Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Create the next Kaza Emoji!


Your team could have a lasting impact on Kazamatsuri for years to come! The goal is to design the next emoji to be implemented for the Kazamatsuri forum & Discord. Submissions all ought to be 154x154 pngs (with transparency if applicable), and featuring Key characters / Key-related imagery only. Submissions will be judged by me based on their visibility, usefulness in expressing an otherwise unrepresented emotion, etc.

The winning team will receive 3 light orbs and get their emoji added to the list, and all other participants will receive 2.

This event will run until 23:59 UTC the 23rd of December.

Show me what you’ve got!

Can the image be used from an existing image or do we have to create/draw a new one?

We’d prefer existing images from official Key art.

Can each team do as many as they want, or just one per team?

It would be unfair if one team won because they had more submissions to choose from, so one per team please.

Presenting the Buff Busters’ entry to this event: a very satisfied Misae!

I noticed recently that there wasn’t an emoji that represented satisfaction very well. :umu: was alright , but it also came with the implication of agreement. I also noticed that there’s a severe lack of Clannad VN emojis! Only 2 for this series, which isn’t much considering the length of the series. So yeah, I dug up and found the perfect expression by Misae, showing her satisfaction at being able to discipline those rowdy dorm boys~
154x154 png version here: net-resizeimage


It’s actually a bit harder than I thought to identify a “missing” emoji, and some images just don’t work like you hope when scaled right down to emoji size but after tossing around ideas for a while Chocomint decided to go with a character who really needs to be on an emoji dammit!

We do have “WTF” but we thought we’d plump for the cleaner alternative: “Nani!!!” and who else but Awesome Dad Akio fits the bill?

The 154x154 png with transparency



Team Vitamin C here with a wholesome headpat emoji. This emoji would be to give people praise, and although there is a Yumemi hug emoji, there isn’t one with a headpat (which is the superior form of praise). Among three good candidates we chose this one of Rin from Little Busters!

Have you ever seen a happier pair of siblings? With this emoji, we can bring love and praise to everyone in Kazamatsuri!

154x154 version here: rinpat


@grooven who had the idea for this and did the work is out right now, so I’ll be posting this one.

Over here at Team Happiness, we had a ton of ideas for emoji that would be awesome for Kazamatsuri. But we noticed one of them was an emoji that, without it, the Kazamatsuri experience felt incomplete:


Presenting the Ayumi emoji! Ever wanted to express jealousy because someone managed to snag Key merch you’ve always wanted or made better RNG rolls in 100% Orange Juice? Or how about getting slightly pissed at someone in a way cuter than any other emoji? Or maybe you wanna express how much you don’t like it when your onii-san doesn’t wanna eat your omurice? This is the emoji for you!

We made sure that it works in a smol size to express its emotion anywhere. We also chose this emoji because there’s not enough Charlotte emojis it is not just a Key emoji; it’s a Kaza emoji, symbolizing what I believe is one of the greatest events in Kazamatsuri history, desu.

154x154 version: loli
(Edit: optimized 154x154 version some more for clarity in 32x32 size)


Let’s see… For Akio and Misae, I’m just not sold that they’re unique enough to avoid overlapping our current emoji. I can’t think of a circumstance for what I’d want to use them over what we have. They’re not bad, they’re just too similar.

That leaves the remaining two. I decided to take into account how they’d look at 32x32, and I feel like one is a lot clearer to see than the other.

That said, I’ve decided to award Team Happiness’s Ayumi the extra light orb! :pout:

It’s a shame though, I feel like chocomint had a more unique emoji they could’ve submitted!

(also surprised nobody tried for a laughing emoji)

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Isn’t that what :haha: is for?

That’s a legacy emoji, it’s not on Discord anymore

Out of interest, which one? (Will save it for the next time!)

I totally didn’t suggest using this as our next Kaza emoji:

Kyousuke Ava vlad

nooope, not at all * whistling innocently *