Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Birdwatching

The bird in Mio’s tanka has white wings, but what about birds where you live? Your task is to take a photograph of a wild bird in your local area and upload it here. Each team member can take one photo each for more light orbs. The photo must be taken by you, cannot be taken before the start of the festival, and each photo from the team must be a different species!

This event will run from now until 23:59 UTC on the 21st.
Teams will receive one Light Orb per participant for a max of 3.

Have fun!


huh this one seems there is no deadline on it?

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You saw nothing :badass:


Oh man, I can’t get close enough to some of these guys only crows, do they count??? Some are tubby ravens.


A cute Jungle Crow of Yokosuka! :sparkling_heart::star2:
From me in Team Vitamin C

And here is a hawk from @KaiMiang! Same team!


Naoki from Vitamin C reporting in.

As per my assignment, I have ventured into the wilderness beyond my village in order to capture a wild beast of the skies.

…but I reconsidered and made my way to the local lake instead. There, I have found a horde of majestic creatures already prepared for battle.

Say hello to Naoki’s Victory Birds

Their battle cries and wild wing beat made the very earth tremble. Yes, that’s totally why the picture is so blurry. Feel free to use your imagination to un-blur this epic scene within your minds.

I was not discouraged by their reckless charge, for I came prepared. Following the example of Key’s best girl, I have started feeding them with bread crusts.
(Sorry, the bread crust pictures are blurry, too xD)

And sure enough, they were pleased with my offering.

After paying my respects and thanking them for their cooperation, I took my leave.

Missioni complete!


That first picture reminds me of the Higurashi/Umineko backgrounds.

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Yeah, about that…


Hey there! I’m Adept Arcanist from Team Happiness!

On my way to lunch today, I saw an oddly-coloured pidgeon. I think it was albino, but it could have just been a pale pattern or something.

Unfortunately, by the time I thought to take a picture it was already waddling away, but here’s its back!


chocomint here,
here’s some random black birds by the beach

I think this one is a hawk! they are somewhat common around here

And here is a seagull. I think there’s something about their squawking…? maybe about when they do it…? anyways


For the glory of team Buff Busters, I present the Australian Magpie:
I only managed to get two half-decent pictures of it.
Pretty good-looking specimen actually, too bad I couldn’t get a better picture.


Reporting in for Chocomint…

You can’t have Christmas without robins in the UK so I was lucky that one flew into my path yesterday and sat obligingly so I could snap a pic, I only had a small camera with not much telephoto, and the light was appalling so it’s a wee bit blurry. It’s not a stuffed one I put there, honest! (would have got a perfect picture if it were so!).


I’ve got a bird to add. Tidu of Team Chocomint!

I’ve ventured out even though it looked like it could rain at any minute only equipped with my old phone (everything else was too much at a risk of rain) to do the dangerous and difficult mission of getting a picture of a bird!

It was a hard and long endevour but I finally caught one sitting on a tree. I have no idea what kind of foe it is, but here you have it:

Looks…disturbing, doesn’t it? So much that @StarfishBender changed a little bit to make it look even more disturbing!


It does look like something from that Hitchcock movie!

Also nekotea took a pic today too with pigeons and crows - so although we are now well over the limit of 3 I hope our enthusiasm meets with approval!


From Team Buff Busters I present you with our local winged demon, the Canadian Goose.

Between it being winter and the rain the last couple days I couldn’t manage any photos of birds that weren’t soaring overhead. It took an hour of scouting around the neighborhood with my camera at the ready just to get this blurry thing. I think some of my neighbors were getting weary. But I finally managed one where you can actually distinguish the shape of the bird instead of just being a blurry streak of black!

The Canadian Goose is fairly common all year around here. They flock swarm in large numbers, and are fairly large and aggressive. Large and aggressive enough where my 35lb Corgi mix was the one who backed down when he ended up in standoff against one particular goose that had become territorial over a chunk of sidewalk we frequented on our walks.



These little shit-chickens are all around my campus so this was pretty easy


Hi hello, am from Team Happiness and I finally found some birds!

I have no idea what species of birds they are, but they are quite quick to fly away, haha. I didn’t really have time to take pictures of birds at the right time (they only come in the morning, it seems) not to mention how hard it was to look for them (thanks city life) but I don’t know, it felt nice finding these birds in the early morning~


Chocomint and Vitamin-C get three Light Orbs and Team Happiness and Buff Busters each get two.

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