Which Key Protag is the biggest douchebag?

Key protags tend to be pretty douchey fellows, and I just got thinking, ‘which one is the BIGGEST douchebag’

Riki and Otonashi are easily out of the rank Although Otonashi did, in a way, try and kill everyone, I think Yuuichi is out too, he constantly teases the girls, but it’s all in good fun. I’d throw Junker out too, he certainly didn’t sugercoat his words, but he didn’t ever really make an effort to stop her.

Which leaves Yukito the dismissive asshole, Tomoya the Ruseman, and Kotarou, who is pretty much just a dick.

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Hmm… I think my ‘I don’t feel like being descriptive at the moment’ list would have to go-

Kotarou as king douche.
Tomoya in second.
Yukito in third.

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They each express their douchiness in different ways. Kotarou is most definitely a dick, but he’s nice to the girls. Tomoya is a dick even to the girls. And Yukito is a stone cold mother****er.


Yo what.
Tomoya is totally not above Yukito.

Well that answers that for me.

It’s Yukito vs Kotarou but, yeah.

Which kind of makes him even more douchey since he’s discriminating.

However. Yukito walked away from Misuzu.
It’s gotta be Yukito

Fair enough.

I did say I put a lot of thought into it.

Kotarou is not necessarily discriminatory, as he’s no douche towards Esaka.

Although, in addition to the Yukito thing, he is continually attempting to extort money out of small children. To the point that he is annoyed at Minagi for paying him in rice tickets.

I’d have to say Kotarou, purely because he wasn’t focused on anything. His goals and ideals changed so easily!

Tomoya was a jerk in a bunch of routes… I feel sorry for Naoyuki ;~; But they both intend well.

I don’t know how Yukito could even be considered. He has a goal, knows what he wants to do with it, knows when he is needed and knows when he is just getting in the way (as long as you don’t bad-end anyway~) Oh, and he is pretty funny too~

That man is stone colddd though.

Yuuichi all the way. I don’t remember him being THAT much of an ass hole in the original adaptation, but at least in the remake, he is one of the biggest ass holes I’ve seen. On the bright side, he’s still very good en the emotional moments.

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I don’t know much about Kotarou considering I haven’t played Rewrite yet and I will this summer. I don’t know much about Tomoya in the VN but in the Anime he did have his moments where he was kind of a jerk. Yuuichi had his moments where he was quite mean-spirited towards the heroines and while it’s all for a joke, there were times when I was like “Dude! That was quite mean.”

He’s a minor troll, I mean, the most he did was to Ayu and Makoto, which neither are asshole moments, but just entertaining slight bullying. At least he didn’t treat his ‘bro character’ like shit like the three who should be counted above him.

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Then again, I am basing this entirely off of the adaptations because I haven’t read any of the VNs.

Regardless, I don’t get how Yuuichi’s trolling is worse than Tomoya’s to Sunohara, I mean, dude sets him up with someone’s mother just to laugh at him finally being shutdown. You don’t need to know the VN to know that Yuuichi isn’t THAT bad.

As I recall, VN Yuuichi and 2006 Yuuichi are pretty much even. If I recall, VN Yuuichi is actually a tad meaner. Just a little.

I find it funny how this chain has been taken over by Yuuichi.

Examples of when Yuuichi is mean? o.o I can’t think of any jerk moments (ignoring Nayuki’s route) that weren’t the correct thing to do… And the stuff he did in Nayuki’s route doesn’t amount to the stuff Tomoya did in almost every route.

You kidding? He’s always teasing the girls for his amusement, it’s light, but it’s constant.

Something all Key protagonists do? (Albeit, Riki never actually says it)

To me, douchebag moment is something like Yuuichi smacking the snow rabbit out of Nayuki’s hand, not something as harmless as pranking a prankster, or saying “Uguu” to the Uguumonster.

I believe the only two Protagonists who show this behavior constantly are Kotarou (His Emiya Shirou moments, and battles with Yoshino) and Tomoya (Nagisa route, Tomoyo route, everything family, everything Sunohara, and everything to do with school) although Tomoya deserves a pass since the whole story was about him learning how the world he “hates” is something he cherishes…

To Yuuichi’s defense he did that because he was traumatized after what happened to Ayu. He thought that Ayu actually died when she actually fell into a coma and it was all his fault. I agree that it was a jerkish move from him but given what happened prior I can see why he acted the way he did. Plus he did apologize to Nayuki in the final parts of the series .

Yup, it’s justifiable~ Which is why I don’t think it’s Yuuichi. Although he did somehow forget everything that happened until last-second every route…