Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Crossover Meeting

In this event, your task is to depict a meeting between characters from two or more different Key works. This can take any form you can imagine: a drawing, a photoshop, or even a written interaction. Be creative!

All teams who participate will receive three Light Orbs, with an additional Light Orb to the community favourite.

This event will run from now until 23:59UTC on the 27th.

Have fun!

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Here’s what we’ve never knew we always wanted: Key characters in Smash.

Kengo is putting his kendo skills to the test against Sakuya.

Yoshino and Masato are trying to see who is the strongest.

Rin told Nagisa that cats are better than Dango…

…Kotori’s here to cut that shit out.

Lucia and Tomoyo team up to take out the town’s bad element.

Finally, Riki v.s. Kotarou. Why? IDK.


Team Happiness here :slight_smile: This is part one of two for our entries. The other entry is being worked on so here is our first one.
Here are the animal mascots from each game having a picnic under the cherry blossoms. They each brought a notable food item to share.
Everyone is enjoying, except Piro with the bread and Chibimosu seems to be enjoying the jam…hmmm

Piro- Akiko’s Jam
Potato- Thick Peach Nectar Drink
Botan- Rainbow Bread
Dorj- Mon Petit
Chibimosu - Spicy Parfait
Inari- Watermelon Popsicle


Team Chocomint: we may well have two entries for the Crossover Meeting, if so only the other one should be considered for the vote and this one just for a bit of fun…

Sanae-san has struck out for independence and creative freedom to set up her own bakery with “artisanal” produce for a market that will truly appreciate her, erm, talents. She is about two interview two candidates for vacancies.

Sanae-san - baker extraordinaire

Akiko - Speciality jams and preserves

Haruko - well no-one knows exactly what she does but it will mean wearing a suit…haruko


Another entry for Team Chocomint! An illustration for the two characters featured in our previous fan fiction, Misuzu and Nagisa!


Yo CJ here for Vitamin C. I have a lot of content here but the whole story is essentially major spoilers for Clannad and some spoilers for Planetarian. As much as I would love everyone to read this, it’s literally impossible to try to make this spoiler-less. I was super excited to work on this project since I’ve had this idea for at least a few months now and I finally got the opportunity to put it together. But this was not all my work. Thank you to @BeanCurd for her wonderful art and @Naoki_Saten for edits and suggestions. So without further ado, I present the Clannad x Planetarian Crossover:

The World of Stars Where Wishes Come True
(Negai ga Kanau Hoshi no Sekai)


It was a rather sunny winter’s day. For some, the chills of the cold were a reminder of sorrowful times. For others, the rare sun was a sign of hope for the future. For a certain robot however, it was just as good as any other day to welcome customers into the fantasy-like world of stars.

Yumemi: “Why don’t you come to the planetarium?”
Ushio: “Come on papa, hurry!”
Yumemi: “The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.”
Tomoya: “Ushio, slow down…”
Yumemi: “All the stars in the sky are waiting for you.”
Ushio: “But there’s a robot!”
Tomoya: “She’s not going anywhere!”

As if she had found something she lost, Ushio ran with all her strength and gave the robot a big hug. Had she been a little heavier, she may have even knocked down the unsuspecting greeter.

Yumemi: “Why hello there! My name is Hoshino Yumemi. I am one of the presenters at the Hanabishi Department Store’s rooftop planetarium. Would you like to see the our planetarium showing?”
Ushio: “Mhm!”
Tomoya: “Hey! Ushio, don’t run off like that. Why are you hugging someone you don’t even know?”
Ushio: “Robot!”
Yumemi: “Yes, I am a robot. In fact, I am the first companion type android in use.”
Tomoya: “Technology sure is something these days… Anyways, when is the next showing?”
Yumemi: “The next showing is in 7 minutes. Would you like me to guide you to the ticket counter?”
Tomoya: “Yeah that would be good. Ushio, let’s follow her ok?”
Ushio: “Un~.”

After the two got settled in their seats, Yumemi and the rest of the planetarium staff presented the starry sky. Since Ushio and Tomoya lived in a busy town, they had never seen a sight quite like this before. The robot planetarian went on to tell of fascinating tales of old as well as new discoveries being made every day. Finally, she ended the projection by reminding the audience of our own planet in our little solar system.

Yumemi: “Please do not forget the starry sky you saw today. That… is my little wish.”

Afterwards, the lights slowly came back on and applause filled the dome.

