and has great concerns about sea pollution, . A devoted student, she yearns to be the Class President.

Although she appears to be rather daring and stern in cosplay appearance, out of costume she is a little demure. Despite a love of tradition, she is also happy to embrace new technology. Many people believe she has a pet cat perched on top of her head but it is in fact a Nekobot made by the Kyousuke Corporation.

Name : Chiba Chiharu / 千葉 知春
Gender Female
Hair Color : Silvery
Blood Type : B negative
Likes : JRPG (Forcelia setting), History, Sci-fi/fantasy, K-pop, gyoza, Shinkansen, peaceful parks
Dislikes : Sport, Rom-coms, heavy metal, Unagi no Kabayaki, busy roads
BWH : giggles “not telling!”
Height : 153cm
Weight : 52kg
Favourite expression: “Faith will grant us victory!”
TWeapon of Choice : Longsword of Hope +3
Secret : Wants to create a sanctuary for tufted puffins.

And her theme would go a bit like

Phew, and we didn’t quite get around to a Protagonist or animal :sad:


Sounds like somebody was upset about the ending to Nisekoi

What’s a Nisekoi?

In other words, I haven’t watched that.

She actually did that :wink:


Team Vitamin C here.

We have originally aimed for more. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, our artists could not go all-out like they wanted to. We may update the art at a later time. Anyway, we proudly present our precious Key heroines, Kiyoko and Kikyou:

Full Name: Hiromi Kiyoko 広海 清子
Age: 22
Height: 5’6”
Occupation: Works part-time at a bakery by day, then works at a cafe at night – works 2 jobs to save up for traveling
Personality: Onee-san (Big Sis), Gamer/Chill
Hobbies: Being a foodie, gaming, sewing

Kiyoko works very hard every day to earn money to travel and afford imported foods, she plans her paydays for a future trip, and later posts about them and what she eats.

While Kiyoko is relaxed, dependable, and reliable, she suffers from depression born out of her difficult past, and loneliness from missing her parents, and not growing up like the other children in the small town she lived in.

“Do you know about ‘blue cheese’, can you believe you can eat something molded!? I want to try it! Why doesn’t this rural town carry anything? Umufu…”

Her full information is compiled here: Kiyoko PDF

Full Name: Shizuku Kikyou 思空 季劫
Age: 18
Height: 5’3"
Occupation: influencer, blogger, vacationist, traveler
Personality: genki
Hobbies: taking fotos, videos, partying

Kikyou is capturing “good memories” with her smartphone - as digital fotos, videos and sound recordings.
She works by running a vacation blog (that also doubles as her digital diary) for her uncle’s travel agency. She’s on vacation year-round.

Kikyou has a memory disorder due to the trauma of losing her mother and dog in an accident when she was 14. This memory disorder is self-induced, based on wanting to forget tragic events but also remember happy moments. Because of this, she will always lose a year’s worth of memories as each year passes. Her hobbies, photography, video recording, and blogging help compensate for her memory loss. She believes that in this way, she gets to decide which memories to keep.

“Alright, I’ll give you a chance. Make it worth my while. This smartphone only exists for recording good memories, you know!”

Full info in this file: Kikyou PDF

We intend to make the two of them meet and become friends, by the way ^^

Anyway, I’d say, with these assets, we’re ready to tackle that kaza VN


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Seriously these are all so amazing I’m so proud of you guys :sob: :sob:

Especially Buff Busters. You guys were behind everyone else on this event but you pulled through big time!

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Additional colored artwork for Kiyoko!

-Team Vitamin C


I made a character day before yesterday, but I couldn’t post it because I was late for work today.

Name: Azuki (愛月) Minami (美波)
Age: 17
Nationality: Japanese
Favorite Food: Mooncakes and sour foods, but particularly lemons
Likes: The moon and watching the sky
Dislikes: Repeating herself and loud noises
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 50 kg
Gender Female
Birthday: October 17

Azuki has loved the moon since she was a child because of her name. She knows everything there is to know about the moon from many of the cultures in the world. Whenever she can she loves to share knowledge. Her mother gave her a moon necklace which she treasures deeply because she passed away when she was young. Her and her mother shared a love of the sky. She lives with her Aunt whom she doesn’t get along with, so she spends most of her time outside at night.

Her favorite food is mooncakes (geppei) and she loves sour foods, lemons being her favorite. She has a chubby pet rabbit named Mochi because when he eats he says, “mochi mochi”. She often gets angry when people say mean things about Mochi’s weight.


Buff Busters wins by one vote!