Tomoya: “What did you think Ushio?”
Ushio: “I like the stars. Sanae-san used to tell me some stories about the stars and I really liked them. It was so pretty to see! And I love Yumemi-chan too! Can I go talk to her?”
Tomoya: “Go ahead, it seems like she isn’t too busy right now. I’ll be right outside.”

Excited to learn a little bit more about her mother, Ushio quickly appeared in front of Yumemi.

Ushio: “Umm… Yumemi-chan, where is mama’s star?”
Yumemi: “Do you know the official name or coordinates for the star you are asking about?”
Ushio: “Umm… Sanae-san said… mama’s star…”
Yumemi: “It’s possible that your mother’s star has not been entered into my database. After all, it may take a while to update my database when a new supernova or comet is detected.”
Ushio: “Papa told me that mama worked really hard… but she passed away to give birth to me. And Sanae-san said that she became a star! So I wanted to ask you about it, Yumemi-chan.”
Yumemi: “Well, Ushio-chan, Jena-san has the amazing ability to let you see beautiful stars at any time. I will search for your mother’s star and hopefully next time I can show it to you.”
Ushio: “Mhm, bye-bye Yumemi-chan!”

By now, it was twilight. The two walked home while occasionally glancing up at the now obscured night sky. The cold of the winter was slowly becoming more obvious to the two. Soon, snow started to fall.

Ushio: “Papa, what kind of star do you think mama is?”
Tomoya: “Hmm… I’m not sure. What do you think, Ushio?”

He said as he extended his hand for her.

Ushio: “Mama is warm. Very, very warm.”

She responded as she grabbed his hand.

Ushio: “Just like you are papa. I know it.”
Tomoya: “Yeah… Mama cared for a lot of people. Maybe she would be like what Yumemi-san said about the Sun, a yellow dwarf.”

As he said this, Tomoya remembered that cold winter’s day years ago. But the pain from that time was replaced with a hope. This hope lied in that tiny hand he held within his own. Surely together they would go far. As he pondered this, Ushio suddenly stopped and pointed up.

Ushio: “Look!”
Tomoya: “Hmm? Yeah, it’s snowing.”
Ushio: “No, that! It was a yellow light. It was falling too!”
Tomoya: “What? Are you sure that wasn’t just snow?”
Ushio: “No, it looked like the same color as the Sun. Maybe… it was mama’s star.”

As confused as he was, something in his heart told him to simply trust his daughter’s words.

Tomoya: “Maybe you can talk to Yumemi-san about it next time. I think it might have been a shooting star.”
Ushio: “Maybe… But what’s a shooting star?”
Tomoya: “Well, people believe that if you see it you can wish for something and it will be granted.”
Ushio: “Oh. What would you wish for then?”
Tomoya: “Hmm…”
Ushio: “Hey Papa, do you remember your first gift to me?”
Tomoya: “Ah… It was a robot, wasn’t it?”
Ushio: “I think I would wish to be friends with Yumemi-chan. She reminds me of the robot you gave me.”
Tomoya: “I think you already are friends with her, Ushio.”
Ushio: “And when I grow up, I want to be just like Yumemi-chan!”
Tomoya: “Well, I’m sure you will grow up to be a beauty like Yumemi-san.”
Ushio: “No, I mean I want to be a robot!”
Tomoya: “Silly, Ushio… You can’t be a robot. You’re already human. But maybe you can make robots.”
Ushio: “Oh… Then I want to do that.”
Tomoya: “Take your time. Just remember that whatever you want to do, Sanae-san, the old man, and I will always love and support you ok?”
Ushio: “Mhm~. I love you too papa!”

Then she pointed again.

Ushio: “There it is! Look!”
Tomoya: “Darn, I must have missed it. Did you make a wish?”
Ushio: “Uh huh! I wished that we could see mama again!”

Thank you so much for reading (hopefully)! I still feel like there’s so much more to be done with this crossover. I also can’t believe something like this hasn’t been done before since the behaviors of the characters just work so well together. Even though this project completely destroyed my sleep schedule, I really enjoyed every aspect of it. Seeing BeanCurd’s art of this scene was like a wish come true (heh). Maybe someday I’ll expand the story to integrate all of the other ideas I had for it. Also, I threw a bunch of different references to the original works into this story (I guess that’s probably how fanfics work anyways), so I hope you have as much fun finding them as I did writing them. Now hopefully when I click reply it won’t say it’s too long…


This is the second part of our entries as Team Happiness.
I don’t do much art, but I thought how to best to write a Key crossover.

That’s when it hit me: a lot of the “magical” elements in Key works could be correlated with each other. Thus, forming the Key Cinematic Universe: a crossover of everything Key. Starting off with three series: Charlotte, Little Busters! and (supposedly) Angel Beats! (because they’re the only ones i know well) The only problem is, this is super spoilery and requires you to know the endings of both Charlotte and Little Busters!. This is how I imagine the interaction would take place:

KCU PART 0, filled with spoilers lol

Note: Following the events of Charlotte and Yuu’s return, the Refrain field trip bus incident occurs around this time. Yuu continues his rehabilitation from the stress of stealing everyone’s powers, while trying to regain his memories bit by bit.

Yuu: “Hey, what were the things we used to do in the student council?”
Nao: “Oh, we used to find ability users and defended them from danger by either sending them here to Hoshinoumi or making sure their abilities were hidden. We would also hang out as a group, I guess…”
Yuu: “I see. Sorry for troubling you with my questions, it seems I’ve forgotten this much…”
Nao: “Hey hey, it’s alright! I’m just really happy you made it back alive.”

While they were having their conversation, Joujirou, Medoki, Shichino, and Maedomari had to interrupt them to talk to Nao, whispering enough so that Yuu wouldn’t take notice of what was going on.

Medoki: “I’m sorry to ruin your moment, but I think we need the student council’s help with this one.”
Nao: “Ehhh? But we lost our powers already!”
Shichino: “That’s nothing to worry about. What we need you to do is to go with some of the wielders still here and figure out this situation. Your experience with the student council is second to none and we could really use the extra help.”
Medoki: “Don’t worry, Shun gave this assignment. A group of wielders seem to have popped up here in Japan. But what’s unique about them is that they all share the power. It seems to be an ability causing the creation of artificial worlds? Yuu’s done his job dealing with ability wielders abroad, now we have to keep doing our job here.”
Joujirou: “To be honest, me and Yusarin already tried backing off from this one, but from the looks of it, this seems far too important.”
Nao: “Fine, give us the coordinates and the wielders coming with us.”

Like always, Nao manages to find information that would lead them to the high school most famous for its greatest band of friends: the Little Busters. But it wasn’t like their usual encounters with the other wielders the student council has faced before. This seemed like it was gonna play out more peacefully.

Nao keeps hunting for information that would lead her to them; but it turns out there really doesn’t need to be much effort in doing that. One time where Yuu was still in his hospital bed and Nao was checking on him, the news on the hospital room TV reported about the bus crash that happened to the Little Busters. Of course, the mere fact that an incident like that turned out with no deaths was suspicious enough.

Nao notices a huge group of students, girls and boys, being led by an orange-haired senpai in front of them, with a short brown-haired boy beside him. They all looked like the ones from that incident. Nao being fearless, decides to ask them.

Nao: “So I hear you guys can make an artificial world?”
Kyousuke: “Now, what kind of nonsense is th-”
Riki: “Hold on Kyousuke. I really think we should tell the truth. Especially with this girl who seems to know what happened.”
Masato: “Wait, who the heck is she? Does she also take care of her muscles?”
Rin: “Fuka— …she’s not from around here…”
Kurugaya: “But I agree with Riki, who else could possibly be this aware of what happened to us other than ourselves?”
Mio: “It must be the only choice.” *thinks to herself* Another girl? I hope this doesn’t ruin the chances of Riki getting together with Kyousuke…

I’m still working on the details, but I hope this was okay. I’m getting the feeling that what I’m writing is just some cheesy fanfic, but whatevs. I feel like this has got a lot of potential with a better writer, lol.


Stupid ninjas cutting onions… :uee:


Thanks for the submissions everyone! Vote for your favorite below:

  • Buff Busters (Key Characters in Super Smash Brothers)
  • Chocomint (Misuzu and Nagisa)
  • Team Happiness (Key Mascot Picnic)
  • Vitamin C (The World of Stars Where Wishes Come True)

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No contest imo. Vitamin C’s entry is goddamn amazing. Is it bad to say that I like this more than the canonical ending to clannad? :uee: It ties in perfectly to planetarian’s canon too, and like, could’ve totally been a thing if they coordinated a bit more, considering they were in development around the same time, haaa.


I did this pretty lame one for a giggle, it only works if you know the game though…

The Last (Beat) Of Us

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If I could I would really want to ask Yuuichi Suzumoto what he thinks about the two meeting. Or maybe even just showing him the picture might prompt him to talk about it who knows…

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I mean he’s on Twitter, you could :stuck_out_tongue:

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More like I don’t know how to speak Japanese… Yet

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I could help be your interpretor! Maybe when I have more free time I could translate our entry :ahaha:

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